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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Josh R. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


My experience with Dr. Idiculla and his team was great, and I would recommend him to anyone in need of an orthodontist (I also found Dr. Idiculla by way of recommendation!). Dr. Idiculla and his team fit me in very quickly as a first-time patient after my permanent retainer came loose and fixed it for me on the spot. After it came loose I was expecting them either to just patch up the loose side or remove it and come back another time to get a new one. Dr. Idiculla let me know up front that he wanted to remove it and reset it as the patchwork would not hold up as well. The procedure was painless and quick. While I know the team worked on other people while I was there, they have systems set up so that you feel like you are the top priority and things go very smoothly. This differs from other experiences I have had at other locations, where it take 30 minutes for you to get out of the lobby. Dr. Idiculla has his team set up so that their clients are always a priority and are taken care of like no other Doctor’s office I have ever been in. I will definitely be going back there if I ever need any more orthodontic treatment

Sophia P. from Lone Tree, CO (Source: Yelp)


Five stars are not enough for Dr. I because he is simply in a class by himself! My daughter had an unusual case with her teeth and Dr. I was the only one who could come up with a viable solution that entirely avoided tooth extractions. I had talked to numerous orthodontists prior to visiting Dr. I and it’s obvious that he has tremendous listening skills. His immaculate resume and state-of-the-art practice are only the tip of the iceberg. He and his staff are immensely knowledgeable, earnest and great with kids of all ages. My girls always look forward to their appointments. We are only 7 months into braces and already, my daughter’s teeth look amazing! This is by far the best practice in Denver!!

Christy H. from Elizabeth, CO (Source: Yelp)


I-Ortho offers the whole package! Awesome and friendly staff, beautiful and convenient locations AND an amazing doctor. . .what more could you ask for? My 8 year old daughter was scared to death of the dentist and would cry just entering the office. But NO TEARS at i-Ortho! From the moment we walked in she was greeted by a caring and enthusiastic staff. Every visit they explain what will happen and how it will feel. She is 7 months in to treatment and asked me yesterday when we got to go back and see Dr. I. She loves to hear about his latest adventure and chat with the girls. They make everyone look and feel like a million bucks! Thanks for being so dedicated to what you do!

Kimberly J. from Englewood, CO (Source: Yelp)


Both my husband and my son went to I-Orthodontics and we couldn’t be more happy with everything. Both smiles turned out amazing. I would like to focus on my son though. He was barely 9 when we started. And he had to have his mouth expanded. As you can imagine this was scary for my son. Dr I and the team, were so nice, supportive and caring. They made it so much easier on him. They took their time and had a lot of patience with him. When they were removing his top expander, a one in a million chance thing happened and the hardware burst in his mouth. My son panicked and accidentally swallowed a piece of the wire. Dr I was there in a heart beat, working quickly to get the hardware out. Even getting on the floor underneath my son (who was heaving) to try and get it out and to calm my son down. In the end we left the office to get an x-ray. But not before Dr I gave us his personal cell number, asked if he could come wait with us (which we declined) and made sure that we would keep him in the loop. He also continued to follow up with us the next day. I share this story not to scare you, but to show the level of care they give to their patients. We love them and the atmosphere so much. After my son had his braces removed, he wanted to thank Dr I personally for the work he did. We will have to have a second round of braces when he is about 12 and we will return to I Orthodontics without hesitation. You will not find better kind, caring, sweet set of people

Brenda N. from Littleton, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. I is an amazing orthodontist! We started our older daughter down the path with Dr. I at about 10. From the moment he met her, he made her comfortable by talking to her and connecting with her as a kid. As she progressed, she became a teenager and he shifted how he interacted with her, listening to her and adjusting his tone to her . He was also adept at working with the parents, letting us know the steps moving forward. He and his fantastic staff that go above and beyond to make special bonds with the patients, taking what could be a nervous situation and making everyone feel comfortable. We couldn’t be happier with Dr. I and his staff and we love the results we got with our daughters teeth. We will always recommend Dr. I to anyone looking for an orthodontist.

Mj S. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


As a pediatrician I can tell you that Dr. I is who I send my patients, friends and family to for orthodontics. Just the other day I sent a close friend to i-Orthodontics for a consultation after they had a prior bad experience with another orthodontist (without talking to me first!). I said “trust me you need go see Dr. I” They were extremely impressed by the level of detail and care that goes into each patients needs. Dr. I will take the time to explain his recommendations in easy to understand language. He will explain why he is recommending a given treatment, and just as important, also explain what you may not need. They were equally impressed with the beautiful office and the professionalism of the staff. Simply put, when you go to I-Orthodontics they treat everyone like the most important patient there is.

Noelle C. from Littleton, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. I is truly the best orthodontist around!! We can honestly say we love him! We first visited him based off the recommendations that came from his patients and our pediatric dentist, along with the fact that he is a leader in the field. My 3 kids have been going to Dr. Idiculla for a couple years. From the first time we met with him we knew this was the place for our family. He and his staff make you feel at home every visit! His office is very clean and comfortable (in fact as a parent very relaxing). Knowing I was going to have 3 kids with orthodontia I wanted someone with a conservative approach. He could have put braces on all of the kids but instead has watched them and made recommendations as we go along. He is very honest and you can trust him! He and his staff make you feel very comfortable each visit. Recently it was my turn to get braces and I am beyond amazed at the 5 star treatment I received. Dr. I went above and beyond to take care of me! I am so grateful we have an orthodontist we can trust for our family!

Michael H. from Aurora, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr I and team are AMAZING!!! I was referred to Dr. I about eight years ago when my daughter needed braces, and as a result of that visit, the entire family decided to get braces including her mom, dad (me), uncle, and cousins! We have gotten to know Dr. I and his team very well over the years, and are more impressed with them with every single visit. Today marked my daughter’s last day of braces (completed phase 1 and phase 2 with Dr I), and I can’t imagine her having a more beautiful smile than the one Dr I gave her. She has been so impressed with Dr. I that since day one she decided that she wants to be an orthodontist just like him. Fast forward 8 years, she is now in high school, and still holds onto the dream of being an orthodontist just like Dr. I!!! Dr I is an amazing orthodontist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, but most importantly, friend, my daughters idol, and hopefully one day mentor. Because of Dr. I’s amazing work ethic and attention to detail, I am proud to say that we all now Live Life Smiling. Thank you Dr I for EVERYTHING you do!!

Holly M. from Englewood, CO (Source: Yelp)


My daughter and I are both patients of Dr. I. I just finished Invisalign treatment to correct some teeth shifting from my braces as a teen. The process was great from start to finish. Absolutely 5 star experience. 1) Dr. I is just an outstanding person. He is always upbeat and positive. He is not there to just give great smiles to his patients, but is absolutely passionate about it. He takes the time to listen to you, and ask about what YOU want your smile to be. He takes a genuine interest in his patients. 2) The staff is phenomenal. It is a great team. We usually go to the Lone Tree location, but have also had an appointment at the downtown office, and both were good experiences. Personable and professional staff at all times. They are very good at letting you know what they are doing and what to expect. 3) Efficiency of the practice. Appointments run on time. They are good at working you in if you have a problem (i.e. loose bracket). They return phone calls in a timely manner. They are always pleasant to deal with. They take the time to explain things all the way from the treatment plan to the billing options. All these things, yet when you are in the chair, you never feel like you are being rushed through to get the next client in…that you are their #1 priority

Melissa G. from San Antonio, TX (Source: Yelp)


I’m so thankful for the sweet and friendly staff team and the amazing customer service at Dr I’s office. They are there to answer any questions or to reassure any concerns and are always quick to respond to messages or emails, even on the weekend! We had a retainer emergency on a Saturday, they got us right in on Monday and fixed the problem, while working out a way to save us money without having to purchase a whole new retainer (which would’ve costed hundreds). I appreciate the way they always make my children feel happy to be there, totally at ease and even excited to go to each visit! I believe they are genuinely interested in my children’s well-being at each visit and are happy to help build their confidence with a beautiful smile!

Jay A. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


Denver, Colorado- I had braces as a teen but had some shifting as an adult that I wanted to correct. I had consulted with three different orthodontists and by far the experience and level of comfort I had here were best. The scans and photo processes which can feel and look strange were fully explained before and during the first phase. Destiny was thorough in her explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of each option. She was approachable and eager to answer my many questions while sharing her story. Her enthusiasm for her job was evident. Dr. I is warm, kind, and helpful. Most impressive is that when I shared that I was getting married his excitement grew and he is planning to make tweeks here and there to get me the smile I want as fast as he can. He made my special day his mission and for that I am grateful. I can’t wait to get started!

Olin J. from Larkspur, CO (Source: Yelp)


A few months ago my wife came to me and said my teeth looked old and worn down. Since I just turned 67, I was not too surprised, but I still want to look my best. I heard all the advertisements for teeth whitening, having a nicer smile, and not being afraid to show your teeth. Frankly I wasn’t too motivated because I had braces as a kid and surely my teeth were good enough for me. Still I was curious about what improvement was possible and concerned about the negative long-term effects of teeth grinding and an imperfect bite alignment. I decided to take seriously my wife’s suggestion to visit Dr Idiculla. It was a fun, high-tech, friendly place and I signed up for treatment. After just 6 months of wearing the clear plastic Invisalign retainers, I can’t believe how much the subtle change in alignment changed my entire attitude about my teeth and smiling. It is only because I can now see such a difference and I smile so often that I realize I didn’t even know I was hesitant to smile. I have no fear of showing my teeth now–they look great and I am only halfway done!!! My goal is not to be the best looking guy around, I just want to look and be the best that I can. Thank you Dr. I.

Trisha G. from Englewood, CO (Source: Yelp)


I had one son getting braces today and a second son having an initial evaluation. The oldest, who got his bottom braces today, would like to share “they helped me know everything that was going to happen next and they made getting braces easy.” That statement is amazing because he has always been sensitive with a gag reflex. Those parents with children who have this issue will appreciate the plan i-Orthodontics put in place to help him have no issues!! My youngest son was very proud because his teeth are great…he was so comfortable coming to the office that I believe he wanted to get braces like his brother even though he did not need them:-) The staff are amazing particularly with nervous moms! I highly recommend i-Orthodontics!!

Laura P. from Buena Vista, CO (Source: Yelp)


My son just got his braces off and we couldn’t be more pleased. We chose Dr Idiculla because of our Insurance at the time that would pay for a part of it and when we came in for our consult all I can say was WOW! It was around Christmas time and everyone was dressed up and I was amazed and knew then that we had found the right doctor. He took his time with us and told us the plan and we have never been unhappy here. Everyone has always treated us at home and made us feel welcome. I told Dr I that I was going to be truly unhappy not coming to see him every few months. The staff is wonderful and the doctor is above and beyond. This place is Great!

Melissa W. from Littleton, CO (Source: Yelp)


Seriously, who raves about orthodontists? (heck they don’t even give laughing gas) Ummmm… emphatically, I DO. (And so do my three kids, and not just because of the video game consoles, cool fingerscan entry, the warm cookies… ok, maybe a little because of those things) Dr. I and his staff, especially Diane are the best. Dr. I uses the latest techniques to straighten teeth and the staff goes above and beyond to make kids and their parents comfortable and happy. They speak ‘kid,’ from their friendly assistants and show-and-tell displays to their warm baked cookies. AND, they speak parent! Transparent discussions about cost, flexible scheduling and if thes

Heather Dean (Source: Facebook)


Our family is very impressed with the compassion and integrity of the members of this office. My second daughter just received her braces today – yep, two in braces. Between the financial piece and the number of office visits in our future, the staff has been great about working with us in whatever way is needed. We highly recommend I-Orthodontics. Dr. I is an amazing individual who truly loves what he does. He is giving our daughters a radiant new smile and we are beyond blessed to have found this office.

Sophia S. from Lone Tree, CO (Source: Yelp)


Five stars are not enough for Dr. I because he is simply in a class by himself! My daughter had an unusual case with her teeth and Dr. I was the only one who could come up with a viable solution that entirely avoided tooth extractions. I had talked to numerous orthodontists prior to visiting Dr. I and it’s obvious that he has tremendous listening skills. His immaculate resume and state-of-the-art practice are only the tip of the iceberg. He and his staff are immensely knowledgeable, earnest and great with kids of all ages. My girls always look forward to their appointments. We are only 7 months into braces and already, my daughter’s teeth look amazing! This is by far the best practice in Denver!!

Rachel M. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I just finished my treatment today–14 months of movement done in just 9 months!! The office is gorgeous, staff is great and Dr. I makes you feel like you have a friend taking care of your teeth. My experience was fantastic, and honestly was quite simple and uneventful. The staff and Dr. I always answered all of my questions, made my visits enjoyable and fun, and overall gave me a smile I can be proud of. Looking over my progress since Day 1 with Dr. I today was quite eye opening, especially considering the drastic changes that were made in less than one year. I would genuinely recommend Dr. I to any family member or friend, so if you are currently online searching for the right orthodontist, believe me when I say you’ve found him.

Justin S. from CO, CO (Source: Yelp)


I am very satisfied with i-Orthodontics. The staff and Dr. Idiculla are extremely friendly and professional. You can also tell they are experienced and knowledgeable. My appointments are short and efficient and I always leave satisfied that they had given me proper attention and they explained everything clearly. I found them on invisalign’s website and they are one of the highest recommended practice on the website and went in for my hallway follow-up. After 4 months I am seeing improvement in the straightness of my teeth and I am looking forward to completing my regimen. If you’re interested in invisalign I highly recommend i-Orthodontics as

Richard Jurgens (Source: Google)


My son is a patient of Dr. A He is the most amazing person!! His personality is great and my son genuinely enjoys talking to him and his staff. They never pressure you or shame you like some other orthodontists offices do. They work with you on payment and there’s nothing stressful about it. Overall great experience….if you or anyone you know is in need of orthodontic care GO HERE!

Nichole V. from Aurora, CO (Source: Yelp)


I could not have picked a better orthodontist. I lost my retainer not long after having braces as a teenager, and when I finally decided to fix my teeth years later, I knew I didn’t want any more metal in my mouth. My dentist referred me to a quack who wanted to break my jaw for $10,000 to “fix my bite the right way.” After quickly getting out of there, I found Dr. Idiculla off of the Invisalign website, and I trusted his many positive reviews enough to go in for a consultation. I’m glad I did! Needless to say, my jaw is still intact, and better yet, my teeth look GREAT and the bite problem is gone. I even have fewer TMJ symptoms. I’m taking the time to write this review so that anyone who finds Dr. I without a referral will give his office a chance. He is a true professional and a very kind man. His staff are highly trained and always friendly. Diane the Financial Coordinator is always understanding and will do all that is in her power to help you out- I know as a graduate student with very little money. I truly have nothing negative to say about this practice. I wish them all the best, and I am very thankful to have worked with the whole team.

Marjorie W. from Aurora, CO  (Source: Yelp)


If Yelp would allow 10 stars, we would give a 10-star rating to I-Orthodontics. We were referred by a family friend and have been completely impressed since Day 1. From the complimentary consultation through our initial and follow-up appointments, every single aspect of my son’s 12-month braces treatment has been handled with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, warmth, and focus on a positive experience for both my son and me. It’s clear that Dr. I has examined every nuance of an orthodontist visit and treatment plan and has thoughtfully engineered each point for maximum comfort and ease — there are massage chairs in the reception area of every office, complimentary Keurig coffee, and warm Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. But none of that would matter if Dr. I and every member of his team weren’t so incredibly caring. If you want your child to have a great experience with orthodontic treatment, you could make no better choice than Dr. Anil Idiculla.

Samantha Scaman Dixon (Source: Facebook)


I love i-orthodontics! Every visit is a pleasure. If you can make it pass the waiting room (due to their message chairs) Dr I and the dream team are amazing. They take the time to set proper expectations about the entire process. Not to mention no question is too silly. They make the entire process completly stress free. For the first time today my daughter and I visited the downtown office. I was shocked to see familiar faces. It really set me at ease, they knew my daughter. The woman who put her braces on was their when they took them off. My daughter is only 10 and definitely not a fan of braces, they really take the time to celebrate every milestone, no matter the size. She looks forward to her visits and really understands the process. We are so lucky to have Dr I and his dream team’s support and understanding. They treat my daughter and I as if we were a part of their family. Thank you I-Orthodontics you’re truly amazing!

Jack D. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I’m a dental student at the University of Pennsylvania, where Dr. I completed his orthodontic residency. My parents recently moved to the Denver area and while I was on vacation with them, I wanted to shadow an orthodontist to learn more about orthodontics and see if it was a specialty that I could enjoy. I found Dr. I and his practice in the 5280 Magazine Top Dentist Issue (in which he has been named a Top Orthodontist every year since he’s opened his practice, I believe), so I reached out to him to see if I could come in to the office and shadow. He and his staff were more than willing to assist me. I spent an entire day with Dr. I, observing him interact with his patients chair-side, communicate with patients and family members in consultations, and interact with his staff members. Dr. I is incredibly skilled at putting patients at ease and making them feel comfortable and special. He exudes a spirit of positivity, warmth, and generosity. He always found a way to ask his patients specific questions about their lives and make them smile or laugh. In the consultations specifically, I noticed how he made sure to take the time to explain all of the possible treatment options and how he desires to provide the best treatment for that patient. Even more, I was impressed and grateful for the way in which Dr. I made me feel throughout the day as I shadowed him. He took the time to ask me questions, answer my questions, teach me, and make me feel welcome. He gave me a headset to wear like all of his staff do and he was kind enough to introduce me to his patients and ask their permission for me to observe. And when I asked Dr. I a question about my retainer that does not fit very well, he told me to bring the retainer in after lunch and he would take a look. So at the end of the day, Dr. I took the time to seat me in the chair and adjust my retainer and even offer to make me new retainers if I came in again! I am beyond impressed with Dr. I and would highly recommend him as your orthodontist! After one day with him, I gained such an excitement towards orthodontics as a profession. I am grateful for the way he and his staff treated me as a visitor, and I look forward to staying in touch with him!

Rodney M. from Larkspur, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr Idiculla, and staff are great. They make you feel comfortable and it’s nice to see people that enjoy where they work. My daughter had to go in for an emergency procedure….that Dr Idiculla stayed late for. He explained exactly what he was going to do in detail and joked with my daughter. He made her laugh and feel comfortable with what was going to happen. She thinks he is great. Even though it was well after 6pm and they all should have been home, he would not let her leave until he got a picture with her new braces. All of our kids will be going to him and I recommend him to all of my friends

Grady G. from Englewood, CO (Source: Yelp)


I wanted Invisalign because I wanted to fix my teeth and correct my bite as discretely as possible since I am client facing on a consistent basis. I had spoken to a few Orthodontists about it. Shockingly, I got several “maybe we can do this” and “might be able to’s” followed up by a $5,000+ price tag. Dr. “I” was confident in what he could do and direct in the pricing and his expectations of me as a patient. As someone who works with my clients the exact same way, I appreciated that and for me price became a non issue because I wanted to work with someone that gives good direction and provides certainty in the outcome. The conversation was “I can get you to 100% correction and this is how we will do it.” What else can you ask for? I am 6 months into the treatment, I have seen excellent results so far and am anxious to finish the process. The office is nice and everyone is friendly, and that’s great, the client experience is excellent, but I personally didn’t care about that. My expectation of quality, professional and efficient work along with clear communication around my responsibilities to achieve the goal has been met perfectly and have instilled confidence in spending the money to make it happen.

Keith R. from Littleton, CO (Source: Yelp)


When my son was 9, our dentist alerted us that his teeth were going to need some orthodontic attention. They truly were a mess and getting worse. He gave us the names of three orthodontists, all of whom we interviewed. They all seemed very good, but Dr. I stood out. His confidence, his demeanor, and the positive can-do attitude he instilled in my son were impressive. As is his facility. It’s an amazing office, totally wired, and very cool. His staff is totally on board, friendly, competent, and reflect the same positive attitude. It’s a model organization. So, back to my son. Today was the big day — he got his braces off and he looks amazing. His teeth are literally perfect. And, amazingly, the time in braces and such went by SO fast, and there was much less drama than I ever would have expected. Trips to see Dr. I were NEVER dreaded. In fact, we actually looked forward to them. I hope this review gives you the incentive to at least talk to Dr. I about your orthodontic needs. I’m confident that you’ll be as impressed as I was.

Ally H. from Frisco, TX (Source: Yelp)


I went here for the first time a few days ago with a missing tooth and needing Invisalign. I was extremely embarrassed but they took care of me right away. They gave me a temporary retainer with a fake tooth in it and it looks completely real. Last night when I broke the composite they got us in immediately today and fixed it within 10 min. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of employees so smiley and kind. Everyone I’ve talked to there is an absolute delight. The office is very diverse is with gender and race representation which is the bees knees. The employees seem like they enjoy their jobs and it shows in the work that they do. I really appreciate that they explain what they’re doing, why, and how that plays into your treatment. Seems simple but I have been to too many offices where you don’t know why what you’re doing is helping you. They’re also fast, the facility is clean and aesthetically pleasing. Calling isn’t a pain. Lovely all around. If you need work done, do it here, don’t give it a second thought. This is place is different than the rest

Andrea E. from Castle Rock, CO (Source: Yelp)


I am so glad my neighbor recommended Dr. I and his team for my son’s ortho needs! The entire staff is amazing! Every step of the process (initial consult, ex-rays, turbos, expander, braces, retainer) was done with such professionalism, care, and fun. It’s so amazing to see the results of your child’s teeth with such attention to detail! My husband had extensive jaw surgery in his teens to correct what was ultimately the same problem as my son’s. Dr. I listens to your concerns and really cares about your family. We loved the entire process! It was adorable to see my son’s smile (and that brought tears to my eyes!) and his happy dance when he got a big caramel apple the day his braces came off. We drive from Castle Rock to Lone Tree for our appointments, but it’s so worth it! We’ll be back shortly! My daughter is up next…

Kyle A. from Westminster, CO (Source: Google)


Dr I. literally gave me the confidence to be able to go forward with getting braces. I am 31 years old and came in at 29 embarrassed and scared to even have my teeth looked at by other people. I had neglected it for so long, Dr. I told me it was no big deal and we would be able to get this done. He called me and left me a voicemail giving me his personal number in case I needed anything. I thought this was so far above and beyond that I knew I came to the right office. The whole team was so encouraging through the 22 months I had my braces. Even though it was still embarrassing to me to have braces at 30 years old they always stayed supportive and motivating. Dr. I. always makes you feel like a friend and so does his team! I never thought I would see the day that I could smile without thinking about it or covering my mouth when I did. Now that I can, I really owe all the credit to Dr. I and his all star squad, because I was looking for a reason to not go through with it and they never gave me one. Instead they gave me the smile and confidence I never thought I would experience . I am so grateful !!!!

Jessica E. from Westminster, MD (Source: Yelp)


Dr. I and his team are the best!! I work for an orthodontist in Hanover, Pa and our team had the privilege of getting to come out to Colorado just to spend a day seeing how Dr. I and his dream team make patients smile. This team really does go above and beyond for each patient. They have created a seamless process with an incredible energy and I gained a great deal of knowledge being able to observe them for the day. I would recommend this office to anyone without a doubt. They are they real deal for sure! Thank you for letting us come see inside your world for a day. Until next time…Live. Life. Learning.

Tami B. from Castle Rock, CO (Source: Yelp)


This amazingly talented man and his wonderful staff have made my dreams come true. I have always wanted braces to fix a few things with my teeth but there was always something holding me back. I believe it’s because the experience that I have been given with Dr.I is so much more then I ever expected. I was so nervous for my first appointment, but Dr I and his team make you feel like you are part of the team. I would recommend Dr.I to everyone I know, and have. Dr. I not only cares about his patients, but asked about my daughter whom he knew wasn’t feeling good. It’s a shame my teeth are so perfect now, I would do it all over again with Dr. I and his team!!

Kim G. from Littleton, CO (Source: Yelp)


This is the best orthodontist in town! The staff is awesome and my kids love Dr. I! He is working on both of my children and he has always been kind and understanding. Dr. I and his staff really listens to my children’s needs and are always very patient with them (and with me too for that matter). I also appreciate that Dr. I does many charitable things for local schools and organizations. I enjoy going to the office too because there is usually something fun going on! Dr. I really lives by his motto ” Live Life Smiling”. You and your family won’t be disappointed if you choose to go to Park Meadows Orthodontics

Mike G. from Lone Tree, CO (Source: Yelp)


Park Meadows orthodontics is the best experience I have ever had with a dental or orthodontics business. I have 3 kids and have experienced the ups and downs of the orthodontics world. The staff is top notch, never failing to produce a smile when I walk into their office. The facility is unbelievably clean and up to date with all the newest equipment. Their practice is very reasonably priced and they are on top of everything. The all inclusive services for one price (including aftercare) is a great service. You know there won’t be extra hidden charges. How many kids look forward to going to the orthodontist? Mine does. I could not recommend Park Meadows Orthodontics more, and I am a picky customer

Richard N. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


For the past year, I’ve been pondering how I would write a review for Dr. I and his dream team at i-Orthodontics. I think the pieces have all lined up so here it is: Customer Service: The team at the front desk are amazing. They’re always super friendly and within my first month of treatment had made the effort to know exactly who I am when I walk in the door. I highly recommend visiting the team on a theme-day, they’re over the top fun and a joy to be around. When I had to reschedule or missed an appointment, a simple phone call fixed everything. Dr I: There are so many things I want to say about Dr. I but in the interest of this not turning into a novel, I’ll be brief. In addition to being an amazing human being, his “chairside” manner is second to none. He’s always comforting, reassuring and detailed in his explanation about treatment plans. I love the fact that he has, what appears to be a mild case of OCD but when it comes to designing a smile that I will be proud of, that’s exactly the approach it takes. When, at last, I thought my course of treatment was going to be complete, Dr. I recommended 6 more months to fix up my bottom teeth and work on the overbite some more, I felt defeated a little bit but was in for the fight. A postcard showed up at home reminding me to hang in there and it would be worth it; it was a very cool touch. Jessica: My dear Jessica; she has taken care of me for the past 3 years. We laugh and carry on like a couple of kids in junior high. She has just the right demeanor and is always cheerful. She never walks away from a challenge. Give her the baby cinch-er and look out, she will get that wire through. Diane: A conversation about i-Ortho is not complete without a visit (or six) with Diane. She handles all the financing that takes place there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to call her to change a card number or write a check for a month of financing. She gets it. Sometimes finance folks can be a little short sometimes but that is sooo not the case with Diane. I always thought it would be like going to the principal’s office when I needed to talk to her but it was more like visiting my guidance counselor. Amanda: This is where it all begins. Amanda and I were the first to meet. She took so many pictures, I was wondering if she was shooting me for some print media. We sat down and talked about a bunch of options (invisalign, traditional braces, lingual braces, etc.) Together we came up with a plan that fit my budget and the needed treatment. She took the time to explain each method and the benefits of each. She has a great way of making sense out of a world that was completely new to me. Finally: Location, Location, Location. I made it my personal goal to visit Dr. I and his team at all their locations. I only made it to the offices in downtown Denver, Cherry Creek and Lone Tree. It was super nice being able to schedule appointments at locations that were convenient for me on the date I needed to be there. Bottom Line: This is the place where you want to go! Whether you’re an adult who is shooting for the smile you’ve always wanted or a parent looking for options for your kids, Dr. I has put together the most amazing team of staff and a practice that is truly world-class.