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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Sleep apnea therapy

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Larry P. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I needed to find a new dentist so after going through various reviews I came here. First off, I wanted one that was close to home. So I went and made an appointment. The process was simple as it was online. I’m particular with my doctors so I was somewhat apprehensive with anyone new. I first had a general cleaning with Beth. That went off without issues as she was friendly and professional. Next came my consult with Dr, Prosert as there was an issue with one of my molars. As it turns out, I needed a root canal which I kind of knew was the case. So, they did the root canal. Dr. Posert and her staff did a great job. She explained everything that was going on and made sure I was comfortable in the process. Mind you, I’m not a fan of root canals but I was surprised how well and how quickly it went. Dr, Posert, and everyone there made me feel welcome, answered my questions, etc. So for me, it was a great experience. They were all professional and did a wonderful job. Thanks!

Justin Krogue (Source: Google)


Love this place. Have been going for 5 years. Incredibly professional, always on time, great front office staff. They have great precautions in place for COVID (screening questions and temp measurements, aerosol vacuum, extra PPE for staff). Hygienists do a fantastic job and Dr. Posert is excellent. Love the island vibes and music. Have mostly just gotten cleanings here but did need a filling once and that was great as well. Highly recommended!

Shirley Y. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I never understood how some people *love* their dentist.  Not just like, trust, deal with, etc. their dentist like any other professional they seek advice from, but passionately love their dentist. I’m not to the point where the love is passionate, but I was extremely pleasantly surprised by Island Dental, to the point where I will refer my friends here.  Also, do not be swayed by the exterior of the building along busy Geary Street — the interiors are modern, clean and crisp.  I, myself, was referred here by another friend of mine who also happens to live in the neighborhood (bonus points for being stumbling distance away).  So when I check in on Yelp (I am a little OCD but I digress), I am psyched to find that I receive a free Sonicare toothbrush from my check-in. Being the cheap Asian that I am, I point this out to the friendly, smiling receptionist (with perfect teeth, of course).  Not only do I get this Sonicare toothbrush (it’s fully electric, yes, and it didn’t fall off the back of a truck), the friend who referred me here gets a toothbrush as well!  How generous. But besides the freebies, and the smiling receptionist, my whole experience here was great.  They set expectations for how long I was going to be there for (the first visit would take about 2 hours, which it did so I was able to plan the rest of my workday accordingly), and they were informative about every little step they were going to proceed with.  I was informed from when I got my xrays, to reviewing the xrays with me for any potential cavities (my hypochondriac self was convinced that I had a phantom cavity), and the teeth cleaning.  *Everybody* was friendly and accommodating with the service.  Of course, wouldn’t you be if you had a perfect smile?

Maki M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Posert is professional, knowledgable, gentle, honest and really sweet.  I got fillings done due to sensitivities on 3 teeth.  She was so gentle that I fell asleep during the treatment.  Little embarrassing.  She’s a busy dentist but awesome receptionists booked my appointment.  I got my teeth cleaned by a hygienist and I think my teeth got one shade whiter.  I felt my teeth are still sensitive over the weekends so I emailed her office again and Dr. Posert took a look and she gave me a toothpaste to put over my gum line.  I thought I needed more fillings but Dr. Posert reassured me I will be ok.  I really appreciate her honestly. Great team, clean office, I’m so glad I finally found  the dentist who I can trust.  本当にありがとうございます。(Thank you very much!)

Nina J. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


If I could give Dr. Posert and her team 10 stars, I would! I put off dental care for a very long time and had to have a lot of work done.  Most recently, we had to cram a lot of work in to one month and they were beyond accommodating with my schedule.  The whole process turned in to an insurance nightmare and Star, one of her mighty awesome staff, helped me get everything through and never complained about it.  It was one of those situations where you think you are going to hear a groan in their voice when you call to talk about it, but every time I had to call or email, Star was extremely helpful and even made the process painless and dare I say, enjoyable Dr. Posert and staff are kind to their patients, easy to work with on payments, and I always get a call to see how I’m doing the next day.  The environment is relaxing and I never dread going to the dentist!

Valerie G. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just left my first appointment at Island Dental and it was awesome! My boyfriend recommended this place to me after having a great experience there a couple of months ago. The office is clean, professional and cute (reggae music playing in the background which I loved)! My hygienist was amazing, very nice, easy to talk to and gave me a lot of helpful information. The receptionist, Courtney, is an angel! She is so sweet and helpful my boyfriend and I both love her! I enjoyed everything about Island Dental, I highly recommend it if you are looking for a new dentist.

GJ. J. from Berkeley, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have had a lot of problems finding a good dentist.  In fact, I have switched dentists every six months for the past four years, that’s how bad this has been.  I am willing to drive far and wide – I just won’t fly for my biannual cleanings.  With this office I won’t have to.  Dr. Posert made this process very easy.  From front desk to paperwork, her office was efficient, helpful and attentive.  I found out that she had taken over an older dentist office and was moving into the 21st century.  Her office is updated and has the new technology.  I like how she is not pushy about a lot of extra dental services.  Other dentists keep telling me to get invisalign braces when I just don’t want it. I highly recommend Dr. Posert.

VL. L. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have never been fond of going to the dentist or getting my teeth cleaned every six months.  The experiences I have had with dental hygienist have been mediocre at best.  Past cleanings were always robotic until last Friday when I had the best cleaning in my life!  The new hygienist was knowledgeable, thorough, and gentle.  She really made an effort to get every nook of my teeth cleaned.  Unlike past dental hygienist who would nag me about my home care, her approach to the same subject was very personable and professional.  I believe her name was “Mindy or Mandy”.  Knowing that I am in good hands, I am really looking forward to my next dental cleaning.

Christina Jensen (Source: Google)


Everyone at Island Dental was very nice and professional. The office was clean, inviting, and appeared to be stocked with new equipment. I went last week for a cleaning, and really enjoyed that Dr. Posert explained my x-rays and everything she was doing in detail. When I came back this week to get fillings, Dr. Posert was very gentle. Even though I am terrified of needles, I felt minimal discomfort during the procedure. I also really appreciate that they were upfront about all of the pricing. I am really happy that I found this office!

Cody L. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I was referred here by my girlfriend and I’m glad she did. Dr. Posert was fantastic. She was so warm and patient with me and made me feel very comfortable. I had a toothache for a while and she fixed my cavity. She was so gentle I could not feel a thing. My best dentist experience so far. I can’t recommend her enough.

C. J. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Everyone should love their dentist! Although this was my first visit to Island Dental on Geary, I am certain this will be my new dental office, and I’m so pleased to have found Dr. Posert and her team of professionals.  I know I can count on their experience and good advice going forward.  They have already given me the confidence to better care for my teeth and get the treatments I need. They take the time to explain what they are doing during the appointment and why, and what my options are for future visits.  Like most folks, I should see a dentist more often, and I’m happy to share with you that this is the kind of place/these are the kind of people that will help all of us get in that dental chair regularly and be better off for it!

Andrew B. San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I created a Yelp account JUST so I could leave this review. Going to the dentist is never something I got excited about it, and for many years was something I dreaded / didn’t even want to think about. But after finding Island Dental and meeting Dr. Possert and her awesome staff, it’s now something that I almost look forward to. The staff is awesomely friendly and Dr. Possert is gentle, efficient, and extremely talented at what she does. She’s informative and engaging while at the same time treating you like an adult. Island Dental completely change my mindset / perception about going to the dentist and my mouth is very thankful for that. If you’re looking for a new dentist, look no further, this is the place.

Alex T. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Let me be completely frank with you all, and I’m sure most of you will agree with me. I am not a fan of the dentist. I have had a love/hate relationship with dentists and my teeth for a long time. However, I must say that I’m incredibly lucky that I happened upon Island Dental when I recently moved to San Francisco and was in horrible tooth pain. The building may be older, but once you enter Island Dental it’s like being in a brand new building. It’s very open, airy, and fresh as someone else on Yelp stated. The equipment is state of the art, and I even haven’t seen or heard of some of the technology they use. The staff have all been great, making sure that the cost to my insurance, and my personal cost is discussed. We go over treatment plans every time I’m here, and the best part is i’m actually excited about going to the dentist now! My cleaning was effortless and I did not have any pain, or discomfort. Dr. Corral is always very pleasant and genuine with wanting to know how I’m doing and making sure that I am comfortable. It’s nice to finally have a dentist that I look forward to going to and that the staff is amazing too. I highly recommend Island Dental!

Annaliza U. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m a fan. The cleaning was great. I hadn’t been to the dentist in a couple of years, and the technician did a great job. She was very meticulous. An old filling had cracked, so they gave me an appointment to get it fixed the next day. The dentist fixed it and it didn’t even hurt. (hurray for painless).

Danny L. from Daly City, CA (Source: Yelp)


First of all forgive me if I get the terminology wrong. I am not a dental professional so I apologize in advance for butchering my words. I feel compelled to write about Dr. Posert for the wonderful job she and her staff did with my dental implant. Up to now I have only had bridge work done (by a different dentist) and while I am satisfied with the results, I didn’t want to again affect my surrounding good teeth to put in another bridge. Aside from the regular dentistry work like fillings, bridges, and crowns,  Dr. Posert is also qualified to install implants. I have had lots of problems before with gum recession and bone loss, but Dr. Posert took all the necessary precautions and honestly evaluated if I was still a good candidate for an implant or if I needed another bridge. First of all, she has monitored the health of my gums closely over the years and has helped me keep my gum problems under control. Secondly she assured me that after studying many images that I had plenty on bone to safely support an implant.  On the day she drilled a hole into my jaw where the implant would be, she made sure to properly align the post (or spacer?) so that it would go into my jawbone at the proper angle. All along the way Dr. Posert communicated with me and positioned the monitor at an angle that I could see so that I would know exactly what was going on at every step. Surprisingly to me, other than a little soreness the first couple days the healing process went smoothly and the area that she drilled in wasn’t painful. Then after waiting a few months for bone to grow around and support the post she put on the fake (but totally realistic looking) tooth that was custom designed for the size and shape of the space in my mouth. It has been 1 week since the job was completed and I have had no complications and am completely satisfied with the results. As those who’ve have implants know, it is a long and complicated process that takes months to complete and there are many opportunities for problems to arise if it’s not done properly. Dr. Posert was very meticulous throughout the process and ensured everything went smoothly. She is thorough, professional, detailed, and passionate about her work, and she takes great pride in treating her patients with care and respect. Lastly, in all my years going to her with all my different problems she has always been fair and reasonable and up front on her fees. Nobody likes to be dinged with hidden charges and Dr. Posert fully understands and avoids this practice.  All in all you can’t ask for more than that from your dentist.

Stacey K. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


So.great. I spent all Monday morning in the phone trying to find a dentist to get a cavity filled. Enter Island Dental. Not only did they got me in the but I was in-and-out in an hour, ex rays and all! I used to see Dr Concepcion at this location & loved him for his willingness to work within my budget (I don’t have dental insurance). Now with a new decor,  Island Dental was just as good to me, filling my cavity for under $300, while other places had quoted me up to $600! Great, prompt appointments & scheduling + a good deal = a no brainer. I’ve finally found my new dentist!

H. B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


You get premier customer service from everyone at Island Dental: from Joy at the front desk, Joe and Khaled, the experts who clean your teeth, Sharon the dental assistant to Dr. Posert, a professional & gentle dentist with tons of experience.  High Tech care while maintaining personal touch. Last week-end, I was camping and had a tooth flare up on me.   I contacted Dr.  Posert who responded immediately, providing me with the solution to take before coming back to the Bay Area.   She also offered to seem the first thing on Monday morning.   By that time the pain had already subsided.  I am so grateful to have a dentist like Dr. Posert.

Theo T. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was initially nervous because my last visit was four years ago and it ended so poorly I put off going to the dentist. For my checkup and cleaning, I chose Island Dental because they’re in my insurance network, down the street from my apartment, and the reviews were great. The front desk was very helpful in getting me an appointment two weeks earlier than originally scheduled. I walked in to a clean, spacious, sunlit office with easy listening playing over the speakers. My hygienist was very skilled and cleaned my teeth with zero pain; he also gave me good advice on dental care. The x-ray technician was good too and made the process go by quickly. Dr. Posert was very informative and broke down what work I needed and also gave me optional treatments for the future. The treatment plan breakdown was very detailed, and the costs were clearly explained. I’m definitely sticking with Island Dental.

Carol J. (Source: Google)


I never had a dentist before that I actually looked forward to visiting! If you’re searching for a new/better dentist, you should definitely check out Island Dental. Getting your pearly whites cleaned, x-ray’d, and worked on by Dr Posert and her team is as easy as a walk on the beach. They are professional, thorough, painless, and full of great advice for keeping your smile at its best. They are in a central location on Geary, whether you are walking. driving, or taking public trans. Remember, even if you haven’t seen a dentist in a while (my case), you’ll be happy you made the call…starting from the very first visit!.

Anne Hyatt (Source: Google)


Lovely friendly staff and very attractive office with view of Presidio Avenue. Dr Posert is an excellent and gentle dentist who doesn’t push unnecessary cosmetic dental procedures. She efficiently treats your dental issues and honestly answers your questions. I feel that my teeth and mouth are in very good condition thanks to her team.

Carole S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Island Dental lived up to and exceeded the excellent reviews they’ve received. Everyone in the office — from the receptionists Patty and Starr, the dental hygienists Leila and Emily, and up to Dr. Posert — was very friendly, efficient, and professional.  I’m on Denti-Cal and the Denti-Cal dentist just couldn’t or wouldn’t do the dental work I needed (Denti-Cal twice rejected their paperwork for a partial denture and a deep cleaning — the dentist refused to do a basic cleaning which doesn’t need Denti-Cal approval).  My brother loaned me money to get the dental work I needed done so that led me to Yelp to find a dentist.  I probably read over 25 reviews and finally settled on Island Dental.  The few negative reviews were outweighed by all the positives and the location fitted my needs. I called on a Friday and was able to get an appointment for the next Tuesday.  On Tuesday, Dr. Posert examined my teeth, had molds made, was scheduled for a cleaning on Friday, and I was to pickup my partial denture the following Monday.  On Friday I had my teeth cleaned by Leila (she was excellent) and, to my delight, the partial denture was ready.  I went back today for some adjustments to the partial denture and will go back next week for some fine tuning. All-in-all, this has been a non-stressful experience at a reasonable price.  How often do you hear those phrases in the context of having to go to the dentist?

Jillian K. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I haven’t had my teeth cleaned in a while, part of the reason was that I was in college and the other, mostly because I just didn’t have time.  I am pretty neurotic when it comes to my teeth- making sure they are clean and healthy by brushing, flossing and using restorative mouthwashes.  I have even have had dreams of my teeth falling out all at once! So when I came here yesterday I was a little nervous and really hoping for good news. Island Dental is right on the corner of a busy intersection of Geary and 14th Ave and super easy to get to via the 38 or 38L Muni bus (the bus stops between 14th and Park Presidio).  It was a breeze to get to and if you’re coming from downtown, it’s a cinch.  The office is above a huge income tax office, just walk up about a flight and a half of stairs and you’re inside. When I walked in the office, I was greeted by probably the friendliest staff I have encountered at a dentist office.  The receptionist was really sweet, gave me the clipboard to fill out my information and asked me about my day. I was also just coming off a cold the week before and I was still pretty congested, so I was coughing quite a bit.  The receptionist asked if I wanted some water, and pointed to a large glass-front mini fridge stocked with mini water bottles!  I was so happy, and this instantly made me feel comfortable.  And not to mention this really soothed my cough. A little while later, they called my name and I walked down the hall with the dental assistant who was also really adorable and really friendly.  As I made my way down the hall, I looked around and noticed this place was brand new.  The paint colors were beautiful and the decor wasn’t your typical “dental office” chachkies- you know, pictures of cartoon teeth, or something ridiculous like an elephant holding a giant toothbrush.  This was well-planned space that felt modern and beautiful at the same time.  As we rounded the corner to the exam room, the room suddenly opened up to a wall of windows.  The room was bathed in beautiful sunlight and I could see the bustling street below.  It was fantastic.  The entire office is covered in windows actually, but this room seemed to be the centerpiece of the office as it has all of the x-ray equipment. The assistant welcomed me in the room and told me to hang my coat and purse on the wall hook in the corner (they really thought of everything, I swear).  Suddenly, I was greeted by Dr. Posert, whose warm and genuine demeanor radiated out to greet me.  I felt so comfortable and felt my nerves fade away.  She told me that we were going to take full x-rays and that these x-rays were digital and that she would be able to see the results right away and that I wouldn’t have to wait.  She even explained that there was 80% less radiation and the fact they don’t have to develop the x-rays means it’s a much greener process too!  So cool. I laid down in the chair, which was really unbelievably soft and comfortable (I think it was memory foam).  And the assistant put the lead bib on me and began the x-ray process.  As she took them, I could see them pop up on the screen in front of me- I really love science and I was so excited to see these (I even took a picture after it was all over). Dr. Posert came back into the room and explained my x-rays.  Clean bill of health!  I did have a couple problem areas, but other than that I was in good shape. She also did an exam called a “pocket check” where she tested the health of my gums by giving them a rating (anything over a 3 was bad news) but I passed that with flying colors too!  Woohoo! Now, on to the cleaning.  Everyone’s problem area is right behind their bottom front teeth.  I was aware of this because I check my teeth every night before I go to sleep!  But she assured me that she would take care of it.  She had the assistant take a before picture, and used this little camera on a light wand, and just popped it in my mouth and snapped a photo.  This office is seriously high-tech.  It’s great!  Then, Dr. Posert began cleaning my teeth.  She was so gentle that I almost fell asleep three times in the chair!  I felt like those hippos you see on National Geographic, where the bird goes inside to clean their teeth and they just sleep while they do it.  I loved it.  I was a happy hippo.  (I also think that the chair added to comfort factor- oh boy was it nice). After Dr. Posert was done, she took another photo of the inside of my mouth.  Man, what a difference!  I feel like I was given a brand new set of teeth. After my checkup, I was sent off in the same fashion I was greeted.  Everyone was so friendly and I even gave Dr. Posert a hug.  I will be back!  I told my fiance about this place and he’s going to come here for his checkup too. If you’re looking for a place that is convenient to get to with a friendly and professional staff and a soothing atmosphere, this is your place. Bravo Dr. Posert, bravo.

Larry P. (Source: Zocdoc)


My first experience with a new dentist and it turned out to be great. I had a cleaning then a root canal done on the same day. Normally, I would be a bit apprehensive. But Beth (who did the cleaning) was cordial, very friendly and did a great job. Dr. Posert and her staff made my root canal an easy experience. Friendly, professional, etc., they all were fantastic. Dr. Posert made sure I knew what was going on and comfortable. Can’t say anything more, as it was all great. Thanks Dr. Posert!

Rachel G. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Posert and her entire staff are amazing. I unfortunately was accidentally hit in the face and half of my front tooth was knocked out. They were able to see me right away for an initial consultation. They were so kind and patient with me as I had never had anything like this happen. They explained my options, insurance coverage and the entire process. The ladies at the front even offered to contact the person who hit me to ask for payment. I went several times within a 3 week span and every visit was great. They also have really nice island music playing which helps calm the nerves of being at the dentist. Glad I was able to find a great dentist in the area.

Sie D. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


My first time here and I am very impressed. The entire staff was friendly, professional, patient and especially thorough.  The entire procedure was made clear to me what will be done. I was pleasantly surprised with this visit compared to previous dentists and the free toothbrush and Sonicare was an added bonus.  I highly recommend Dr. Posert and her staff and would definitely come back.

Ken S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was in the city on vacation on the way to a  week of camping and had a tooth go nuclear on me.  I called a couple of Dentists on Yelp and Island Dental was Johnny on the spot.  They were able to see me  within a couple of hours.  That would have been enough for me but let me tell you there is so much more.  The staff was extremely friendly and helpful.  The office was convenient, bright and welcoming. Dr. Posert was highly skilled and knowledgeable.  She listened to what I had to say and when We determined extraction was the best option, let me tell you it was almost enjoyable.  NO pain, an incredibly smooth procedure.  The tooth was out before I even knew it.  If I didn’t live 600 miles away I would have a new Dentist.

Infodiva B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am glad I found a dentist out in the Richmond District that is away from the driving craziness of downtown. Dr. Posert is a excellent and skillful dentist that not only handle general dentistry procedures but also cosmetic dental procedures and services.  The office  is modern and has a nice decor and the staff is friendly.

Shaina K. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I promised that I’d wait to write my very first review for an amazing, incredible, holy-crap-that-was-good experience… who would have thought that would happen at a dentist office. Admittedly, I’m one of those people who is deathly scared of the dentist, mainly because I’m always certain I’ll show up with a mess for a mouth and get that inevitable, secretly chastising look of pure shame from the dentist.  You know it when you see it, and it’s not pretty. Needless to say, I was scared (borderline petrified) to go to the dentist today which means I was jaw-on-the-ground shocked the minute I arrived.  The front receptionist (I think her name is Joy?) did something so very few, if any, greeters do these days — she looked me in the eye, introduced herself, and…wait for it…shook my hand.  Like literally reached out, grabbed my hand, and shook it in a friendly, professional and caring manner.  She then offered me water to sip on while I filled out those forms they always make you fill out and the dental assistant was waiting nearby to take me through one of the cleanest dental offices I’ve ever seen. When I finally saw the dentist, she was normal.  Not mean, not scary, not even slightly chastising… she was nice, she asked me in a curious (not “oh geez, what am I going to have to fix”) way about past work on my teeth and was entirely human.  Her bedside manner was top-notch which is something I don’t find often in dentists. I went in for a teeth whitening service and it was easy, quick and done with careful attention and precision.  My teeth are already shades-on-shades whiter which is always a fun way to leave the dentist. When you go, don’t get turned off by the random location, it’s a mini oasis once you get inside..

Samantha R. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is my first time at this dental office and all I can say is WOW, I really enjoyed everything from getting greeted at the door by the friendly front desk and to Dr. Posert herself she was very friendly and I thought that her work was honest and I take value in that. They offer everything from a regular x ray clean up, implants, crowns, invisaline, and my favorite teeth whitening. I can’t wait for my next 6 month check up :). I recommend this dentist.

Katie M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a great experience at Island dental! To begin with the office is new, clean and has  a soothing environment. The office staff is very friendly and helpful.  I had a cleaning with the dental hygienist who was great, no pain! I also had to come back to have a filling with Dr. Posert, which was surprisingly easy and painless as well! I would def recommend Island dental, glad to have found a great dentist.

Jim B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Amazing practice.  From the moment I entered until the moment I left I felt as if everything centered around my dental care and personal well-being.  Front office staff friendly, efficient and knowledgeable.  No waiting.  Was actually greeted by a warm and professional DA BEFORE my appointment time.  Dr. Posert came in immediately, introduced herself, listened to my dental issues (traumatic front tooth damage) and took the time to explain what would happen.  Full X-rays, fixed the broken tooth, and made recommendations for another dental issue. As an experienced and recognized health care professional, I cannot compliment this practice enough and highly recommend it.  I go back next week for a cleaning and after that to address that pesky little crown issue.  I’ll be a regular in this exceptional dental practice.

Ken S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was in the city on vacation on the way to a  week of camping and had a tooth go nuclear on me.  I called a couple of Dentists on Yelp and Island Dental was Johnny on the spot.  They were able to see me  within a couple of hours.  That would have been enough for me but let me tell you there is so much more.  The staff was extremely friendly and helpful.  The office was convenient, bright and welcoming.    Dr. Posert was highly skilled and knowledgeable.  She listened to what I had to say and when We determined extraction was the best option, let me tell you it was almost enjoyable.  NO pain, an incredibly smooth procedure.  The tooth was out before I even knew it.  If I didn’t live 600 miles away I would have a new Dentist.

Antonella D. from Presidio, San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I love my dentist, Dr. Posert. Her staff is so efficient at scheduling appointments and verifying insurance. They accept many insurance plans. There are never surprises on the bill. My hygienist, Justina, did a wonderful job. Her work was methodical and she made the experience pleasant. Dr. Posert reviewed the work and discussed my oral health. She is always available for questions.

Lesley Lee (Source: Google)


It was six month for me to look for a female dentist of my own, getting to know Dr. Coral and her staff (well organized and run your office- like an oily machine– I AM impressed by your professional matter in our time of pain , it made a good experience the same time , I have my teeth clean, thank you to Dr. Cora and your wonderful staff, see you all at July 15, you have a fantastic July 4 , I am not working the next two Mondays, because July 4 always fall on Monday. . I am off.

Hillary K. from Healdsburg, CA (Source: Yelp)


After having gone to Dave Concepcion for over 20 years I was very sorry he sold his practice but promised him I would give the new dentist a try. I’m so glad I did. The office has been updated with new technology. Coral Posert is a very caring dentist who is forward thinking and constantly caring for the patient’s comfort. The staff is cordial and energized. I expect to be going to Island Dental for many years. I have already  sent 3 of my friends to this office, and hope to  be able to refer more, as I think this is as good as it gets.


Dr. Coral Posert has practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 20 years. She has advanced training in all phases of implant placement. Dr. Posert also offers Invisalign, Zoom tooth whitening and procelain veneers as part of her cosmetic dentistry practice. She enjoys helping patients have the smile they have always wanted! Our practice has performed many oral surgery procedures including wisdom tooth extraction. When you visit Island Dental, you will experience a warm comfortable environment while receiving a personalized plan for your dental health. Dr. Posert's thoughtful and caring approach allows patients to relax and explain their goals to her. Dr. Coral Posert took over a longtime existing dental office and renamed it Island Dental. She has added many new touches including computerized patient charts, digital x-rays, office remodeling and the latest in dental techniques. When you visit Island Dental you will experience a warm comfortable environment where you will be confident you are receiving the highest quality dental care. Dr. Coral Posert has practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 20 years. She has previously been in the East Bay and relocated to the Richmond District of San Francisco Dr. Posert graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry and has continued her education in cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, Invisalign and implants. She enjoys helping patients have the smile they have always wanted! When you visit Island Dental, you will experience a warm comfortable environment while receiving a personalized plan for your dental health. Dr. Posert's thoughtful and caring approach allows patients to relax and explain their goals to her.