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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Carlene S. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I had some pretty terrible experiences as a kid with dentists and orthodontists, so much that I avoided getting any dental work as much as possible, just me and my sonic care tooth brush. I never smile with my teeth because I am ashamed of my smile. 🙁 I have major ANXIETY when it comes to any kind of dental work! Fast forward to my early thirties and now the lack of care and terrible work I had done in the past has caught up with me. I have known for the last few years that something was wrong with my bite and I had noticed the shape of my jawline change enough for me to notice. The constant aching from my teeth not lining up and biting of my cheeks brought me to yelp to look for an orthodontist that has had plenty of experience but also excellent reviews. I wanted to find someone who’s for lack of a better term chair side manner was as fantastic as his work and office. I chose Dr. Wong for his excellent reviews and convenient location in Capitol Hill. You walk into his office and it radiates a calm and soothing environment. His staff! Every single member of his staff was welcoming and so pleasant. Trece is an angel and so easy to talk to! I was able to express all of the issues I was having with no anxiety at all! Dr. Wong’s office has all of the latest technology so there were no intrusive x-ray’s, and no tear forming bite downs things. When Dr. Wong met with me to go over my concerns, he instantly made me feel at ease and let me know that I was in the drivers seat when it came to what needed to be done. He walked me through his assessment, which meant I needed orthodontia to re-align my bite. He also noted that we would need to extract an impacted tooth as a result of the bad dentistry I has as a child. Dr. Wong recommended a dentist for me to see, that he personally recommended and knew would be sensitive to my anxiety. He then recommended a ortho/maxofilliary surgeon that would need to do the extraction that had a calm presence. What I was most impressed with was that Dr. Wong was not about pushing orthodontia as a solution. He listened to my overall concerns and assessed my face to determine the best course of action for me to have the smile that I deserved. Dr. Wong personally called the dentist he recommended and not only talked to him about my anxiety but he wanted to work with Dr. Beck to make sure that they were all on the same page when it came to my care. He then personally called my oral surgeon and then paid a visit to the prosthodontist that he recommended that I work with to make sure that the team he recommended for me was all on the same page. He went above and beyond what I would have ever expected!! The fact that he took time out of his busy schedule just to make sure that his recommended dental dream team had the same plans he recommended was amazing!! I would highly recommend Dr. Wong and his team to everyone and especially those that have any anxiety when it comes to Dental work. Dr. Wong and I will be working closely together for the next year so I will have an update next January!

Damilola Oyedele (Source: Google)


I absolutely love my new smile thanks to Dr. Wong and his amazing team! Getting orthodontic treatment with them was a great experience through and through. Once I decided I was ready for braces I found his practice online and after the first consultation, I was sold. I got traditional braces, and though painful in the beginning I came to really enjoy having them on, doing my monthly checks and adjustments, and changing the chains to different cool colors. The whole team at Dr. Wong’s is kind, efficient, and attentive. A couple of times I scheduled impromptu checks when I felt something with my teeth wasn’t going the way it should, and I was attended to promptly each time. It all went by so fast – I can hardly believe it’s been over and done for almost a month already. My monthly appointments went by without a hitch and the end result, 18 months later is everything I hoped it would be! Thank you, Dr. Wong and team!

Erica F. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I hesitated to seek orthodontia as an adult for several reasons. I thought that it would be costly, take a lot of time, and that I would be the only adult in a kid-oriented office. Dr. Wong and his team allayed all of my fears, and I am so happy with the result – my teeth look even better than I imagined they could. I appreciated the initial consultation, during which the treatment timeline and costs were discussed. I appreciated that Dr. Wong was so up-front. That enabled me to make a decision and to move forward with confidence. Dr. Wong and his team worked with my insurance company so that the cost (and hassle) to me was minimized. Contrary to what I feared, treatment did not take long. Treatment was efficient but effective. I was never in too much pain from the treatment moving too quickly, but I started seeing results in weeks. I also really appreciated that Dr. Wong and his team never kept me waiting. In regards to feeling self-conscious, the office is lovely and a space in which both adults and kids can easily feel comfortable. I was even able to bring my baby with me during check-ups. The treatments used were minimally noticeable to others. (I only had one good friend notice). The results look great, and I can smile with confidence.

Gretchen I. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve had my fair share of ortho work done in my years and Dr. Wong and his staff are by far the best group of people I’ve worked with. The office gives off a very laid back vibe, very inviting and cozy. The first appointment I had with them I had noticed a cute dog just laying in the corner minding his business (dog lover right here!). Again, this adds to the chill vibe of the office. Dr. Wong’s first consult is free, which is pretty cool considering the fact that it’s always nice to save a couple dollars on Ortho treatment. After evaluating my teeth alignment, Dr. Wong and his assistant discussed my treatment needs. They gave me a simple breakdown and i was able to schedule my next appointment all within 30 minutes. Thank you Dr. Wong and staff for your kindness and help during my ortho treatment. I will definitely send my family and friends to you guys for all their ortho needs!! I’d give your office 10 stars if that was an option!

Julia T. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


In October, I finally decided to get braces to fix my cross bite and went on yelp to find a good orthodontist nearby. After doing some research and making two prior inquiry with other offices, I called on Dr. Wong’s office and the receptionist was very nice to schedule my consultation. I was very impressed with the email containing the link to fill out my patient history questionaire online. The next morning, I got there early and was greeted by Dr. Wong himself. His office was beautiful with mid-century modern decor and captivating artwork. I couldn’t help complimenting his office out loud. By the time I got out of the restroom, Robyn, the receptionist, had two forms printed out, one of which was my health history filled out from the night before and another was a privacy form to sign. I absolutely appreciated the time saved from not having to fill out paperwork and waiting to be called in a typical medical office. Next, my consultation went really well with Dr. Wong and Trece, his treatment coordinator. Trece made me feel very comfortable about asking her several questions. When I left the office, I didn’t even want to do another consultation elsewhere. I felt very well informed about every aspect of my treatment. So now that I’ve been their patient for almost two months, I am finally writing a review to describe how great their service has been throughout all my visits. They were not just impressing me the first time in order to get my business. Now I’m getting to know Krista, the one staff I should hate for tightening my wires and causing the soreness in my teeth every time I go in, but….I don’t! She is so cute and she would sing along to Glee on Pandora! Definitely recommend the consultation if you are considering braces!

Jeannie W. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


My 9 year old daughter just finished phase 1 of her orthodontia, she was looking pretty gnarley with her few permanent teeth going every which way, and we needed to get things straightened up so that the rest of her permanent teeth would have a better chance to grow in properly. At first I balked at getting her braces so early but his prices were reasonable and when he explained to me the various phases of braces, it seemed like the best course of action. Dr. Wong did an excellent job with her! She was never fearful and actually looked forward to getting her monthly adjustments – in part because there is a KINECT in the waiting area, Dr. Wong’s dog is often there to greet us, and she got to pick great colors for her braces. The office is super clean and the staff are super nice and they all seem to be in touch with the state of the art techniques. It was cool that Dr. Wong actually explained things to my daughter and not just me. We don’t know if we will need full braces in the future but Dr. Wong is having us come in for regular check ups to make sure we catch things early and get things fixed before they go too bad. If I remember correctly, the costs of these follow up visits are included in the initial treatment price… which means he is keeping track of us for FREE! We will surely use him if we need more orthodontia later.

Daniel M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I left my home state without completing my orthodontic treatment. Since then I had been looking for a new Orthodontist. Dr Wong and his team have been the best since I first walked into the door. Even though I have not officially started treatment, they have been so helpful in helping me understand my insurance and in making sure that i do not have any discomfort while my treatment is on hold. I HIGHLY recommend this office.

Brittany Van Wingerden (Source: Google)


Dr Wong and his staff are nothing but the most incredible team I have ever worked with as far as Dr’s offices goes. They accommodated billing needs, appointment needs, and do everything from a customer service/success standpoint. They have been so gracious and amazing and easy to work with. I couldn’t recommend them more! They also gave me the most incredible smile. Dr. Wong knows what he is doing and does it fast and efficiently. I even went to a dentist to get my teeth cleaned while my braces were on and they said they had never seen braces put on in that way before and Dr. Wong had done the best job they had ever seen. Cannot appreciate him and his staff more! 

Robert Getch (Source: Google)


I’ve hit the end of my regular visits with Dr. Wong and wanted to write and say I really enjoyed it (as much as one enjoys orthodontia). He helped devise a plan that worked for me (I was born missing two teeth) and he referred me to a great dentist. The visits were always on time, they are very courteous, responded quickly to issues as they came up, and were sensitive to making sure that the additional space that had to be made for implants was covered up throughout the process. They also had a very reasonable payment plan with no interest that allowed me to make monthly payments on the amount not covered by my insurance. Overall a great experience and my teeth look better then ever.

Holly J. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


In addition to helping my daughter have a beautiful smile and our family through the process, my son and my husband are now seeing Dr. Wong for Invisalign. We are experiencing the same care and level of experience with the Invisalign treatment as we did with my daughter’s traditional braces. This is comforting because it seems like so many offer this service but how do you know who is actually good at it? Dr. Wong is so knowledgeable without being condescending, it puts us at ease. We are fortunate to be working with Dr. Wong and his staff once again!

Betsy C. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I have hated my crooked teeth for years. When I was referred to Dr. Wong’s office by my dentist to discuss the impact my crooked teeth would have on my jaw long term, I immediately knew pursuing orthodontic work was the way to go. The initial visit was free of charge, and we discussed all options for my teeth – including invisalign, which I was particularly interested in. Dr. Wong took pictures, was so understanding about my concerns regarding my teeth, and ultimately helped me choose the path to invisalign. He and all of his staff are so welcoming, so caring, and genuinely knowledgeable and helpful. They worked with me to have a payment plan that’s affordable for me, and I actually look forward to my check-ins every 4-6 weeks! Dr. Wong also referred me to a couple other specialists, and when one didn’t work out, he took time out of his weekend to call me and help me find one who would be best for me and my needs. Dr. Wong truly cares about his patients and is so enthusiastic about making everyone comfortable with their smile. I am definitely looking forward to seeing my teeth in 18-24 months when the invisalign treatment is done. I could not have asked for a better experience regarding orthodonture, which is something that as a 29-year-old woman I was feeling particularly nervous about. Dr. Wong and his staff are utterly amazing, however, and will make anyone feel welcome and at ease.

Maegieo (Source: Google)


Dr. Wong and his team are the utmost authorities in their field. However, that is not what makes this office so special. Dr. Wong is easy-going, friendly and knowledgeable. Visiting here for ongoing treatment is pleasant, professional and full of good jokes. When you walk in the building you feel totally at ease; it’s clean, bright, and open. Not to mention there is no intimidating dental equipment lying around (scary!). It’s almost like you stumbled into a top-rated wellness retreat for your teeth where all your BFF’s just so happen to work. Anyways, if you’re looking for the best treatment in Seattle with a team you would be happy to add to your Christmas card list, look no further than the office of Dr. Kieth B Wong. B stands for Best! 10/10 would get braces here again.

Mychal B. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I had an accident about 5 years ago that severely impacted my front four teeth. Since then I have had LOTS of dental care. So good and some not so good. Dr. Wong and his staff are GREAT. Given my complex case Dr. Wong and his team have taken time to work with me on a personal level, they completely answer all my questions and have developed a great care plan. I always feel welcome in the office and it is a beautiful space that puts me at ease immediately. Dr. Wong clearly has years of experience but never seems to important or busy to take them time with his patients. I appreciate the entire experience!

Julie S. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


For years I’ve been trying to fix an orthodontic issue, and I was referred to Dr. Wong by my dentist. At my initial visit, which lasted almost an hour free of charge, not only did he take numerous pictures, but he, and his staff, sat with me to discuss all of the issues I was having and potential options I might have. After that, he gathered all the records, and contacted other specialists I’d seen previously. When he finally came to a decision on the direction to take, Dr. Wong spent time discussing all of my options in detail and explained to me important details that other orthodontists hadn’t let me know which explained so much to me about why I’ve been having teeth movement issues (fourth time having braces and teeth still move). I was very impressed by the thoroughness of his explanation and felt very comfortable with any work that would be done. Although many would think going to an orthodontist isn’t that enjoyable, every time I go there I feel like I’m seeing old friends. Dr. Wong and their staff stand out for me is that they are all so very friendly and very accommodating. Their customer service to their patients is top notch. Further, the office is beautiful and the esthetics are very calming. As for making appointments, again, they are very accommodating to my schedule which is such a huge plus! All around Dr. Wong is a great Orthodontist and would recommend him to children and adults!

Michael S. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Keith Wong’s office for over a year now and I never once have been disappointed on how well his office handles their business. Every time I visit for a check-up everyone is up-beat and happy creating a great environment to be a part of. The office is located in a beautiful modern style building on the second floor with large windows facing the patients chairs letting in the sunlight. The location is easy to get to as well making it very convenient. When I was younger I used another orthodontist for five years (it’s been a long process haha..) and unfortunately he didn’t do a complete job of letting enough space be left in between two of my teeth for an implant, which was a big let down after 5 years of wearing them and getting them off, to knowing you will only need more time to correct his mistakes. I was recommended to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wong by a friend so we could sit down and discuss options. The consultation went great and we decided to go with the Invisalign route, the new alternative to braces. Since my teeth had been moved for the most part in the right direction in my previous five years with braces, the Invisalign would help fix and tweak them the rest of the way, leaving the right amount of space for the implant as well. Check-ups went great all the way through my entire process, not a single problem scheduling any appointment or conflicts with the Invisalign, and now I’m ready for the next step. Dr . Wong and his staff made my experience especially easy with amazing results and I couldn’t be happier! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great orthodontist in a great environment.

Allison W. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve done my research before I chose Dr. Wong. In fact, I’ve exhausted the list of 5-6 doctors nearby (Dr. Wong’s pretty far from where I work) , I visited each clinic, talked to the doctor and saw how the technician works. I was surprised by how commercialized and impersonal the industry has become. Not at Doctor Wong’s office. You walk in, you are greeted by everyone, and they all know you like you are part of the family, making it a super fun experience. I have to tell you, now that I am almost done, I miss having my visits. No matter how stressed I was at the day, I always felt better afterwards. The office is bright-lit with large titled windows, so that when you sat at the chair, you can look at the sky. The staff was fun and professional, and they always seem to be in such good mood. Why isn’t my job that much fun! Dr. Wong not only knows what he’s doing, he also explains everything very well to me, so I understand where I am in the procedure. I travel a lot, and always asked for off-schedule visits. Dr. Wong was patient with me on that. I also don’t like to follow rules, took off my tray and threw it away,and I did not get scolded for that haha. To us, he is more like a friend than a doctor. And that helped a lot with the process. If a friend asks me who to go to for orthodontist treatment, I would refer him to Dr. Wong. If I had to do this again sometime in the future(hopefully not), I know who to go to. A truly wonderful experience!

Tyler H. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t recommend Dr. Wong and his staff highly enough. I moved to Seattle with having had braces on for a couple years already (as an adult), and needing to find a new orthodontist to finish the job. I visited a number of different orthodontists, just as I had when I first got them. Dr. Wong’s office was easily the place I felt most comfortable. Every employee is the right kind of friendly. It’s apparent the work atmosphere is one that employees enjoy being in. As for the technical side of things, I came in with different brackets than what apparently most orthodontists in this part of the country use. Dr. Wong was willing to work with what I had, rather than taking them off and starting anew. He was honest about the amount of time it would take, and didn’t tell me just what I wanted to hear. The equipment used at the office is top-notch, and I was always asked my opinion about my treatment and next steps. After my braces were taken off, I was very happy with the results.

Kathryn Malý (Source: Google)


Dr. Wong and his team are amazing — they made my orthodontics experience a breeze! I had endured 7 years of braces as a teen and was not excited about revisiting orthodontia in my 40s. My Invisalign experience with Dr. Wong allowed me to have painless shifts with no metal hardware on my teeth. It was so much easier than I’d imagined; I wish I’d done it years ago. Dr. Wong’s calm, confident, warm demeanor sets the tone. There is a sense of light-hearted “flow” in the energy of the office, which I attribute to thoughtful design and professional, friendly staff members who keep things running smoothly. Fun people, happy dogs, beautiful smiles, coffee and chocolate. What’s not to love.

Lu To (Source: Google)


This guy and this place is the real deal. The office itself is immaculate and feels premium and exclusive, and the staff are all wonderful people who I really enjoyed seeing during my appointments. Dr. Wong is running a top notch business that provides top notch service and gave me top notch results. I admittedly didn’t do much price shopping when considering my orthodontics, so I can’t speak to how competitively priced this place is over other options, but what I can say is that I have absolutely 0 regrets or complains about the care I received. I would recommend Dr. Wong and his team to anyone.

Michael Y. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I had been pretty self conscious of my teeth for years and never really knew how to go about fixing them. After some research online however, I found out that Dr. Wong’s office was just a few blocks away from where I worked! Because of his convenient hours and easy location I scheduled an appointment and went in for a free consultation. Upon walking into his office I was greeted by a wonderful staff and a friendly office dog named Chico. Checking in with Robin at the front desk was very easy and the wait time wasn’t even too long. (ROBINS AWESOME!) After taking some intake photos and a Pano X-Ray (all complimentary) I sat down with Terece and Dr. Wong to discuss my treatment options. I was very pleased with the amount of knowledge these two had and the patience they kept while I asked numerous amounts of questions. We finally decided to go with Invisalign so Tara, the fantastic dental assistant, scanned my teeth with this awesome camera and sent my treatment in that same day. I have been going back to Dr. Wong’s office for three months now and he has been very caring and understanding of all of my orthodontic needs. We set up a pretty reasonable payment plan during that first visit and it hasn’t put so much of a dent in my bank account. I love going back to see these wonderful people and would recommend them to any of my friends and family.

Ryan B. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


This place is incredible! This was my second round of orthodontia treatment. Once as a teen and again at 30 (should have worn that retainer). The team here is friendly, knowledgeable and sincere. I went the route of Invisalign along with Acceledent to accelerate the treatment. I started to see progress in just a couple months. Now I am near the end of my treatment and could not be happier. Dr. Wong and his team (including Chico) have been amazing! They listened to my concerns every step of the way. They were always on time, friendly and courteous. Thank you for going above and beyond every step of the way!

Donna Taylor (Source: Facebook)


They took my really snaggly teeth to almost straight (will be straight soon – only two or three months left in treatment). They’ve all been patient with me because they’ve all been there – they’ve all worn braced before. Dr. Wong took the time to design treatment for what MY teeth needed as well as based treatment schedules on my work hours, etc. Caring, compassionate, serious, but they have their fun side too. And they have the cutest office mascot, so….there’s that. These people really earned the 5 stars I am giving them. I so very highly recommend this orthodontist and his staff.

Diep N. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Wong, Trece, and Robyn are one of the nicest people I’ve met here in the US. I originally started my traditional braces treatment in another place and was left frustrated because the orthodontist closed his practice at the location I used to go. Last April, coming to Dr Wong’s office, I was calmed by Trece and Dr. Wong. They explained to me in details what my treatment plan will be, completely honest! They also work with my finance to find the best and cheapest plan for the treatment. Very affordable and excellent treatment as I can tell comparing with my previous orthodontist. I actually was looking forward to all of our adjustment appointments because here, you can easily find a sense of family and friends. Also referred my friend to the office and she absolutely loves it! Best decision ever! Plus I get to take off my braces earlier than planned which is a huge joy for me since I’m moving to another state. I will miss them all so much! Strongly recommended! P.S. Never wrote a review online for any services and this is my first time, that’s how pleased I am with Dr. Wong’s practice!

Liz S. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t say enough good things about this place! I went to Dr. Wong’s office to get a replacement retainer — I got my braces off eight years ago and wore my original retainer for a few months before throwing it in the back of a drawer. I pulled it out recently only to discover that it hardly fit, and decided it was time for a new one before my teeth shifted too much and I had to get braces again (scary!!!). I found Dr. Wong via Google, and went in for a free consultation, not quite sure what to expect. The whole staff was so friendly and nice, Dr. Wong was really knowledgeable and down-to-earth, and he fitted me for a new Invisalign retainer (at a very reasonable price, and much nicer than my old-school wire one) the same day. When it came to paying for the retainer, they were super accommodating and came up with a payment plan that worked for me. Overall, the experience was completely pleasant and hassle-free.

David B. from Grand Rapids, MI (Source: Yelp)


This doctor is a class act. I just moved to the city and found him by chance by looking up the nearest orthodontist. They got me in right away and once I found the place it was a great experience. First was the office, all new and very tastefully built. They have a great waiting area that I barely had a chance to enjoy because I was taken care o right away. Everything else there was on par. All the equipment is brand new and top notch. I nearly fell asleep in the chair as he checked out my teeth because it was so comfortable. Dr. Wong is really friendly and I felt he had a genuine interest in my life and everything I had to say. The rest of the staff rounded off the experience very nicely. Dr. Wong has made some great choices in staffing. Everyone there is warm and welcoming and go way beyond the normal small talk to great conversation. After leaving I feel as if I have made some actual friends and I feel it’s unfortunate that my work only required one visit. Speaking of the actual work, It is amazing. I had a very reputable orthodontist back in Michigan and the work Dr. Wong’s staff carried out was great and even more comfortable than previous things I’ve had done. Very gentle and professionally carried out. A pure delight! They even took X-rays for me and sent them to a dentist right by my house. Super helpful. This is the place to go if needing help in the Seattle area. I’d say its even worth the trip into town if living in the suburbs. They even have parking. Thanks Dr. Wong!

Ethel R. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I started my treatment with Dr. Wong over a year ago, and working with him has EASILY been the best healthcare experience I’ve ever had. Over a year ago, I was doing consultations all around town before I started treatment. I was told twice by other people that traditional braces would be the only way to go but as a 25 year old I wasn’t interested in going that route. It was immediately clear to me that Keith was the right doctor because he really listened to what I wanted, gave me the pros and cons of all my options, and also seemed like he was the most knowledgable on invisalign. Dr. Wong was also the only provider who didn’t mark up the price of invisalign versus traditional braces. The quote I got from him was several thousand less expensive than the quotes from the other orthodontists I had consults with. I love coming to his office (it’s beautiful! clean! bright! whoever designed it did a great job!). I love giving Chico (the part-time office dog) a pat whenever he’s around! I love how happy his staff are, it says a lot about the practice! I’m really grateful to the whole office and the great treatment I’ve had there. I wish all medical and dental practices were run as beautifully as this one.

Ben D. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


There comes a time in every man’s (or perhaps woman’s) life where he comes upon a mirror, and finds himself staring into oblivion. Particulates of light bounce here and there, undulating with a certain disordered purpose, the same that scientific and unscientific minds alike might call chaos. Here, these small waves and particles coalesce, turning themselves back on us, entering into our eyes with a gentle sort of knowing; a small nudge that points us to the deeper truth of our ephemeral nature. It’s here that we set the scene: Figure A, now played by yours truly, looks upon himself, and seeing the remnants of a husk wrought by three-and-twenty savage years of nature and man’s toiling, of both simple truth and artifice, begins to wonder. And wonder. A question — born of the same interplay of light and shadow — emerges. Is the figure, standing fore, me? Am I the manifestation of the experiences of my life, or is my life the manifestation of what I most desire to experience? To be fair, I have no idea. But I do know my teeth need to be fixed. They have this sort of snarling demeanor reminiscent of a love-child made between the late Dracula and Wolverine. Just the sort of smile that might be called “natural” by the same Grandmother that tells you the misshapen nodule — identified only by two nostrils crookedly clinging to the space between your eyes and mouth — “fits you,” or that “you’re getting too skinny” as you hungrily wolf down your tenth helping of hydrogenated, MSG-laden cheeseburger-helper lasagna. Thanks gram, but you’ve enabled me for too long! I’ve got to emancipate myself from your kindness, and solve my own problems! With Science! Scene II: Science in action! It was a warm day when I set my eyes upon the office of a Dr. Keith B. Wong. The summer sun nestled itself in the sky with the unconcerned disposition of a child learning to share. The air was thick with a sing-song love poem spoken on the lips of the salt-licked breeze, and quietly murmured to every living thing which now buoyed peaceably along, perhaps flustered by the revelation. There are two things to know as you enter Dr. Wong’s office: First, everyone that works there is pretty awesome. Secondly, and by extension, Dr. Wong is pretty awesome. Dr. Wong has a kindly disposition, layered atop a sort of mechanical, compulsive need to do good in the world. Though you will at times get an eerie sort of feeling. He often engages you in idle chatter that lures you into a false sense of security when suddenly the machinations of the birth and death of tens of millions of teeth-based universes suddenly absolve themselves of their secrets in his mind, and he finds the unifying truth of your transverse molars. Suddenly he begins talking about “quadrants” of teeth and how many “milimolecules” are between them. He’ll often also sense how lost you are and finish his sentence with a “my man” or “dog” so that you can shrug it off and retain your continence. “Sure thing, Dr. Wong, I agree the A12 quadrant of my bilateral incisors sure are subluxated by 5 picometers for sure!” You’ll say, for fear of him sensing your lack of expertise, and removing all of your teeth both suddenly and viscerally using telekinesis. Speaking of dogs, be sure to ask for Chico. Occasionally, while he’s prowling around the office, he’ll come up and sniff you, as if to say “Human. Your soul is now being purified by the collective dental knowledge of all mankind. Do not be alarmed. I am as your liaison and guide to the experience before and around you.” He usually then leaves when he decides you don’t have food. Once, I even went to Dr. Wong’s office on Halloween uncostumed, and left fully appareled in office paper printouts and clips. Considering my own Mother began refusing to dress me years ago, I see this as a solid sort of commitment to making the patient look their very best, which should be applauded not only by the medical community but the world at large. Oh, and my teeth are beginning to look awesome now, which brings us to the sum total of my thesis: Sometimes the right answer comes from doing it all Wong.

Sara H. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Our 7 year old son needed orthodontist work and I met with several in the area. Dr. Wong and his staff were by far the most caring and professional team I met. Our son broke his retainer and his staff fixed at no charge. We then lost the retainer and Dr. Wong put in brackets free of charge. Our son loves visiting his office – they provide a very comfortable environment for the patient/parents and are very thorough with the services provided. I would highly recommend Dr. Wong looking for an orthodontist in the Seattle area, he’s top notch.

Raedene Copeland (Source: Google)


Dr. Wong and his staff are an A class team. From the well-decorated, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and professional front-desk customer service, you knew you were at a place of standard. I was very nervous to get bracers as an adult. I have always toyed with the idea from young, but never took the plunge! So when I decided on Dr. Wong’s services, it was because the level of expertise of the staff/ technicians/doctor, the ease of transactions, the kindness of Dr. Wong and his staff, and the competitive pricing contributed to my decision to sign the contract. Now I believe that you may find cheaper and/or more expensive orthodontic services, however, I can almost guarantee that you will get the best ROI at Dr. Wong’s office. Dr. Wong himself is simply a delight. Talk about a kind, warm and loving man. No matter my fussing and impatience, he was always patient and continued to educate me on the process with grace. Honestly, while I am so happy my bracers are off, Lord knows, I will truly miss my monthly visits to a place where the staff have become pretty special to me. I promise, you won’t regret it! Save yourself the time and research investment and go to Dr. Keith B Wong’s office first.

Tuan Ha (Source: Google)


The rave reviews you see for this practice are well deserved and is an accurate representation of my 2.5 years under Dr. Wong. Dr. Wong and his team (which includes Chico the dog) are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable in your quest to the teeth and smile you desire. Each visit, I’ve felt welcomed, followed up by a wait time that feels non-existent. Dr. Wong throughout has been honest and realistic on what my teeth can do and can not do and would explain to me in simplest terms on each visit what changes are happening. As Dr. Wong works his magic on your teeth, be prepared to listen to his peaceful humming to the music playing overhead. My before and after photos are drastic and I’m glad I chose Dr. Wong and his team to go through this process with me. If you’re looking for an orthodontist, look no further!

Nancy C. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


We went to two other area orthodontists for our son before we found Dr. Wong. Their assessment and intervention recommendations were the same as Dr. Wong’s. But Dr. Wong’s personal approach, office, and staff seemed different. There was the obvious differences — no full-time salesperson; the office is lovely but not super glitsy. But more than the physical, Dr. Wong is both super relaxed and enthusiastic about orthodonture! We’re about 6 months into treatment and my son and I look forward to going for adjustments because we get to chat with Dr. Wong and his staff. Nothing has hurt my son, everything is clearly explained. The cost was somewhat less than what was quoted by the other offices we visited. One more thing — I brought my daughter to be assessed by the two other orthodontists and Dr. Wong. Dr. Wong’s assessment was different — the other orthodontists really pushed braces for her now, but Dr. Wong offered several paths — braces now or later when she’s a teenager, if she wants. I feel like he was being really honest about our options and not just selling.

Peter C. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I shopped around pretty hard when trying to find an orthodontist for my invisalign treatment. I am 30 years old and had some pretty poor orthodontic treatment done in my childhood. I had a preconceived notion of what orthodontists were like based on that childhood experience and when I started searching i found it to be pretty accurate…. I first tried another ortho in Madison valley but didn’t feel the vibe (and they wanted to charge me almost twice as much as Dr Wong quoted). I then tried another couple but got those same “this ortho is an elitist, shyster” feelings from when I was a kid. I then stumbled upon Dr Wong. I felt super comfortable immediately. His staff were awesome, very nice and diligent. They have changed a few staff since I first started treatment but the new staff are just as good as the originals. Dr Wong himself is a very humble, nice guy who was very attentive to me and the other clients and very talented and quick at his craft. If you are a bit unsure of what to do with your ortho situation or have had bad ortho experiences in the past like me, I would definitely recommend going to Dr Wong for an examination. You will definitely get an honest assessment and some amazing treatment of you decide to go with Dr Wong. Also his office/surgery is very nice and relaxing. Nice high windows that basically act as sky lights in a surburban neighborhood. Dedicated parking lot is very convenient. He also has his big lazy dog ‘chico’ at work which I thought was cool and hopefully gives a sense of the vibe! Invisalign If anyone is on the fence about invisalign or wants to hear more info about this technique, take it from me (someone who’s had both braces and now invisalign) invisalign is absolutely awesome!!! I had a pretty bad snaggle tooth that was pushed back and up on the bottom row. After just 5 weeks (honestly just 5 weeks) it was 95% back to normal. I was moving through trays once a week and using the acceledent ‘mouth vibrator’ and wearing the trays at least 22 hours a day so I think that sped things up for me. Point is though, these things work and work fast if you are prepared to be diligent. I then had them on for an additional 6 months to complete the treatment and have my teeth stay in alignment. But really I could take my trays out at any point from week 5 onwards and I had a pretty smashing smile! The invisaligns are pretty hard to see even when smiling with them in so I would def recommend. It does take about a week to get used to talking with them though. As a comparison I had my braces as a kid for almost 3 years….and they were painful and very visible. Nutshell…you rock Dr Wong and so does Mr invisalign whoever he may be!

Anonymous (Source: Zocdoc)


Just did my first free consultation for Invisalign with Dr. Wong and Amanda. Awesome experience! The first good impression was from their well designed website. I didn’t expect such good design and usability for health care and small business website. Once I got in their office, that design again went far beyond my expectation. It’s clean, bright and comfortable. Everyone there is cheery and absolutely helpful. Their cute dog Chiko(?) greets everyone enters the room and then walks away quietly like he doesn’t want to bother you too much. Most important, Dr. Wong and Amanda were very knowledgeable and thoughtful about details like work/home location and convenience, treatment time frame, different payment options, etc. Their price is very reasonable and and they offer discount sometimes. Anyway, I’d definitely recommend Dr. Wong.

Deanna Thomas (Source: Google)


Dr. Wong and his team are the best in the business, and we’ve been so happy to have the pleasure of working with them since Dr. Wong started his Capitol Hill practice. Now that he’s expanded, we’re looking forward to the lockdown being lifted so we can go back to work together. As his orthodontic lab, we appreciate how easy going Dr Wong is to work with, and how professional he and his team are with patients and other businesses in the community. You can go wrong with Dr. Wong!

Christine O. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


My daughter and I found Dr. Wong through word of mouth. He is new in Seattle, but had a very successful practice in Michigan, and came highly recommended to us. My daughter had braces for years, and neglected to wear her retainer during her college time, and her bite suffered. Thinking that she could go back to her original orthodontist if Dr. Wong didn’t work out, I made an appointment with Dr. Wong. From the first phone call, I could tell I liked his office staff, and after the first appointment, which was incredibly comprehensive- and free- both my daughter and I knew that Dr. Wong was the orthodontist to trust. He actually listened to my daughters concerns, spent as much time as she needed to understand why and how her teeth needed to change and presented her with viable options. She chose to go with the Invisalign. The staff is very caring, very welcoming, and fun. This is SO different from my daughters experience with her previous orthodontist. I wish Dr. Wong had been in Seattle then! For a young adult, Invisalign is a fantastic product, and Dr. Wong is very experienced with Invisalign. My daughter and I are delighted that his orthodontic practice is here in Seattle. And, by the way, parking is free, and plentiful!


Keith B. Wong, DDS, MS Specialist in Orthodontics has created thousands of beautiful smiles for children and adults, using Invisalign, traditional braces, clear braces, and combinations of these modalities to fit each patient's unique situation. Dr. Wong and staff are pleased to serve Seattle from their new Belltown office, as well as their Capitol Hill location. Dr. Wong feels that truly excellent care should be available at an accessible cost, with flexible financing options. We look forward to seeing you! Keith was born and raised in East Lansing, Michigan. After earning a BS with honors, in biology, and a DDS degree at the University of Michigan, he completed training as an orthodontist at Saint Louis University Medical Center. In 1989, he started a sucessful private orthodontic practice in Okemos, Michigan. Propelled by a passion to provide excellent service to his patients and the best orthodontic care possible, and through the combined efforts of a skilled and dedicated staff, Keith has created thousands of beautiful smiles for children and adults. Now, Keith is very pleased to offer his skill and caring to his chosen home of Seattle. Located in the heart of the neighborhood of Capitol Hill, Keith is excited to provide the highest level of quality care using Invisalign, traditional braces, and clear braces for adults and children. Hello. I am pleased to have this opportunity to provide an overview of my education, philosophy, and experience as an orthodontist, as well as a brief glimpse into my life outside of the practice. I have often been asked how one “ends up” as an orthodontist; occasionally by someone who is interested in the field, but most often by those who would have never considered orthodontics as a profession. In my case, the decision to become an orthodontist was made at the age of sixteen upon the realization that any future career would be in a field that involved children. I considered following in my mother’s footsteps, pursuing teaching as a profession, but orthodontics had special appeal: I had always loved working with small mechanical models and kits and had a natural artistic propensity. I was also aware that, of my high school peers, the children of orthodontists seemed to enjoy a happy and balanced home life. These factors fueled a determination to attend dental school and pursue post-doctorate studies in orthodontics. The first step was graduation from the Honors College of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. University of Michigan dental school immediately followed. Just prior to receiving the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, I learned that I had been accepted into the Master’s degree program in orthodontics at Saint Louis University’s Medical Center. The SLU orthodontic program was known nationally for excellence in clinical education and for its then chairman, Lysle E. Johnston, Jr., a leader in orthodontic education and research. “Dr. J” was academically rigorous and demanding, yet truly inspiring and a great friend. I remain grateful to him and continue to hold him as an inspiration to my work.