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Dr. John Kelley, DDS (Orthodontist)

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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:10 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:10 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Erika C. from Fort Worth, TX (Source: Yelp)


Was referred to Dr. Kelley by my dentist due to tons of shifting from crowns, etc. The entire staff is extremely professional and courteous and see great consistency among my visits, which are more frequent for orthodontia. Dr. Kelley and his staff are very patient with my many questions and concerns that comes with being an adult ortho patient. I still have some anxiety over the pricey investment choice I made in the hopes of keeping my teeth forever and they always makes me confident I made the right choice. A choice, that in the long run, will save so much more money…..and grief. After becoming a patient, I learned that Dr. Kelley also does a lot of pro bono work through his practice and glad to know I go to an orthodontist who give quite a bit back to his community.

Melodie Salazar (Source: Google)


I would not have even thought of going through my “life changing journey” without Dr. Kelley holding my hand. I did not get braces to win a beauty contest. I wanted a better quality of life. I was suffering from a breathing issues, a cross bite to loose teeth. I had a horrible time breathing at night and suffered with chronic upper respiratory infections . Also, having breathing treatments two to three times a year. Dr. Kelley knew what to do. He teamed up with a wonderful facial surgeon where they created a plan to help me. I was pretty scared knowing I was going to have major jaw surgery. This is where Dr. Kelley really played an important role. He held my hand and explained the entire process to me and held my hand through everything. After 3 years of braces and having major jaw surgery, I can honestly say, that I feel better than I have in a long time. No more medication, and no breathing treatments. Most of all, no more pain! My only regret was not meeting Dr. Kelley sooner!

Laura Wright Anderson (Source: Facebook)


Our family has been blessed to have Dr. Kelley as our orthodontist! He doesn’t throw one plan at all his patients- he truly takes the time to learn about each of them, and customizes a treatment plan that takes all their needs into account. And we have lots of different mouths in our house!! The staff are always kind and helpful. Team A highly recommends Kelley Orthodontics!

Paula H. from Waxahachie, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kelley and his entire staff are phenomenal. I’ve spent the last 18 months with them and they are 100% worth it. I cannot believe the smile I have today is because of Dr. Kelley’s attention to detail, and his genuine love for this work. I will forever recommend him to anyone, anywhere, at any time. You will not be disappointed.

Kim Wall (Source: Google)


My son started his braces journey a little over 2 years ago. He needed fairly extensive work, which meant many trips to Dr. Kelley’s office as well as trips to the oral surgeon, so we knew going in, his anxiety level was going to be off the chart. Knowing this, I believe our pediatric dentist, Dr. Jamison, matched us perfectly with Dr. Kelley and his amazing staff! After the initial appointment, my son was very comfortable going to Dr. Kelley’s office! During all this pandemic panic, the staff was amazing and worked hard to accommodate our schedule. Knowing that my sons braces were due to be removed (a bit earlier than scheduled) the staff worked hard to help us get to “the end game”, and his braces were removed yesterday! We are so very pleased with the results! Thank you Dr. Kelley and staff for an amazing experience and outcome! We will see you for round 2 with our youngest!

Katie Gregg (Source: Google)


I finished my braces adventure before moving to Fort Worth and needed someone local when my retainer broke. I’ve been to see Dr. Kelley twice now and am so impressed by the level of care of each member of his staff. This is truly a wonderful clinic. I wish I had more orthodontic needs so that I could go more often!

Rundles Create (Source: Google)


From the first moment that I walked into Kelley Orthodontics, I was treated with sincere loving kindness, the utmost respect and absolute professionalism from Dr. Kelley and his staff. I was given an assessment, a quote, and no pressure to make an immediate decision. But I walked out of his office, knowing that I would choose Dr. Kelley as my orthodontist. Throughout my entire journey being in braces, Dr. Kelley and his staff always were striving to make the experience pleasant, enjoyable, and even fun. My 4 year old loved getting to visit with me when I had appointments because they made it so fun and were super loving to her…always!! Complete communication was always welcomed with Dr. Kelley and his staff throughout the entire process to accommodate my needs and remain in sync towards the goal in mind. Total excellence in achieving the most beautiful and healthy smile was always the mutual goal. But more importantly, Dr. Kelley and his staff aspire to inspire others to love fully and live thankfully while they are creating the most beautiful and healthy smiles with excellence in all they do. They make you feel at home, comfortable and at peace in their office because they treat you like family. It was a wonderful experience and I now have a beautiful and healthy smile. My family and I have also made some wonderful new friends in Dr. Kelley, his wife, and the amazing ladies at Kelley Orthodontics. It has been a huge blessing to our whole family to have been led to Dr. Kelley.

Krista Sanders (Source: Google)


Kelly Orthodontics– very professional, super friendly and a great experience all the way around. Dr. Kelley and his staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and well taken care of. They run an efficient office in a timely manner. Dr. Kelley has such a kind demeanor so the kids feel very comfortable and enjoy each visit. I appreciate his heart for his community i.e. the Live Thankfully campaign that has fed hundreds of families. I love that he is involved in other charitable work that blesses families throughout our city. Definitely FIVE STAR!!!

Sonia Pearson Milano (Source: Facebook)


A GREAT Ortho place. Very friendly staff. They explained everything to me up front and I’ve never had a long wait for my kids’ appointments. They’ve received lots of recognition over the years, and I love that they give back to the community. I totally trust the staff and highly recommend them!

Andrea McDonald (Source: Google)


Kelley Orthodontics has been such a wonderful experience for us. I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Kelley didn’t immediately put braces on my son and wanted to wait and see how his teeth did over a course of a year. They are always kind and make my son feel comfortable as well as keep close to their appointment times. It’s been a great experience!

Adam Reppert (Source: Google)


I had a 16-year old lower retainer wire come loose and had no orthodontist in this area. Dr. Kelley fit me in quickly (a day after I called) and fixed my retainer quickly and with excellent attention to detail. I was very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of his staff, the cleanliness of the office, and most importantly, the way he addressed my problem with honest, high-quality care. I also felt the price for this office visit & retainer fix was very reasonable for something not covered by my insurance. I highly recommend Dr. Kelley to anyone seeking an orthodontist.

Itz M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


My daughter completed her 1st phase of braces and her teeth look so awesome!  She is quite proud to show her smile and to think it’s only the first phase.  Throughout our appointments, I found out on several occasions that I visited because my daughter “played” with her band which would then cause the bands to come off.  The staff were always so kind and patient throughout all the appointments while kindly reinforcing to my daughter how to take care of her bands.  I highly recommend Dr. Kelley and his staff!  They are warm, welcoming, kind and patient while keeping you well informed throughout the process.

Kara K. from Fort Worth, TX (Source: Yelp)


Very friendly staff and reception. Office is clean and bright with a very positive atmosphere. Dr Kelley is very knowledgeable and makes my daughter feel comfortable and at ease during appointments. They are not quick to rush to premature treatment as they are vigilantly waiting until the appropriate time to place braces. We look forward to our orthodontic journey at this practice.

Jodi Lienhart Daniel (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Kelley is so personable and caring towards his patients, going the extra step in making sure that everyone is treated with the highest quality of care!!! I don’t think I could ever thank Dr. Kelley enough for his generosity and love he and his amazing staff have shown our family. Dr. Kelley, thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus! You demonstrate our family verse so well which is 1 Peter 4:10.

Keli Manz (Source: Google)


We were so blessed to be able to work with Kelley Orthodontics and Dr. Kelley. Not to mention his awesome staff! My oldest son started and completed his braces journey there and we would have kept seeing them for our other children but we moved out of the area. We will never find such a great place no matter how hard we look! My son’s teeth look perfect and everyone was so friendly every time we came in. We got to know everyone and enjoyed coming to visit. My son was never scared of coming in and looked forward to his time with Dr. Kelley and the staff. I would give 10 stars if I could! If you have any doubts about where you want to go, go here!

Marty H. from Fort Worth, TX (Source: Yelp)


How good is Dr. Kelley and his office? Well to start with.. need MORE STARS.  Our son was born early, and has a speech delay and is LD. Also he can be VERY tactile (oh and his father went through a childhood of DDS related unpleasantness…) so when it was obvious he would need braces SOONER as in NOW, rather than later, I was VERY concerned. Luckily we have a VERY good DDS (Tanya Fuqua)and I guess good people stick together bc she recommended Dr. Kelley. We are so happy she did. He, AND his techs, AND his front office people have gone above and beyond the call.  He and his staff have accommodated every need we have had, and have been nothing but kind , compassionate, patient with our son.  Within a few sessions our son acted like he had known these people forever and his level of comfort and confidence was to say the least surprising. The first few visits one of us was with him for encouragement.. but now checks in and goes to the back on his own.. and we love it!  We are welcome in the back at all times and he will call us back if anything needs explained.

Kendra Franklin (Source: Google)


Great thanks to Dr Kelly and staff for all that they do. I have noticed the confidence that my son now has, knowing that at the end of this journey he will have a great smile. From the moment we walled in to the end of the visits we are welcomed with smiles, and encouragement. Dr. Kelly has allowed me as a single parent to be able to afford my son that great smile and confidence he deserves. Thanks You Kendra

Sarah Nader (Source: Google)


Dr. Kelley and his staff are so welcoming and knowledgeable. We are so happy with the work that has been done on our daughter’s teeth. We let her select her orthodontist and after visits to a few, she chose Dr. Kelley. She was anxious about getting braces, but now she enjoys going to the office for her visits and is completely comfortable. Everyone does a great job explaining to her, and to me, what will be done at each visit. The wait time is short, the staff is so kind and Dr. Kelley is the best!

Silvia Angel (Source: Facebook)


Staff really friendly, great place, great with kids, explains everything you need to know. I went to other places but this one the best so plz visit stop by and look and ask questions. Always my number one place to let people know how great it is awesome. My daughter loves it.

Amy Burgess (Source: Google)


They have the kindest, most professional customer service – right up there with a 5-star resort or restaurant. From the check-in kiosk that the kids love to use, to the cards that allow kids to earn points and the email reminders of appointments, they’ve thought of everything. Braces aren’t really fun, but they make the kids think they are, or at least aren’t so bad! We love Dr Kelley and his staff!