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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Howard B. from Dietz Farms, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient since 2018. This office is highly professional and friendly. Recently, during a routine visit, the hygienist found evidence of an infection. I had zero symptoms and did not take this seriously. Dr. LoPour gently but firmly directed me to a periodontist. In fact, they made the referral appointment for the next day. I went reluctantly but learned how serious my condition was and agreed to the subsequent treatment. I now know that discovery of this condition and referring me for intervention quite frankly saved my life. I am forever indebted to Dr. LoPour and his staff. They set the gold standard for dentistry. In my 66 years, I have never had dental care this good. Thank you LoPour.

Leigha Irvin (Source: Google)


Dr. LoPour, his staff, and his facility are the BEST in town, hands down! If you are afraid of dentists, dental work, anesthesia shots, or mouth pain at all, you will no longer be afraid after experiencing a visit here. If anyone is afraid of all of that, it was me. WAS. I’m proud to say my fear is gone. At the age of 9, I got extremely sick with a high fever for 3 days. The result was poorly developed teeth and enamel, making me prone to cavities and worse. By the age of 12, I was already receiving root canals all over, surgeries, and other dental work that was never comfortable and the most painful experiences of my life. I’ve lived with fear of dental work and “psycho dentists” ever since. I wouldn’t even sign up for a cleaning because my fear was so high. I have had a silver crown noticeable in my smile since I was 12 (22 years!!) because I would rather be self conscious of my smile than to have a voluntary panic attack in a dentist’s chair. NOT ANYMORE! Dr. LoPour and his staff have put me at ease and made me so comfortable that I have happily visited his office more times in one year than other dentists in the last 10 years combined. If I listed every reason why I am satisfied, this would be a very long review. So just take my word for it! So if you’re holding off dental work because of fear, or even if you think your current dentist is ripping you off with an unnecessary dental plan (also a positive experience here), I guarantee you that you will get the best of the best here. Thank you Dr. LoPour, Michelle, Shelly, Marissa, and everyone else who has made my experience here wonderful. You guys are the BEST!!

Andrea Corvin (Source: Facebook)


Um…can I give 10 stars?! Allow me to elaborate… As I pulled into the lot for my first visit with LoPour & Associates I felt the familiar uneasiness I’d adopted from an early age due to negative experiences at the dentist over the years. I had allowed my dental health to deteriorate over a period of time as a young adult because of this anxiety and soon found myself in immediate need of dental care. All my worries and shame associated with poor oral hygiene began to melt away as I was warmly greeted by administrative staff and dental assistants upon entry. Dr. LoPour patiently explained my issues and subsequent treatment plan without judgement or reproach. Throughout my appointment both Dr. LoPour and his staff were extremely attentive, efficient, and gentle. Fast forward about ten years later and not only is my dental health back on track but I’ve unexpectedly developed a trusting, invaluable professional relationship with Dr. LoPour, Paige LoPour, and all the lovely staff! I can always count on an hour or so of excellent dental care, giggles, reading/Netflix suggestions, and catching up. Thank you, all, for treating me like a V.I.P. since day one. Your care and perceptive kindness are noticed and most appreciated!

Matt B. from Albuquerque, NM (Source: Yelp)


Very impressed! I’ve been a dentist enough times to count on one hand so my dental health isn’t spectacular. I decided to try this office based on extensive research (including Yelp reviews!). The office is beautiful, everyone was extremely friendly and willing to answer any questions. My cleaning was fantastic, it’s been 4 years since my last so I was fully-prepared to leave in pain but the hygienist was very good and kept the lecture to a minimum 🙂 I can’t see any reason Dr. LoPour’s office hasn’t found a long-time customer in me and this time, I’ll be in more regularly.

Nathan Espinoza (Source: Google)


I am honored and blessed to know Dr. LoPour. I know him as my doctor, as an advocate, and as a friend. Every time I visit his office, his professionalism and expertise is beyond comparison. I also have the blessing of knowing him outside of his office. Every year, he and his wife dedicate their time and attention to Longfellow’s elementary students. They graciously volunteer at our Science Fair as judges and at our annual talent show. Neither events would be the same without them. I’ve learned so much from him and I look forward to all future experiences.

Michelle Fass (Source: Google)


Dr. LoPour doesn’t just take care of your teeth, he invests in your overall health. I have been in the dental field for a long time, I have never known a dentist that cares about your health as much as Dr. LoPour and his staff do. I have not had a good nights sleep in over a year. Sleeping an average of three to four hours was a normal night. I woke up with headaches almost daily and was having a hard time losing that last pesky few pounds. My husband said i tossed and turned all night. I was also living on 5 hour energy drinks. Turns out i have OSA, Obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Lopour took a CBCT scan of my airway, the scan showed i have a very narrow airway. When laying down at night the airway thins more, then your jaw and toungue fall towards the back of your airway blocking oxygen getting in. I chose to have an Optisleep device made by Dr. LoPour. It was an easy process, no impressions with the usual material they put in your mouth. Its all digital with a quick turn around. Its small like a nightguard but keeps your airway open and is easy to sleep with it in. It took 7 days to get my Optisleep appliance. I have had it for about week now and I am sleeping mostly through the night and so is my husband . What a lot of people don’t know is that your body is burning almost the same amount of energy as being at the gym while you are sleeping, it’s working hard to get oxygen into you. This is why you never have a peaceful nights sleep and wake up feeling tired. It also is a contributor to my high blood pressure. I see my dentist more than i see my primary doctor, so he was able to see the signs of my sleep apnea. I highly recommend Dr. LoPour and his staff. He invests in the highest quality and latest technology. He also has a staff that is well trained and can utilize the tools he provides for them. I am so thankful for trusting them with my overall health. Thank you to Dr. LoPour and his staff!

Debi S. from Plymouth, MI (Source: Yelp)


I was visiting NM and had a dental emergency. Dr LaPour’s staff got me into see him immediately. When I arrived I was greeted in a professional manner and the high level of service did not stop from there. His staff was exceptional. They worked with him to triage my problem and resolved it in a quick manner. Everything was discussed openly and responsibly, no hidden costs or fees. If I were to stay in Albuquerque, I would definitely become a regular patient in this practice. This is a highly professional dental practice that provides excellent services.

Kelli Cooper (Source: Google)


I’ve been seeing Dr. LoPour for 20 years and have had extensive dental work. I have always had top care from him and all of his team. It’s really nice to be treated with state-of-the-art equipment, friendly faces and in a beautiful space. I go early for a slice of warm bread and a cup of tea! Thank you for your professionalism and quality care.

Erica Shelton (Source: Google)


I highly recommend LoPour Dentistry! Every single person I have interacted with has blown me away with their professionalism and kindness. Ive never looked forward to going to the dentist tell I joined the LoPour group! They should be awarded best in customer service! When was the last time you were blown away with how amazing every person you interacted with in a business? My teeth look amazing and feel great! I wish I knew before how much faster, and easier it was going with a new dentist! I’m so glad I did! Couldn’t be happier! Give them a try, you’ll never look back!

Gina M Salazar (Source: Facebook)


These guy’s are awesome! I brought my elderly Aunt here and they were so welcoming and sweet. From the moment we walked in till the time that we left. Dr LoPour and staff should be an example to all other medical facilities on excellence and quality. You treat your patient’s and their families with much respect and that’s important now a day’s.

Michael D. from Albuquerque, NM (Source: Yelp)


Dr LoPour and staff are awesome! Everyone was friendly, professional and thorough. I was able to see up front the dental work that needed to be done and why. I don’t have dental insurance and was still pleased with how they were able to work with us.The Hygienist was also very efficient and thorough. So glad we found them after our move here.

Kris Knight (Source: Google)


I luckily found Dr. LoPour in my veneers research. I had expected at least six before my consultation appointment. After an eye to eye conversation about my smile goal, Dr. LoPour took a look at my teeth. Within less than a minute, he walked me through, with a mirror in my hand, what would actually be minimally necessary to achieve my cosmetic goal. And it wasn’t six but actually just one veneer. Dr. LoPour was also very consultative in general care of my teeth and gums. Turns out I had been getting subpar cleaning treatments. And after a routine cleaning visit, I see how this practice leverages technology for optimal treatment. I haven’t had that in any dental office here or in other cities. After a veneer procedure and routine cleaning visit, I am so incredibly happy with my smile now. I’m still amazed it’s mine. On top of all this, the customer service is top notch. This office is dialed with their patient workflow. I’ve hardly had a wait before getting back into a chair. And their financial information sharing and insurance coverage process is precise and transparent, something hard to come by in today’s US healthcare system. When I receive care from a team this friendly, supportive, and encouraging, I think of their office culture and how that must have been created by them for their patients. It’s tough to do and this office nails it. In close, I highly recommend Dr. LoPour for veneer work and routine dentistry. I have switched to his practice for good.

Tom G. from Albuquerque, NM (Source: Yelp)


Dr LoPour and his staff are outstanding! For the past six years, LoPour and Associates has been providing my family with the best dental care I’ve ever experienced. I came to Dr LoPour with a terrible fear of dental treatment and a mouth FULL of problems that I had only started to tackle with my previous dentist. Dr LoPour and his staff have patiently, kindly and (most of all) expertly brought my teeth and gums to the healthiest place they have been in my adult life. I read the negative reviews about billing and customer service and I have to say, my experience with LoPour and Associates is totally the opposite of those reports!! I moved over with Dr Montgomery also and the staff at LoPour and Assoc. has ALWAYS been thorough and professional in their billing practices and gracious in their interactions with me. They worked with us for years, getting me through my extensive dental needs in a way that our family could afford and that maximized our use of insurance coverage. I can’t recommend this practice highly enough. Truly outstanding dental care from wonderful people!

Maya Land (Source: Google)


I have been going to LoPour’s office for almost 5 years now, and I so lucky to have such a wonderful dentists office. From the kind and flexible receptionists, to the highly skilled and professional assistants, the staff are incredible. Dr. LoPour himself carries the same kindness and has even been nationally recognized for his excellence in dentistry. If you’re looking for a talented denstist with an outstanding staff, his office is the place to be!

Stacy Rutt (Source: Google)


I just left Dr Lopour’s office feeling very happy and good about myself and my whole experience. It was the first really good experience I’ve had at a dentists office. Brandy was my Dental Hygentist and she was amazing. She was very good at her job and explained everything. Dr Lopour explained everything and was very patient and professional. Michelle helped me sort through all of the insurance details. I can’t give enough praise about all of the staff at Dr Lopour’s office. . What an awesome team. Thank You

Tina Bagon (Source: Facebook)


One of the absolute best experiences. I can be a little fearful when having dental procedures done. Dr. LoPour made sure I got the best care possible and every member of their staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. My new smile is amazing. I wouldn’t recommend any other Dentist office than LaPour & Associates! So grateful and Thankful Sincerely, Tina Bagon

Kris K. from Albuquerque, NM (Source: Yelp)


I luckily found Dr. LoPour in my veneers research. I had expected at least six before my consultation appointment. After an eye to eye conversation about my smile goal, Dr. LoPour took a look at my teeth. Within less than a minute, he walked me through, with a mirror in my hand, what would actually be minimally necessary to achieve my cosmetic goal. And it wasn’t six but actually just one veneer. Dr. LoPour was also very consultative in general care of my teeth and gums. Turns out I had been getting subpar cleaning treatments. And after a routine cleaning visit, I see how this practice leverages technology for optimal treatment. I haven’t had that in any dental office here or in other cities. After a veneer procedure and routine cleaning visit, I am so incredibly happy with my smile now. I’m still amazed it’s mine. On top of all this, the customer service is top notch. This office is dialed with their patient workflow. I’ve hardly had a wait before getting back into a chair. And their financial information sharing and insurance coverage process is precise and transparent, something hard to come by in today’s US healthcare system. When I receive care from a team this friendly, supportive, and encouraging, I think of their office culture and how that must have been created by them for their patients. It’s tough to do and this office nails it. In close, I highly recommend Dr. LoPour for veneer work and routine dentistry. I have switched to his practice for good.

Cristina Gonzales (Source: Google)


When I moved to Albuquerque, NM, nineteen years ago, I asked people to recommended an excellent and gentle dentist. As new as Dr. Greg Lo Pour was to his profession, his name came up several times. Dr. Greg Lo Pour is the most professional dentist I have ever seen. His mannerisms is caring, gentle, kind and a lighthearted dentist who gives you the best individual care you need by every sense of the word. He also makes sure his staff is educated, kind, knowledgeable to assist you in your needs. I have had several different issues like grinding my teeth, chipping my teeth, crowns, receding gums, cavities etc. Never have I felt any pain while they took care of my oral problems and hygiene. Dr. Lo Pour educated me so I could take care of my teeth for a life time. They work in unity as a team and I can say after all these years they are the best!! I recommend Dr. Greg Lo Pour and his staff to everyone!! Thank you all for your professionalism and the loving care you give your patients!!

Alex Wilson (Source: Google)


To say I have dental phobia would be putting it mildly, Dr. LoPour, Michelle, Shelly, and the entire staff were wonderful. They all took their time explaining everything, walked me through the entire process and made me feel comfortable. I am a ER nurse and I always try and walk my patients through everything that is happening to try and alleviate fears and concerns, this staff did the same for me. The cleaning is always the worst for me, Shelly really did an amazing job. Thank you everyone, and thank you Dr. LoPour for being a first class dentist that understands the complexities of anxious patients and understanding that not everyone fits the same mold, you and your staff are wonderful.

Gary G. from Albuquerque, NM (Source: Yelp)


Fantastic location, fantastic service, fantastic hygienists, fantastic dentist! Our family of four has been patients for many years. Our children started when they were young teens and worked there way through braces with Dr. LoPour keeping watch as their dentist. It is just a first class office all around with the most modern equipment and techniques. We always appreciate how they keep appointments running on time. They coordinate well with our dental insurance and keep the hassle of all of that to a bare minimum. Dr. LoPour has also been first rate with a few “non-typical” dental problems that show the breadth of his experience. I have referred friends to this practice and have always received thanks for telling them about Dr. LoPour and his staff.

Morgan Benavidez (Source: Google)


Dr.LoPour & Assoc.Smiles By Design, has been our family dentist for many years. His staff is incredibly welcoming and kind, the girls have the most positive attitudes and you can tell they are really happy and absolutely love what they do. In addition to cleanings, I have also received cosmetic work and am very happy with the outcome. My son, who is 4 and had anxiety going to the dentist after a previous bad experience with another dentistry (we will never go anywhere else again) he loves going because he is also welcomed and treated with love and care when he comes for cleanings. If you are looking for a dentist that literally does it all and shows the upmost respect and kindness. Dr.Greg LoPour is your guy and his practice is fully devoted to treating their clients like family!

Mark Mellone (Source: Facebook)


Kudos to DR. LoPour and his staff I went in for a routine cleaning and my hygienist Shelly took my blood pressure. What an eye opener my readings were in the stratosphere. She rechecked the readings first on my right wrist then my left, then my upper arm to confirm. I was in the “stroke zone” I know this because I have had problems in the past including 2 previous strokes. The extra care given and the concern expressed were invaluable. I am happy to report that with a medication adjustment and a little therapy I was able to rapidly bring things under control avoiding what could have been a disaster. I feel that the quality of the care I received was instrumental to making sure I would be around for my next cleaning. I am not a satisfied customer, I am a grateful customer. Thank You Thank You Thank You. Sincerely, Mark Mellone

Brandy snyder (Source: Google)


I can not say enough wonderful things about this man or his staff. I am on vacation and had a tooth emergency. I went to a dentist who caused me more pain and suffering instead of fixing the issue. I was able to get into Dr. LoPour’s office ad he helped me find a resolution for my tooth emergency. Him and his staff went above and beyond to help me (a complete stranger). I can not thank him or his staff enough. They truly care about people and love what they do. Thank you all again!!

Laura Pancoast (Source: Google)


I was recommended to see Dr. LoPour since I am not from the Albuquerque area, and I couldn’t have asked for a better dental experience than what I received/continue to receive with Dr. LoPour and his staff. I needed some major dental work done this past fall (root canal on a front tooth), and Dr. LoPour and his staff made me feel comfortable, informed about the procedure, and helped me work out a payment plan with them that worked for me. Outside of a major procedure, the cleanings and routine checkups that I’ve had with them have also been outstanding and extremely comfortable. The atmosphere of the office is warm and inviting, as well as a high-level of care with the most recent equipment available. I appreciated greatly how much every member of the staff was able to help me – regardless of whether I had previously met/worked with them or not. I’m not sure what the other reviewers are talking about in terms of poor customer service, because that is never what I or any other patients that I know have experienced – LoPour and Associates takes the time to make sure each of their patients is comfortable, are informed about what is going to happen, and are overall simply amazing at what they do. I have never had such a positive dental experience before, and I am proud to say that I am a regular patient and will continue to be as long as I am in the Albuquerque area!

Phil C. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


As a child I had an accident playing football that really damaged my front teeth. I lived for years with teeth that were unattractive. I did not feel that I had an issue with them, I just knew they were not very attractive. I was speaking with my dad about a desire to take a temporary assignment in Washington DC; he looked at me and told me that to be taken seriuously there I would need to fix my teeth – I brushed him off. When I began going to Dr. LoPour for general dentistry, he told me that he could restore my teeth; better than ever. However, I had lived with them for so long and had become so used to them I felt it would be a waste of money. Dr. LoPour continued to explain the procedures over the course of time. Never pressuring just professionally exploring the options with me. I finally decided to commit to the change. The procedure took several days, fixing six teeth does take time. While I am not skittish about pain or dentistry in general, the amount of work was a little disconcerting. The staff, made sure I was comfortable and aware of each of the actions they were taking and Dr. LoPour was as gentle a dentist I had ever experienced in my life. After the first session, I had temporary teeth in place. Unfortunately during the weekend, I began to have severe pain in one of the teeth that had been originally damaged as a child. I contacted Dr. LoPour, who arranged for pain killers with strict instructions for maintaining contact. I slept most of the weekend with Dr. LoPour repeatedly calling my wife to check on my situation. When it became apparent that I was not getting worse, he cleared his calendar and addressed the issue first thing Monday morning. The remainder of the visits were uneventful. After receiving my final teeth, I slowly began to understand the enormity of the change. People commented on my appearance asking if I had lost weight, changed my hair or just stating I looked different. I went from barely smiling and talking behind my hand to being comfortable with my new teeth. I had not even known I had been hiding my teeth all my life. Luckily, Dr. LoPour is younger than me so I look forward to having him as my dentist for the rest of my life. His work ethic and skill is phenomenal. His staff is the best and I have always felt that they have my best interest in mind. I have recommended him to several colleagues and have always received good reports. I now am fully comfortable with my smile and my teeth! Oh, and by the way my wife and I are really enjoying our nation’s capital!

Loretta D. from Albuquerque, NM (Source: Yelp)


Began my new journey with Dr. LoPour and his staff today! I’ve never experienced such a welcoming and genuine attentiveness to my needs as I did at this unique place! I know this sounds cliche, but they seem to really care about me as a person! And they really seem to care about each other as professionals and people! From the please and thank you’s, to the “you are most welcome” and “it was my pleasure” and even “I didn’t mean to sound like I was rushing you!” (and this was from staff to staff!), it was truly a pleasure to be there! The office was gorgeous, but I didn’t feel like “I was paying for it” because you see, I don’t have insurance. They went out of their way to make it affordable for me and make sure I got the best preventative dental care!

Amber Jordan Hendren (Source: Google)


Dr. Lopour and his entire staff are the most professional and excellent office I have ever experienced, and that is why I bring myself and my 9 year old son to him his entire life. Dr. Greg is committed in every single way to the comfort of care he gives, and the attention to every detail in the office is second to none! I give Dr. Greg my highest recommendation! I am so grateful for his services because I had a traumatic experience with my prior dentist in my late twenties, and hadn’t been to a dentist for 8 years. I went to Dr. Greg because I heard he was committed to gentle dentistry. After so many years between dental visits, Dr. Greg and his staff discovered that had 8 cavities. It was a hard blow to hear, I wanted to crawl into a hole. But Dr. Greg gave me the best care, took my insurance, worked around my schedule, and fixed my smile, WITHOUT PAIN! It has been smooth sailing ever since. I go in without any fear or anxiety to get my teeth checked. My son really actually loves going to the dentist and has had cavities filled very gently and painlessly. Andreas loves his dentist and all of the amazing staff who go above and beyond for both of us. If you are looking for a dentist, you should give Dr. Greg LoPour and his staff a call!! It’s your smile, after all!

Patti K. from Nor Este, Albuquerque, NM (Source: Yelp)


New to ABQ and referred here by a friend – a “wow” from the very beginning! I am in healthcare so have extremely high expectations when I go to any provider. First, the staff are genuinely kind and courteous and obviously enjoy their jobs. Second, when you meet Dr LoPour he gets to know you before doing anything. It’s obvious the kindness and professionalism start with him and he sets the example for his staff. The office is spotless and they follow appropriate protocols for safety. Lastly, when I went back the second time to have some work done and a temporary cap put in place, I expected to be uncomfortable when the anesthetic wore off and to have jaw pain the next day. Very little discomfort and no soreness- a first for me after dental work! I would strongly recommend Dr LoPour to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Jennifer Averill (Source: Google)


It is my pleasure to write a review for the outstanding dental office where I receive my care: Smiles by Design, owned and operated by Dr. Greg LaPour. From the moment one enters the office, s/he is immediately engulfed in warm greetings, an efficient check-in, an offering of water, coffee and/or warm bread, and invited to ask any questions. The dental care itself is first rate, starting with Dr. LaPour, his stellar hygienist Shelly, all dental assistants I have ever met, and the professional, courteous, helpful and supportive people behind the desk. As a retied nurse and associate professor, I am a discerning customer-client, yet I have nothing but praise for the expertise, efficiency, collaborative style of operations, and follow-up in real time and for future visits at this office. As a client, i know I am in excellent hands, regardless of whether it is for a cleaning, x-rays, or a more involved dental procedure. There is also a spirit of teamwork among all who work there, and I received incredible support and encouragement from the entire staff during a recent family loss. I believe that the sense of caring, on-time operations, business and professional ethics, and simple appreciation for people are truly exemplary at this dental practice. While all staff members do an incredible job, I think Dr. LaPour deserves special kudos for shepherding this office through its work in a humane, empathetic, efficient and client-friendly manner. I highly recommend Smiles by Design!

Daniela Bouneou (Source: Google)


If a dental office would be rated as a restaurant this would be a world class fine dinning! Service and attention to detail at Smile by design is equal to none. It’s by far the more comfortable dental office I ever been to, staff and hygienists are always very good and Dr Lopour always know what I need and do it well, I had extensive work done by him such as several veneers and I do all my cleaning there too. I never was disappointed.

Debbie Bretsch (Source: Google)


I have friends and family who have used Dr LoPour for a variety of dental needs over the years. Everyone talked about what professional care and kindness he always shows. I arranged a trip to Albuquerque from out of town because of his reputation. The quality of care I received from Dr LoPour and his staff were amazing! He walked me through the process step by step and made me feel comfortable about what he was doing. I could not be happier with how my teeth look and feel!! I am now proud of my smile because of Dr LoPour!

Cael C. from Alamedan Valley, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM (Source: Yelp)


Everyone in my family has been seeing Dr LoPour for more than 10 years now. His reception staff, dental assistants, and back office are all so professional. It always surprises me when I go for cleanings every 6 months … because they are so much more cordial and professional than any other dental or medical office I’ve ever been to! My appointments are always on time within a few minutes of schedule. They have a really great appointment reminder system where they text you and you can even answer the texts … the texts come from a human, not a computer system. The staff and Dr LoPour never hesitates to accommodate me and my questions. I can’t recommend this local, family owned and operated small business more highly. I’m always so please with the care and treatment I receive. Dr LoPour really knows his stuff, and he explains things clearly in a manner I can understand. I had not seen a dentist in over 20 years before starting to see DrLopour. Needless to say, my teeth were a mess and now they are perfect! Bottom line, I always enjoy my experience and appreciate how thorough the cleanings and treatments are. Never in my life had I been happy going to a dentist … thank you Dr LoPour for changing my attitude and taking care of me!

Doreen Lowery (Source: Facebook)


The staff is second to none! Dr. LoPour along with his wife, instill and train their staff to provide excellent customer service. So many people hate going to the dentist; my experience with Dr. LoPour and his staff has been quite the opposite. Why suffer! Not only does the staff make you comfortable–they listen to your concerns and fears and help alleviate any anxiety you may have. It’s crazy and amazing! They offer of you a choice of music or watching a bit of television right their in your chair. This is just a side note because the big news is that he is hands down EXCELLENT and so is the staff. He is doing a great job of undoing a lot of damage done by other dentists (no offense, but its true). Try him, you won’t be sorry and it’ll change your mind about going to the dentist!

Dawn Pereira (Source: Google)


Dr. LoPour and his staff deliver outstanding customer service at every level! From the sweetest receptionist/billing ladies at the front desk to the very knowledgeable, wonderful assistants (Michelle and Laura) working hand in hand with Dr. LoPour, I had an a great cosmetic dentistry experience. Following is a short synopsis of my story. I had been a road warrior working throughout southeast NM (and had not seen Dr. LoPour for approximately 4-5 years). My job transferred me to Colorado last spring. While working in CO, my teeth started to bother me due to the fact that I am a heavy grinder. I went to see a local dentist and he told me I needed a full mouth restoration to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars! I was shocked, and after considering what I needed to do, I contacted Dr. LoPour. He called me one evening after work and we discussed what I had been told and what my options were. I flew to ABQ for an initial assessment where Dr. LoPour took the time to explain and answer all my questions. Three appointments later (which included 3 crowns and 6 veneers) I absolutely LOVE my new teeth! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Dr. LoPour and Staff…you’re simply the best!

Anthony B. from Albuquerque, NM (Source: Yelp)


A friend recommended Dr. LoPour and I am glad I took there advice. I needed a lot of work done and every time I have gone in has been a great experience. I am greeted with a warm welcome and the team is very professional. The atmosphere is spa like, you even get a hot towel at the end of every visit. I highly recommend Dr. LoPour and his team.