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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Joy B. from Reynoldsburg, OH (Source: Yelp)


Lovely staff and facility.  Dr. Levy is truly an expert in dentistry with a deep history and knowledge that goes well beyond just teeth.  I came in to deal with a long-standing TMD and tooth-grinding issue that has also given me perpetually blocked ears.  My otolaryngologist recommended Dr. Levy as someone “who really knows what he’s doing.”  I agree.  Jaw pain is gone, the constant ear blockage trouble has abated except when I have a cold or seasonal allergies.  I love the device they created for me when I know I’ll be clenching my jaws (sleep sometimes, traffic).  It was worth it to drive from the east side to Hilliard.

Linda An (Source: Google)


I visited this dentist for the first time yesterday…The dentist and the staff answered all my many questions and explained thoroughly about all procedures having to do with options for sleep apnea correction. The dentist and staff were so very nice and welcoming. I would absolutely recommend this dentist office to others. Linda An

Teresa Modecki (Source: Facebook)


Everyone was pleasant and efficient. I felt like all of my concerns were addressed and questions answered. Both the technician and Dr. Levy were patient, knowledgeable, and helped me to feel more relaxed instead of stressed about “acquiring” another doctor. I have several chronic health issues and lately the sheer volume of information and organization I have to deal with has become overwhelming.

Linda D. from Columbus, OH (Source: Yelp)


I was a patient of Dr. Levy when he was at Stoneridge.  I was so disappointed that he left but when a crown fell out and he was able to fix it the same day and I discovered he had a hygienist I am now changing back to him.  He is definitely concerned abut his patients and has an uplifting attitude.  The whole office staff is fabulous and I can’t wait until my first cleaning.

Anita Cain (Source: Google)


From my first telephone contact I have been treated very well. Every point of contact has been positive and informative. Dr. Levy explained things in great detail and asked if I had any questions at several points during my consultation. It typically takes me several visits to warm up to a dentist. I’m pleased to say that wasn’t the case. I would very highly recommend this practice.

Anna R. from Columbus, OH (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Levy has been my dentist for a couple of years & the experience has always been top notch. I was loath to find a new dentist after moving from New York & a dentist I loved. I’m so happy to have landed in Dr. Levy’s office! His staff is wonderful & very welcoming. Recently he responded within a few hours to a dental emergency on a Saturday. It was very much appreciated 🙂

Michelle J. from Easton, Columbus, OH (Source: Yelp)


My son has dealt with stains on his front teeth for a decade and he wouldn’t smile, countless trips to the dentist stating there was nothing they could do. ONE trip to Dr Levy and I cried and thanked every1 for helping us. I don’t do reviews, and I had to research myself for an awesome dentist. Simply the BEST!!

Scott Stevenson (Source: Google)


My first visit was great. I was very impressed on many levels. Dr. Levy is clearly a leader and expert in his field. All staff were upbeat, efficient, professional and fun. Completed forms online before I arrived to speed up the process. Everyone understood how my insurance company works and informed me about their approval timelines. Their technology blew me away!!! They realized it was my birthday and everyone went out of their way to be so sweet. You have a client for life already. I look forward to my next visit.

Julie Hackett (Source: Google)


Everyone is so nice. I really feel you get personal attention. It’s been awhile since I have been to a dentist and feel so lucky to have found Dr. Levy. He and his associates have been a godsend. Got my new dentures today. I haven’t wanted to smile for a long time and now don’t want to stop. Dr. Levy is a wonderful magician and his staff if excellent!

Brad Biggs (Source: Google)


I have been using a CPAP for over 20 years and just can not take it anymore. I heard about Dr. Levy from a radio friend and he was right on. Dr. Levy is highly skilled and has an exceptional staff. He said that it might take a while for the appliance to be affective however I slept very good the first night it was applied. Thanks Dr. Levy.

Anita Cain (Source: Google)


Every encounter with Dr. Levy and his staff is a joy. I had quite a few lab related issues with my oral appliance, and they have fought tooth and nail to get them resolved so that I can experience some semblance of normalcy in my sleep routine. I don’t even mind the drive to Hilliard because of the way I’m treated, and my time is always respected.

Jennifer Wyant (Source: Google)


Absolutely love everyone in this office. Dr Levy is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. I came to him because he’s so good with TMJ/migraine, and wanted someone who knows what he’s doing, and it’s so refreshing that he’s also very personable and caring as well. I came to him with severe migraines and TMJ, and he has been able to work wonders on my jaw alignment and reducing my migraines. Everyone in his office is so kind and happy to work there; it is always such a nice visit whenever I come for my appointment!! Highly recommend.

Willee (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr. Levy for 25 years now and I have never felt pressured or forced to try anything. Various options have always been presented and the results for each “course” have been explained. I did leave Dr. Levy for a couple of years and tried three different dentists. I went back to him never to leave again. His kind demeanor and experience are unmatched by anyone in the business. When I first went to Dr. Levy he was in in a little one story house on James Rd. then onto Stoneridge Plaza, Hamilton Rd. and now in Hilliard. If he builds it I will come.

 (Source: Yelp)


Greg Owens (Source: Google)


Since receiving my appliance (mouthpiece) I no longer snore. I have dreams again. I’ve stopped drinking coffee, and I no longer require naps. I feel great throughout the day. Dr. Levy selected the correct appliance and improved my sleep tremendously. I’ve already recommended him to some friends and would recommend him to anyone reading these reviews.

Miroslav Dujin (Source: Google)


As a new patient, having decades of experience with more a dozen of dentists in various countries and across different US States I think I learned how to scrutinize different levels of DDS professionalism / expertise. Based on my experience I believe Dr.Levy is definitely in my ‘top-10 group’. I’m confident that prospective patients would realize that choosing Dr.Mark Levy was a smart decision – IMP it is generally difficult to come across a DDS master.

Fred Pastor (Source: Google)


I am a new patient of Dr. Mark Levy. My candid experiences of having been to his office twice during the last week: a) His staff is friendly, welcoming and his office is immaculate. b) Having a history of being a highly selective and discerning dental patient for many years (Rochester, NY; Summit, NJ; Columbus, Ohio since November, 2017), I take great interest in preventive and restorative dental treatments. c) Dr. Mark Levy is also a friendly and welcoming specialist who demonstrates his extraordinary commitment to this patients’ health and welfare. He fully explains the scientifically evidence-based justifications of each recommended procedure, patiently answers all queries, enthusiastically offers highly positive critiques of previous dental restorations completed of other dentists, explains treatment alternatives, and counsels his patients concerning preventive life enhancing home care. It became quite apparent that Dr. Levy takes great pride in offering outstanding, precise treatments to each of his patients. d) I recommend his dental practice to anyone who desires the proverbial “Gold-Platinum Standard” of dental assessment and treatments. Cordially, F. Pastor, DSW, LCSW, LISW, LLC

Amber Heaberlin (Source: Google)


Amazing!!! I have a huge fear of dentists so I’ve never really settled for just one. In all my years I’ve been inconsistent with dentists, but today he may have changed that. I chipped a front tooth a week ago and today they fixed it perfect and it was painless. You can’t tell I chipped it, the tooth looks and feelings the same as before. He made my experience so much better than I was expecting. I highly recommend for those with fears.

S M (Source: Google)


Very helpful friendly staff. Extremely knowledgeable about different causes and treatment. Felt reassured I made the right decision after my visit. Follow up visit 1 month later. Couldn’t be happier. Product is helping and isn’t even adjusted out to final settings. Staff at this facility is just awesome. If you want to be treated like a person instead of a number, you need to come here. I can’t recommend Dr. Levy and his staff enough.

Kim K. from Galena, OH (Source: Yelp)


I review professionals all the time and the negative review I see on here looks bogus to me. No mention of real details about his/her negative experience, a good clear indicator that it’s crap. You want the best dentist out there? This is the guy…friendly, gentle, and personable but most importantly HONEST. Having had 3 kids we’ve been to numerous dentists for check-ups and procedures. I don’t know how many times we’d walk out of an office being told we (they) had 2, 3, 4 cavities or even worse, someone needed a root canal ( much bigger money maker of course.) Expensive, frustrating for me, frustrating for them when we knew we were diligent about brushing (flossing.) Finally I decided to put some of these dentists to the test and paid more money to get second opinions…many of my suspicions were correct ( not all) but big contradictions on their findings and treatment plan(s.) I finally met Mark while he was in a Gahanna location ( a friend referred me) and he has been consistent and honest with our check-ups and procedures each and every time ( I put him to the test as well!) My kids won’t even consider another dentist and I will never look anyplace else…he’s the BEST out there.

Tom P. from Columbus, OH (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Mark Levy for about 30 years. He is only the second dentist I have ever had. He has always done outstanding job from the time he was a single practitioner through his years at the larger practice and now back on his own. He is very professional and personable and always makes a point to be very thorough. Additionally, he surrounds himself with a very top notch support team from the front office to the dental Hygentists. I would highly recommend Mark and his team to anyone who is looking for a new dentist.

H M. from Saint Petersburg, FL (Source: Facebook)


I visited Dr. Levy’s office at a friend’s recommendation for sleep apnea issues. WOW! From the moment you walk in the office you will notice professionalism, from their office setting to the people who greet you. My appointment was at 2 and I was seated and seen by 2:05! how unusual is that?! Within one minute of being seated, Dr. Levy came in, patiently asked questions and fully explained what my options are. Within a few minutes of that my insurance had been contacted and I knew exactly what my charges would be. What a peace of mind before they start the process. I wish all my medical providers would do this. I would recommend Dr. Levy for those who are looking for good care and for no surprises.

Emi _Plaz (Source: Google)


My experience was great! Due to it being a snow day, one of the workers helped me in. I walked in gave them my name and within five minutes I completed paperwork. By the time I finished, it was time to go to the back. I was fitted with my appliance in and out in 30 minutes top. They offered to help me out to the car which I accepted and very much appreciated. I would recommend this dental office to everyone.

Cory Schierberl (Source: Google)


AMAZING experience. I just started wearing my device so it is too soon to tell how much it will help…but I just couldn’t wait to write a review about initial processes and my experience thus far. The staff from “head to toe” are not only some of the the most professional individuals I’ve been cared for by, but also that most caring and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Mark Levy and his clinic to everyone!

Tom Potter (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to Mark Levy for about 30 years. He is only the second dentist I have ever had. He has always done outstanding job from the time he was a single practitioner through his years at the larger practice and now back on his own. He is very professional and personable and always makes a point to be very thorough. Additionally, he surrounds himself with a very top notch support team from the front office to the dental Hygienists. I would highly recommend Mark and his team to anyone who is looking for a new dentist.

Elsie Hout (Source: Google)


What’s not to love? I called for an appointment after hearing about the services he offers for sleep apnea. I was amazed that I was able to get an appointment within just a few days of calling. My appointment was completely hassle free. In and out in just a few minutes, knowing exactly what’s needed to be done to help me with my sleep apnea. We have a plan and it is moving quickly. I cannot wait to start sleeping better at night. The entire staff is exceptional. They go above and beyond to make it as pain free and convenient for me, the patient. Thank you to all at Dr Levys office…You guys Rock!!!

Jonathan Petuchowski (Source: Google)


Dr. Levy and Mehrnaz are simply the best. For anyone like me who harbors a fear of dentists, this office is the place for you to go, as no one will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable than this team. They are very sensitive to their patients’ needs, nothing is ever rushed, and they peform their services with a smile, a great sense of humor, and with the utmost in profesisonalism. I cannot recommend this office more strongly.

Rpson (Source: Google)


I found Dr Levy based on his credentials as an LVI instructor – I knew I was on my last chance to save my teeth and needed a full mouth rehab, I wanted to make sure it was done right. As a pretty bad dental phobic this was going to be a very big deal for me – had no idea how I would get through it. Dr Levy started me out with an orthotic for TMD, which worked great- no more daily headaches and began correcting my bite which was a mess due to some missing teeth and clenching and grinding. Over the course of two years with the help of sedation dentistry and a very compassionate and patient dentist, we did it. I had lots of dental work, including several implants, crowns, veneers, etc. I looked in the mirror the first time and had a flash back of my former healthy smile at a much younger age- now returned, even better! My story doesn’t end there. Even though I had the full mouth rehab, the harder thing for me was going to be maintaining my now healthy smile. I was more afraid of the dental cleanings than anything else I went through. Then I met Mehrnaz, Dr Levy’s superstar hygienist. We work through my cleanings together and she does what ever it takes to make me comfortable, in control and coming back. I see my dental team every three months now and it’s like visiting friends! If you haven’t seen a dentist in a long time due to fear- do it, call Dr Levy- he will personally call you back- I promise you will be in good hands and it will be the best thing you ever did for yourself!

James Barrett (Source: Google)


From the very moment that I walked through the door I felt at ease. Not sure why I felt that way as I have always seemed a little on edge when it comes to visiting the dentist but this time…this time it just felt different. The staff greeted me with kindness and from there my initial consultation experience only got better. Meeting my hygienist and Dr. Levy continued to chip away at my fear until I no longer seemed concerned about the what if’s that kept nagging at my conscience and confidence. All in all, my initial consultation went very well and I look forward to returning for my next scheduled appointment and to engage my plan to a healthy, happy smile. Thank you very much, Dr. Levy 🙂 James Barrett Post 2: Post Completion Now that Dr. Levy and I have completed the journey we started just over a year ago, I would like to take some time to reflect upon that journey. As you reflect upon my first post you will notice that I was quite uncertain as to if I could complete such a journey, well that answer is a resounding yes and here is my testimony as to why. Dr. Mark Levy and his remarkable staff of professionals nurtured me every step of the way. From the very first day when Dr. Levy asked me just what I was willing to accomplish in terms of a restoring a long lost but not forgotten smile I responded with this…Dr. Levy I’ve done extensive research on restorative dental work and I have done extensive research on you and I firmly believe that I am in the right place with the right individual who can rebuild my smile. He acknowledged with a modest thank you for choosing him then said lets get to work . Dr. Levy then proceeded to ask me questions about what I expected out of him and his staff. We worked hard those early visits to plot a course to a brand new smile and not just any smile but rather one that just didn’t please me but pleased him because he told me that if he did not like it (my new smile) we would continue to work on it until it does. That is the kind of dedication to his patients that comes naturally for Dr. Levy. I know this by having experienced it firsthand. We finished up the complete smile makeover just over a month ago and I must profess that it took some doing to refrain from writing this post but I had my reasons and now that I have come full circle with that those reasons and the vast impact (my new smile) has made in my daily life. See I waited for Christmas to arrive such that I could gauge secretly the depth of the pictures being take by all of my loved ones; more importantly, the impact that it (my new smile) had on those I love. I must admit the pictures were extremely impressive. In full display was my new smile and not just a smile but mine…one that had been sadly missing for well over thirty-eight years had returned compliments of Dr. Mark Levy and his wonderful staff. I cannot put into words the full range of emotions (tears of joy being one of them) that I felt on Christmas day because I’m certain there’s not enough space in this post for them. I’ll close with this, for anyone out there in front of a computer monitor or other media source seeking to rebuild their long lost smile please be pro-active and seek out Dr. Mark Levy double quick. He is a man of great responsibility and skill. Truly a master of his craft with impeccable vision for the finished product (your new smile) and a highly competent staff of professionals to see you through to a wonderful new you. My biggest regret is singular….I wished that I had sought out and approached Dr. Levy sooner. I have attached a photo that I believe speaks for itself but you get to be the judge. Please do not procrastinate as a whole new you awaits. Much love to those at the dental office of Dr. Mark Levy and a special shout out to Lori…thank you so much for coordinating my journey. God Speed Internally Grateful, James Barrett

Lisa Kelly (Source: Google)


Dr. Levy is a no nonsense kind of Dentist. His approach to Sleep Dentistry is direct and meticulous. Which I appreciate, because I felt confident from day one that he knows what he is doing. Also, his staff is top notch! They are great at making sure you understand the process of Sleep Dentistry and your roll as a sleep appliance wearer. I’m so happy to have found Dr. Levy & his staff! I definitely recommend him if your sleep apnea symptoms are not being treated.

Gail Lundstrom (Source: Google)


This was an incredible office staff! Dr Levy explained everything in detail about sleep apnea, and they would test me first to make sure I still had sleep apnea after losing weight. Turns out the weight loss made my sleep apnea go into the low normal range, so I no longer needed to be treated. Their take home sleep study was so much more comfortable than Ohio Health Sleep Study and a better experience by far!

MJaeger (Source: Google)


PHENOMENAL! Words cannot describe on how life changing my decision was to call the office of Dr Mark Levy, DDS about my snoring. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING customer service. From my very first phone call with Lori, and now every time I walk in for an appointment, Gwen, Fregi, Mehrnaz and Renea are the nicest and MOST HELPFUL staff I have ever worked with. Dr Levy helped me with a ProSomnus snoring device that saved my marriage and probably my life. I no longer snore, I get quality sleep, and now have a ton of energy throughout the day. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND a consultation if you (or your spouse) has ever had an issue with snoring. Now, our puppy Ayla, is the loudest snor-er in the house!

Lisa Ratinaud (Source: Google)


After being diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, and struggling with a bi-pap machine for over a year, I am so pleased that there is an alternative method to treat my apnea and preserve my overall health. I am very pleased with appliance so far, and hope that my machine can be put in the closet for good! Dr. Levy is very knowledgeable, and explains the process very well. All the staff at Dr. Levy’s office have been so friendly and helpful. I have already told a few people I know who also have obstructive sleep apnea and struggle with their machines. Thanks Dr. Levy!

Tammie Joseph (Source: Google)


I found Dr. Levy when I wasn’t responding well to my CPAP machine and I am extremely happy with my current oral appliance he created for me. My latest sleep study proved that the oral appliance is working for me. I would recommend Dr. Mark Levy to anyone who is experiencing issues with sleep apnea. Dr. Levy and staff are very professional, caring, and fun. They all made my visits very pleasant. What they did was life changing for me and I truly appreciate everything they did to help me!!