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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday: Closed


Dr. Simon Roytberg, DDS





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Naomi H. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I removed a wisdom tooth here. Previously, I came to see a doctor, an implantologist surgeon, whi checked my medical card, asked me some questions and finally appointed the day of removal. After I was given an absolutely painless injection of anesthesia, I relaxed. The removal itself took about a couple of minutes, no more. I asked the doctor to “pack” my tooth in a sealed bag and took with me as a memory 🙂 I would also like to mention the work of assistant, who did everything quickly and carefully, like she was in tandem with the doctor. In general, if you are looking for a nice place and attentive people to take care of your teeth, I could recommend Park Avenue Dental Group!

Rosa  (Source: Google)


I had not been to the dentist in eight years and was honestly terrified my feelings on that changed cause of the staff!! The staff is so incredibly nice and welcoming and you can tell they really do care. They take many precautions with the pandemic. My cleaning was great, and did not hurt at all. You’re in good hands at this place.

Megan Crane (Source: Google)


Midtown Dental was absolutely wonderful! I visited during quarantine lockdown and they were simultaneously very careful but also reassuring. They were very comprehensive during the exam but also took the time to explain every aspect of what they were doing. As someone with high anxiety, I felt very calmed when they took the time to answer all of my questions (and of course, there were many) and at the end of the day I felt incredibly welcomed! Midtown Dental is the perfect blend of a welcoming, comforting environment and the picture of professionalism!

Garry N. from Miami, FL (Source: Yelp)


I somehow never really cared about wisdom teeth, probably like everyone else. Until they started growing. They grew out four of them. The teeth came out on top, but not completely, and on the bottom, they just formed some pretty deep pits with the teeth visible on the bottom. Now their growth has stopped, so I decided to see if they were growing in the right direction. Other times, wisdom teeth start to displace good and straight teeth. I decided to get a scan and come here for a consultation. In the end, the doctor said that so far everything is fine, but if something goes wrong, I will feel it and I should come here again immediately to prevent bad things from happening.

Mary Manz (Source: Google)


Out of all the doctor offices I have been to, the front desk staff at this office have been the most knowledgeable, eager to help (yes, even with insurance inquiries), and friendly. And while my teeth are in pretty good shape, I still felt the care I received from the doctors was thorough and cautious; I was never rushed to leave. It is easy to tell that everyone at the office truly cares about their patients. After my appointment with Dr. Simon and Jovanna, I actually left the office in a better mood from when I first walked in.

Rico A. from Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


I want to say thank you to the Park Avenue Dental Group for a great reception!!! As you know, children are very afraid of going to the dentist and my son is also no exception. But thanks to Dr. Simon R., my son got rid of the fear of dental treatment. Dear Dr. Simon R. found a competent approach to the child and turned the treatment session into an easy walk. No screams and tears, the seal was put i a few minutes and the child was very happy. That’s what a professional means!!

Ksenia Kovalova (Source: Google)


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Simon Roytberg for more then 2 years now and he is the best. He performed an implant surgery and I couldn’t wish for a better specialist. I was worried before the surgery ( implant for the front tooth) because it is something you expect to be painful and scary. Surprisingly I didn’t feel any pain and Dr. Roytberg was very careful and confident. It’s been a long process involving bone grafting and healing and now I’m expecting the crown to be placed. Very thankful to dr. Roytberg being very attentive and supportive throughout the whole treatment process. The staff is very nice and friendly and they have the latest achievement in medical equipment. The office also has a breathtaking view, located in a heart of midtown manhattan.

Tasia Robinson (Source: Google)


My family had the greatest opportunity to get to know privilege Dr Roytberg and the privileged work on all of our dental needs. His work is detailed and beautifully crafted. We continue receiving great compliments and so wish sometimes he was here in Washington…. even after 20+ years. Thank Dr. Simon

Isabella N. from Malden, MA (Source: Yelp)


I went to the doctor after I accidentally lost one of my front teeth, and I had no other option but install a denture. The doctor offered me the best version of the dental prosthesis available, after which he made casts and slightly corrected the adjacent teeth. In order to bring the prosthesis to the ideal, I twice came to the fitting and only after that I could smile showing all of my perfect teeth. Now this fake one is no different from my real teeth and looks very natural. I’m going to make an appointment and go here for some aesthetic treatment if I need it further. Wonderful service and responsive people definitely deserve the highest rating!

Lillian B. from Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have never seen a more experienced and attentive specialists. Thank you for your professionalism. I applied for help to the dentist. He carefully did the necessary job, politely and clearly explained everything. I needed the professional cleaning as well, the work was done perfectly. He listened to my wishes, made an individual treatment plan, and was attentive. I also want to mention the assistant. She performed her duties clearly and quickly. Carefully watched the process and followed the doctor’s instructions, never distracted. I was so satisfied with the service, i will contact you in the future. Than you for you work. These people gave me beautiful Hollywood smile, and confidence (i was very concerned about my smile) in the future, and helped me realise my dream!

Dorothy H. from Union City, NJ (Source: Google)


At first i had a consultation to do only a dental cleaning, but then i lost a filling and in less time then i expected, i walked out a new person. The crew was very attentive, patient and professional. The doctor gave the most thorough cleaning i ever had. He was able to tell me some of the problems i had and was both personable and professonal. I needed some additional attention during this visit due to a recent medical condition, and he took all of the necessary time and affort to complete the cleaning and evaluation. Great atmosphere and top notch facility. Highly recommend. The stuff was also very gentle whith each cleaning, explained your dental health and made recommendations as indicated. The best dental experience i had ever had. They run a modern, clean, and efficient practice using the latest technologies to assist them in evaluating and caring for their patients.

Mario L. from Weehawken, NJ (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been with them for almost 19 years, and the service provided has been fantastic. Through out the years i’ve changed dental plans with my employers but was confident enough to remain with them. If you like stability visit PADG, great doctors, oral hygienists and dentists. The overall great health caused by the maintenance of teeth is entrusted fully unto them. I appreciate the two decades of service and looking forward to many more. Any issues talk to Brenda the superb office manager, she’ll be glad to assist you.

Peter L. from Fort Lee, NJ (Source: Yelp)


The quality of work and love PADG gives their patients is second to none. I have been going for years and don’t see myself stopping any time soon. The staff there makes you feel comfortable, at home, and relieved that you are in good hands. Dr. Simon is hilarious and could not be more comforting when you are under his care. God knows my teeth needed some work but after Dr. Simon finished up, Hollywood is calling asking for this smile.

Cachy M. from South Orange, NJ (Source: Yelp)


clean curtious caring overall excellent service great looking staff and the docs great too! just went to get zoomed it was amazing! all the hype about pain and other crap is all bs!! 1 hour to a gorgeous smile! i feel like a million bucks ! what are you waiting for? go get youself some park ave pamperin done right!!!! its a definite return for me! id give em 10 stars if this yelpy thing let me- gauranteed its a” go ” theyre awesome-great bunch of people that from the minute i walk in they made you feel at home and the docs got a golden heart on his sleeve – great vibes from this place excellente!

Liz F. from Charlotte, NC (Source: Facebook)


Just updating my review because I still LOVE this place. Dr. Simon Roytberg is the absolute best. And Anna, the Hygienist, for cleanings is the best. I moved to NY and still traveled to NJ for all my dental health needs. They took great care of my gums during my twin pregnancy and I wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else. Currently living in NC but still schedule all my appointments for when I am in NY/NJ visiting family. These two have golden hands and you’ll never cringe about going to the dentist again. And their front desk and support staff are friendly, professional and always helpful. No long wait times…and you’re always in for a lighthearted laugh with everyone who works here. Great people. Love, love, love

Delanie M. from Weehawken, NJ (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Park Ave Dental Group since 2005. The entire staff is top notch and I don’t give out compliments so easily either. From the moment you walk in the door your always greeted with a great person with a great smile on their face. PADG prides themselves in taking care of the patient completely from beginning to end. I’ve had some major dental work done there. They are always very truthful when it comes to telling you the facts of what needs to be done and why. They not only find the problem, but they always have a solution that’s best for you in the long run.  At the end of the day you become apart of the PADG family. I will continue to go there for any dental needs I might have. I would encourage anyone looking for a dentist to look no further. You, just like me will be a new member of their exclusive family. Thanks again to everyone at PADG for your professionalism and your genuine care that you have always shown me.

Ana B. from Hoboken, NJ (Source: Google)


Yes this one is as good as it gets with dentistry! Like almost everyone else I don’t love going to the dentist but with Dr. Simon as my dentist I actually look forward to seeing everyone here. They are professional and offer such personalized care! Dr. Simon and the whole staff here actually care about their patients and they’re overall well being. They take their sweet time making sure every patient is properly taken care of. You won’t feel rushed or awkward here! Just sweet people from the receptionist to the assistants. They don’t stop surprising me with their top notch service all around. Oh and expect everyone to know your name here and assists you with whatever your concerns might be. I will NEVER go anywhere else. I never thought I’d say this but I LOVE MY DENTIST!!! Thank you Park Ave Dental Group and thanks to Dr. Simon. You guys rock!!! Keep up the amazing work! Thumbs up and big smile to you all! 😀

Yajaira R. from Union City, NJ (Source: Google)


So like many others I hate hate hate the dentist! 3 months ago I had a really bad tooth ache that was causing me all sorts of problems. I’m fairly new to the area and I needed a dentist ASAP. I found park ave dental on yelp and decided to give them a try. THE BEST DENTAL GROUP EVER!!! I’m in love with the staff, they are amazing. I needed my tooth pulled and DR.SIMONE is my guy! People become weary about getting their tooth pulled but honestly I didn’t feel anything !! Super sweet people that make you feel very comfortable ! I definitely  recommend them!!

Kate Burnham (Source: Google)


I absolutely cannot say thank you enough to all the staff here. I ran almost 20 min late to my appointment. If you work in any kind of appointment based business you know this can have a snowball affect. Also it’s a holiday weekend. Although they would’ve been completely in the right to turn me away, they saw me. The staff is sooooo nice and knowledgeable. The hygienist was amazing as was the dentist. They use state of the art technology and it’s very obvious they put the safety of the staff and patients first. Very clean! I have a regular dentist in Jesey but now my dentist is Midtown Dental Excellence. I cannot say thank you enough!!

Martha K. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I got into the “Park Avenue Dental Group” by accident. The tooth caught on the weekend. I called the nearest dentists and I managed to sign up here. I didn’t regret it at all. The service was at an exellent level. At the recception, I wasn’t much tormented, the manager saw how I suffered. You know, they usually give you all sorts of papers to fill out. So, I was immediately given painkillers, helped to fill out the documents, I did an X-ray to find out the problem. It turned out to be pulpitis. Dr. Simon said that it was necessary to remove the nerve, the inflammation is strong. But I knew it myself… It was the ffirst time I had a tooth treated under a microscope. First, he removed the nerve and put the medicine and a few days later they put a seal. The X-ray showed that everything was fine. Now I plan to make an appointment with their implantologist. I read about his work – he is a very serious person 🙂 In addition, I have some chronic diseases, because of which I was afraid to put implants, but I was told that this isn’t a cause for concern. Implants can be set for almost everyone. I’ll find out!!

Vickie C. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Other than awesome, there are no words to describe my experience with this dentist and his team. I’m new to New York and couldn’t think of anywhere else to get my cleaning done. I found Park Avenue Dentistry at the last minute, and they were able to support me. At the front desk, I was greeted with professionalism and honesty from the moment I walked in. The dental hygienist was extremely knowledgeable, and the X-ray technician was fantastic. The dentist came in and went over everything about my exam with me, asking if I had any questions. I wasn’t rushed, and I was at ease the entire time. Thank you so much for making my dental cleaning so enjoyable.

Mina Alexander (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to Midtown Excellence for almost a decade and they are absolutely the best. The dentists are all fantastic, provide excellent care and advice, and never try to sell you any service that you don’t need, unlike a lot of other dentists out there. No matter what I have gotten done at their office, it was done wonderfully, and I completely trust their opinion. They also have state of the art equipment and their staff go out of their way to help you and make you feel welcome. I’ve tried different dental offices before finding them, and none of them came close.

Helen M. from Brooklyn, New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Teeth are my touchy subject. It was very rare to see me on photos with an open smile, i was always incecure about it. So i decided to try teeth whitening. I read a lot about it and was inspired by the results of others. I didn’t want the Hollywood smile, the one that blinds the eyes, and i was told at the consultation that it wasn’t necessary, and the specialist would choose the color that was more suitable for my teeth for more natural look. The dentist checked the teeth for the absence of cavities and decay before the procedure. There were no problems. The procedure itself took less then i thought, and it wasn’t painful. And the result blew my mind, i was so happy with it! The doctor was great! So professional and skilled. I like the whole atmosphere in this clinic, so friendly and welcoming. Thank you so much!

Sharon F. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Now all the people who often appear in the camera lens will understand what will be discussed. A smile is something that catches your eye immediately, as soon as a person comes into contact with you. I am a media person and I have to smile every day. Unfortunately, I was not lucky with the color of my teeth at birth. Many doctors say that this hereditary and the only way to deal with it – tooth whitening. My whole family goes to Dr.Rivera for aesthetic dental treatment. By the way, he is a very successful doctor who graduated from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a number of other institutions with honors, so you should not worry about his professional qualities – they are at a decent level. The secret element (which is obvious in fact) is hydrogen peroxide, the treatment gel which is widely used now being affordable and absolutely harmless. Even at the higher concentration used in treatments, tooth enamel won’t be damaged. COVID measures: have you ever seen doctors without masks when doing their job? So do I) Even before the covid, all the staff adhered to sanitary standards. The health takes the first place here. Besides wearing masks and gloves which is a must, here is a nice and organize system to meet the clients: everyone comes to the particular time and this helps to avoid crowds of people canned inside. My 5 stars belong to this place always!

Ksenia J. from Edgewater, NJ (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr Simon and Dr Chau for almost three years now. Before my experience with Park Avenue Dental, I have always been scared to go to a dentist. I’ve done three root canals at the practice, several cleanings and fillings. The dentists are very professional and what is more important – caring. Last week I had a very complicated procedure with root canal and infection. Everyone was very understanding and super helpful. I highly recommend this place to everyone!

Kateryna F. from Totowa, NJ (Source: Yelp)


I would like to begin this review by saying that I am one of those people that USED to be absolutely terrified of dentists UNTIL I came to Park Avenue Dental Group and met with Dr. Simon and his staff. Dr. Simon and his staff are beyond the best of the best. They are always kind and professional. I completely trust Dr. Simon and his team with my teeth and mouth. They do the most fantastic job that’s painless and the work product is outstanding. They truly do care about their patients. I totally recommend Park Avenue Dental to everybody as they are the best ever!

Lola G. from Manhattan, New York, NY (Source: Google)


Dental hygiene is very important to me. I went to a good doctor for a long time, but he suddenly decided to move to another part of America. In choosing a new doctor, my friend Leslie (thank u) helped me out. She has been going to Park Avenue Dental Group for a long time and recommended stopping by. The friendly and caring receptionist helped me make an appointment at a time that was right for me (she even signed up a little earlier than their schedule and brightened up my wait with a friendly chat when I arrived). Since I had Teeth Whitening, the procedure only took about 80 minutes. This clinic has new equipment and comfortable chairs. Dr. Simon Roytberg is a true professional, cleaned my teeth even better than I expected, very kindly explained everything I needed and gave good advice. I am glad that I chose this particular clinic

Erin N. from Union City, NJ (Source: Google)


A great clinic! Excellent value for money, quality and professionalism. Friends now ask where i got my teeth done. I was left with with the most pleasant impressions. The doctor explained everything during the cunsultation. And he helped organize the visit. The friendly and caring receptionist helped to pick a suitable time for me and upon arrival brightened up the waiting with a friendly conversation. The dentist – a true expert in the field, made my teeth even better than i expected, kindly told me everything i need to know and gave valuable advice. I am glad that i chose this clinic. During the process, you forget that you are in dentistry, on such a serious treatment. Thanks to the skilled hand of the doctor and all the qualified and attentive assistants, i feel 100% better and now i can smile without questioning my looks.

Alyssa F. from Dover, NH (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Park Avenue Dental for about 5 years now. People don’t usually believe me when I say I don’t dread going to the dentist because mine is virtually painless. Dr. Simon and the ENTIRE staff treat me with the utmost care & I will never go anywhere else after experiencing the best. I have referred so many friends & family members here and they’ve thanked me for sending them there. Honestly they give dentists a good reputation.

Mariely G. from North Bergen, NJ (Source: Yelp)


I LOVE  Park Avenue Dental group!  Dr. Simon and staff , are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I had a terrible experience  with  a previous dentist, when he  removed one of my wisdom teeth and ended up in surgery, ever since then    i was absolutely terrified of getting my  other wisdom teeth removed, and have been procastinating . This past saturday, Dr. Simon, removed my other  two wisdom teeth, in 5 mins, he was gentle, it was not  painful  . If you are looking a dentist, I strongly recommend  them!!! Dentist/ hygiensts, staff,  are awesome.

Sam N. from Edgewater, NJ (Source: Google)


I’ve been putting off getting my wisdom teeth removed for years now. Dr. Roytberg and his staff made it so easy and comfortable for me. I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted and it was a painless 45 minutes. What stands out the most was the call I received to come in for a follow up. They wanted to make sure everything looked good and I wasn’t feeling any discomfort. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Park Avenue Dental Group to anyone. I’m glad I chose them 🙂

Kamilla C. from Weehawken, NJ (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient at Park Avenue Dental for about 8 years now and have been very happy with a quality of dental work as well as overall patient care. The doctors and staff have always ensured my comfort and took time to address my questions. Aside from general dentistry, the office offers cosmetic dentistry, and works with a number of well-qualified specialists to help accommodate various dental needs/concerns at a reasonable price. I’ve had a great experience with general, cosmetic and orthodontic work at this office and will continue trusting Dr. Roytberg and his colleagues with all my dental needs. Highly recommend!

M T. from Weehawken, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Park Avenue Dental is outstanding. I recently needed a checkup, cleaning, replacement of fillings and repair to my front teeth. Over a few visits I saw three Doctors and all were better than any dentist I ever had .  The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  When they said “no pain” they meant it. In 35 years of going to dentists this was by far the best experience and the dental work is great.

Clayton K. from San Antonio, TX (Source: Yelp)


I’ll start by saying I’m dental phobic. Not unique to me still worth noting. I was traveling through town enroute to multiple European destinations…. Lots of traveling ahead is the point. On the way here from Charleston my crown came off. I was in a bit of a bind and needed to get it fixed. I read the reviews on Park Avenue Dental and gave them a call. I was warmly received and scheduled for an appointment fifty minutes later….. It gets better…. Upon plopping down in the dental chair the dentist pleasantly greeted me and went to work on my tooth. She gave me two options on the cement to be used (awesome) and then fixed me up. I was out of there within a half an hour and on my way with a tooth suitable to travel. I cannot express how grateful I am to the doctor and her office. They turned a miserable situation into a pleasant one. If only I lived closer I’d schedule a cleaning next week 🙂

Ivan P. from Hackensack, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Our whole family goes to Park Avenue Dental, I’m shocked to read all the bad reviews! Please don’t let these reviews cloud your judgement on this place. Park Avenue Dental is your one-stop shop for all dental work. Dr. Simon is amazing he never makes you feel bad or ashamed for neglecting your teeth, instead he just helps you fix and maintain so it doesn’t happen in the future. The whole staff is very understanding, Anna is the best too! She’s so sweet and patient. Just recently we started bringing our two little girls (4 & 2) to see the pediatric dentist and she’s great too. We could easily go to another dental office thats closer because we live about 30 minutes away but we choose to go to Park Avenue Dental because we love the service and care we get from him and his staff. I highly recommend his office.


Serving the community of New York, NY, Dr. Simon Roytberg attended the University of Washington, where he completed his dental degree. Dr. Roytberg is a skilled dentist who is available for exams and consultations at Midtown Dental Excellence. Dr. Roytberg is skilled in his dental domain and welcomes patients for the treatment of a range of common and specialized concerns, including gum surgeries, tooth extractions, implants, and teeth whitening. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the New York County Dental Society. Dr. Roytberg helps patients receive the treatment they need. He believes in listening to each patient and creating a partnership to maintain and improve lifelong oral health. During his consultations, he explains patients’ conditions and helps them choose an appropriate treatment plan.