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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

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Dr. Stella Kim, DDS





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Husam A. from Alexandria, VA (Source: Yelp)


 had a tooth extraction due to a chipped tooth. Dr. Kim was very gentle and I felt almost no pain during the procedure even though I was very anxious from past experiences but she was not like any dentist I’ve been to. She even took some X rays and warned me about future problems. Very gentle and very nice. Would’ve definitely recommend if you are looking for a pain free dental experience.

Jeremy Fretts (Source: Google)


Dr. Kim and her staff are very kind and helpful. Scheduling is easy, and they seem to use the latest dental and xray equipment. I had one filling causing some pain, and Dr. Kim was very attentive in making sure we found the cause of the pain and treated it properly. She is thorough and compassionate and dedicated to her patients. Madeline at the front desk is also really excellent, making the whole practice feel warm, welcoming, and personal.

Samantha Washington (Source: Google)


I have been a patient of this practice from when Dr. Hanna was the dentist for many years. I’ll admit that I wasn’t 100% sure if I wanted to remain a patient after his retirement but after my visit today, I can say that he made the right decision by choosing Dr. Kim. Her and the team were great from beginning to end and as a patient of 10 years, I will be returning! Oh, and the organic Chapstick is amazing!

Irma J. from Fort Washington, MD (Source: Yelp)


Had my 2nd appointment with Dr. Kim and I am so pleased I chose to come to this office! Both times she was extremely pleasant. She answered all my questions and took her time explaining things to me. Making an appointment with the front desk staff over the phone was also a smooth experience. Email & text appointment reminders are so helpful for a busy mom like myself. Overall, the staff is professional and friendly, office is easy to find and clean. 5 stars!

K Lewis (Source: Google)


The practice is very warm and welcoming as were the staff. I had an appointment for a cleaning and it was probably the gentlest a dental hygienist has ever been with my teeth and gums! Left with no chunks missing lol. Dr. Kim was extremely friendly. I would definitely recommend this practice to friends and family

Nina P. from Arlington, VA (Source: Yelp)


I had been coming to this practice for about 6 years before it transitioned to Dr. Kim. I was very impressed with the hygienist here – while in the past under the previous ownership, my cleanings were more pleasant, it was because they weren’t actually cleaning very thoroughly. So I appreciated the attention to detail she had in scraping out what must have been years worth of plaque- definitely not the most comfortable experience (how could it possibly be when you’re a trifling person in general who never flosses) but not at all painful and she was extremely considerate throughout. and the dental health Ed she gave me regarding flossing/brushing was very informative and useful. Definitely the most knowledgeable person to clean my teeth who I have ever met. Dr. Kim I can tell is analytical and wants to understand underlying causes of issues. For the person who complained about upcharging, the dental industry is competitive especially in old town. I don’t feel i was swindled on anything. The recommendations made were quite reasonable and a business is a business. You get what you pay for. The front desk staff was also super cordial.

Marites Guino-o (Source: Google)


We moved recently to Alexandria, so we (my husband, 4-yr old daughter, and I) are very happy with Oronoco. Everybody there are helpful and respectful. Dr. Kim is very patient, explains well, and involves the patient in the decision process. My daughter likes to go there, even after she got her first tooth filling.

DenAlexVA (Source: Google)


Super! I recently had a laser procedure for bone loss and there were detailed instructions involving my cleaning, They were up on it having received instructions form the Pero, I am very comfortable involving this practice and will be back. The hygenist was great! Very, very detailed! I look at this first! Then Dr. Kim came in. I was pleased with her evaluation ! She acknowledged the bone loss – 100% opinion on that, but also said that my basic teeth were good! I will be back in three months for my next cleaning,

Janine Bosley (Source: Google)


I am very picky about dentists as I have had very good dentistry experiences since childhood. When my prior dentist in the DC area retired it took me quite awhile to find a perfect fit. Finally, after 3 less than optimum dental experiences, I found Stella Kim! Dr. Kim is a skilled, knowledgeable dentist whose cutting-edge approach and warm manner inspires confidence. Her skills are enhanced by her state of the art dental tools and cozy, welcoming support staff and office. A visit to Dr. Kim has, for me, always been a positive experience with a great outcome.

B Bush (Source: Google)


Dr. Kim and her staff are amazing. My former Dentist retired and I bounced around from Dentist to Dentist not finding anyone who I felt comfortable with that knew what they were doing. It so great to find a fantastic Dentist! I It took awhile and now I am so happy that I don’t have to bounce around. I recommend Dr. Kim. You will love her!

Arthur Bond (Source: Google)


Been with them since they opened. The people there are exceptionally friendly, professional, competent and go out of their way to not only make patients feel comfortable but to keep them informed. Each time I go I learn something new about dental care and my role in it. Special shout out to Jin; first time she has been my hygienist. Thorough and completely patient oriented. Dr Stella Kim is the best dentist I have ever had.

S (Source: Google)


I am very picky about dental care and overall healthcare. I took a long time researching and comparing dentists. It is not easy because you really don’t know what you’re getting until you go in for the service. I finally chose Dr. Kim. EXCELLENT CHOICE! I am so happy!!! Professional. Quality. Modern. Competent. Caring. I am so happy with her work, I convinced my family and friends to switch to her. Her entire staff is excellent but I believe it starts with her.

Jeanice Stewart (Source: Google)


I contacted Dr. Kim’s office with a dental emergency and was able to get an emergency appointment with no problem. When I entered the office, I was greeted by name and immediately taken back to the exam room as I was able to fill out new patient paperwork before hand. Dr. Kim’s beside manner was impeccable. She explained everything in detail and even took care of other issues not related to my initial reason for visit. Dr. Kim and her staff made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire visit. My follow up visit was already scheduled when I approached the front desk to check out. My first visit was amazing and I look forward to having Oronoco Dental as my family dentist. The caring and friendly nature of the staff, calm and soothing atmosphere, and the clear and precise diagnosis and follow through is the best in the DMV area.

Richard Danilowicz (Source: Google)


Had my Bi-Annual cleaning set up for April, but…. due to the Covid we rescheduled to July. Just left. Staff is always friendly and professional! Walked into the office today, they took me right to the room for my cleaning, no waiting in the waiting room! Everyone had protective, masks, shields, gloves, and protective gowns. Felt very comfortable! They are a great group of people and highly recommend them! Rich

Sydnee Coffman (Source: Google)


Dr. Kim’s staff got me in on an emergency visit; they went above and beyond to ensure I was taken care of. The staff is amazing and Dr. Kim’s dentistry is exceptional. I have had 2 crowns and root canals prior to seeing Dr. Kim, she made my 3rd crown and root canal a piece of cake. I have never met a more empathetic provider and caring staff. I wish I could give them more stars!

Irma Jurado (Source: Google)


Had my 2nd appointment with Dr. Kim and I am so pleased I chose to come to this office! Both times she was extremely pleasant. She answered all my questions and took her time explaining things to me. Making an appointment with the front desk staff over the phone was also a smooth experience. Email & text appointment reminders are so helpful for a busy mom like myself. Overall, the staff is professional and friendly, office is easy to find and clean. 5 stars!

Frank Whorton (Source: Google)


After 3 years with another dentist, I decided to switch because we moved and Oronoco Dental is the closest place to us. My experience here was so much better than anywhere I have been in the last 10 years. The dental tech was gentle, friendly and concerned and Dr. Kim was great too, plus she didn’t try to sell me anything, just told me I was doing a good job on my teeth and gums. When my wife gets back from deployment she is going there too! Update 2021: My wife is very happy with Oronoco too. As long as this place stays in business and we live here, we will be patients with Dr. Kim and her great dental techs! Oh, the front desk is awesome too! Our old dentist moved into Old Town too, but we are sticking with Dr. Kim and her excellent, flexible, 5-star staff.

Donna Meick (Source: Google)


I decided to start the New Year with a new dentist.. I was very pleased on my first visit. I was taken in right at my appointment time. And not just seated in the room to wait. The dental hygienist came in right away, took X-rays and did a very thorough cleaning.. Following that Dr. Kim came in, we discussed my X-rays and concerns. I will definitely return. Oh and Madeline at the front desk was very friendly and helpful.. Happy Patient!

Robyn M. from Alexandria, VA (Source: Yelp)


Just had to sit through a long session (3 hours) to prep two molars for crowns (one lower and the opposing upper). While it isn’t something I’d like on my calendar every week Dr. Kim and her staff made it a positive experience. I had been shown pictures of the teeth in question on my last cleaning visit, so saw the condition they were in and why she was recommending the crowns be done Now. I was having an issue with my sinuses which wasn’t bothering me while standing up but once laying back in the chair I had moments where I became very uncomfortable and found it hard to breath. It was arranged by Dr. Kim before we started that if, at any time, I needed a break all I had to do was raise my hand. She was so kind, attentive and patient with the multiple times I needed a few seconds breather while she worked on the lower molar. The upper one went much more quickly – no breaks required. I have a small mouth and have had some very uncomfortable experiences in the past but Dr. Kim was great. She is careful, professional and has a very gentle touch. I’m excited to go back in two weeks to get my permanent crowns. I’m sure they’ll fit perfectly and look great. As someone who spent nine years working in several different dental practices I truly appreciate Dr. Kim and her staff.

S O. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kim and her team are awesome! I have had some traumatic dental experiences in the past and have always been very nervous/anxious/fearful of anything dental related. Dr. Kim and her team listened to all my concerns and took my fear seriously (prior dentists did not). Dr. Kim always takes every measure to make sure I am as relaxed as can be. I have been with her for almost a year now and I won’t be leaving anytime soon. Dr. Kim looks at the big picture and the root cause(s) of any issues you may have. She takes the time to sit with her patients to provide her game plan and the reasons why. She also does not offer unnecessary treatment. I had a cavity that she could have reccommended to be filled immediately but instead she recommended we monitor it because it was small enough to be left alone for the time being. Dr. Kim makes time for her patients and is easily reachable. Also, the billing system actually makes sense and I have always been provided clear answers. PS. She brings in delicious homemade treats for her patients – if everything else in my review wasn’t enough to help you make your decision.

Tracy Kindle (Source: Google)


Dr. Kim is an outstanding dentist who provide informative advise based on your current dental situation. She is always exploring different dental options based on my needs and request. Before being a patient of Dr. Kim’s I had to use medication to endure the pain of my teeth cleaning and now I am glad to say I have no problems dealing with the dental cleaning instruments. Dr. Kim’s chairside manner is excellent and she put me at ease during every visit. She is definitely one of the best dentists I have have seen in a very long time.

Richard Horne (Source: Google)


Dr Kim and staff are always professional, prompt and kind. I am undergoing a dental implant and Dr Kim took the time to explain all the steps in the process, and did an excellent removal of the tooth without causing me any pain. This is my first extensive dental procedure and I feel confident in Dr Kim’s capable hands.

Rebekah Wilson (Source: Google)


Dr. Kim is great. I always have an efficient and pleasant experience when I visit her off. The staff is all friendly and helpful. They have been great during the last few months communicating their safety process and updating patients when there were initial rescheduling of appointments due to the pandemic. I would definitely recommend Oronoco dental for anyone looking for a good dentist!

Regina Chapman (Source: Google)


Excellent dental care. Clear explanations for future care. Thank you Every precaution was taken during my visit for cleaning. Felt very safe. Thank you. Excellent cleaning by hygentest as well as checkup with Dr. Kim. Every precaution is taken by staff. Felt very safe during appointment. Very skilled hygentest and careful and complete check with Dr. Kim. Thank you!!

Adrienne Pannell (Source: Google)


I love Oronoco Dental, Dr. Kim, and all her staff! They work really hard to provide a calm, pleasant atmosphere and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. A few specific things I appreciate: they explain what they’re doing as they go, they constantly check in with you to make sure you’re okay, they’re organized and efficient, they play calming music and provide tinted goggles for your comfort, and I feel safe there knowing they take COVID protocols seriously. Everyone in the office has been vaccinated for COVID. Customer service is really excellent from the front desk, as well, which is a little detail that makes a huge difference to me! I would absolutely recommend this office to my friends and family.

Stephanie Thompson (Source: Google)


Had my first visit with Dr. Kim today and it went exceptionally well. The staff greeted me promptly, and I was taken back shortly after I arrived. I’m very leery of dentists, and Dr. Kim made sure I was comfortable throughout my appointment. It’s hard to find a personable dentist who actually knows their stuff in this area. I’m glad I was referred here, i will be returning!

Jeff O'Neal (Source: Google)


High-quality and attentive dental care, efficient and cordial service, reasonable prices from hassle-free dental bills in which all the costs are know in advance, frank discussion about and understanding of your dental health and treatment options . . . that’s Oronoco Dental – what a change from my previous dentist: At first, I went to Dr. Kim at Oronoco Dental for a consultation and second opinion about a complicated problem that may require three crowns. . . . Oronoco’s patient coordinator was exceptionally responsive, efficient, cordial, and knowledgeable about my insurance plan (one of many that they are in-network for). . . . Dr. Kim was caring and attentive to my unique concerns and needs in this situation. After a careful examination, she offered frank advice that included treatment options and tradeoffs, and then helped me through the decision-making process – what a refreshing change from my previous dentist, who dictated a treatment plan without options, as if I were incapable of participating in my own healthcare. . . . And, coincidentally, some of Dr. Kim’s treatment options could save me money, if I accept the tradeoffs. . . . Oronoco Dental’s prices are very reasonable, and from my experience, Dr. Kim’s approach to dental care is conservative – she is happy to do only what is immediately needed but ready to discuss and do whatever I want to maximize my dental health and appearance. . . . Oronoco is customer-service oriented, participating in many dental plans and providing patients with a hassle-free approach to dental bills in which the costs are clearly understood in advance and not laden with additional costs for services that should be included in the charges for basic services.

Amalia Tollaksen (Source: Google)


Dr, Kim was very thorough in her explanation of the work to be done. And her Office Manager, Ms. Madelyne was very helpful not only in the accounting part but she helped me get down the stair steps to find my way to the sidewalk (I need to clarify that I walk with a cane) . Both Dr. Kim and Ms. Madelyne deserve and A+!

Stephen Heare (Source: Google)


Went today for my 6-month checkup. Really enjoyed seeing Jin, the hygienist— she’s thoroughly professional but also a really fun, nice person. She made my day! Dr Kim, as always was friendly and professional. I was pleased to see that they are taking careful precautions to prevent the spread of COVID. Im a regular patient at Oronoco Dental and I plan to stay with them.

Carlton Saunders (Source: Google)


This is a small , conscientious dental practice professionally run and staffed located in the Old Town portion of Alexandria, VA.. Dr. Kim is very thorough in her analysis and prevention of tooth and mouth problems. Highly recommend Jin her hygienist also. Covid procedures and scheduling strictly observed.

Mark Moser (Source: Google)


I have been seeing Dr Kim at Oronoco Dental since the transition from Dr Hanna’s practice. Dr Kim and her staff are absolutely professional and personable. I love the detailed attention she gives from routine check ups and cleanings to explanations of things to watch and possible future work that may be needed. I just recently had in office bleaching done and I’m totally satisfied with the results.

Toayoa Aldridge (Source: Google)


I was a long-term client of the previous dental clinic at this location and my information was passed to the new owner. This had happened at my previous dentist and I was very disappointed with the new owners. This was definitely not my experience with Oronoco Dental. Everyone on the staff was professional from the moment they contacted me for a cleaning appointment through completing my cleaning and consultation with Dr. Kim. They use a really great mix of technology and personal touch in the clinic and Dr. Kim was very personable and professional and asked if I had any questions and listened with great care and concern. I am happy to say Oronoco Dental will have a long term client with me!