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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Dental implants

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

Sedation dentistry


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Offers Invisalign®? No


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

DM. J. from Vista, CA (Source: Yelp)


Wow!  I was so impressed with  Dr. Chun and his professional, friendly staff.  I had consulted Dr. Chun since I didn’t feel confident with my initial implant consultation with a different endodontist.   Dr. Chun took so much time explaining to me all about the procedure and how it would work for my particular situation.  His consultation was so incredibly precise and explanatory that it made my prior consultation seem very inept and rushed.   I truly appreciated his opinion on whether the implants were really needed in my case or not.  I’m used to dentists pressuring me to spend money but he didn’t.  He seemed more interested in what was best for ME, not his wallet. Although I did not go with getting the implants here or anywhere else, I would’ve felt very, very confident going with Dr. Chun.  If I need them in the future, I would go to him in a heartbeat.  Thanks to all of his team for a fantastic experience!

Lauren L. from Oceanside, CA (Source: Yelp)


We could not be happier with the results!  Very professional doctor and staff, office is state of the art and spotless. I really did my research before we went to Dr. Joon and can’t be happier. My husband needed 1 tooth pulled including a graph and 5 implants. He has needed the implants for years but we continued to put it off due to how expensive other clinics were quoting us.  We had already paid $4,500 several years ago for the entire process of 1 implant so 5 more at that cost was not really an option for us. Dr. Joon made it possible for my husband’s smile/dental health to be restored.   Zero problems during the entire process.

Jeffrey W. from Carlsbad, CA (Source: Yelp)


My wife is a dentist herself so she is very good at evaluating other dentists.  Dr. Joon has done several implants for myself and my wife – he is the best.  He also backs his work 100% if you have any problems that may arise after the implant.  Extremely professional and friendly staff as well – look no further!

Fawn H. from Oceanside, CA (Source: Yelp)


During the year of my procedure, I had a fantastic experience.  The staff is great!  Dr Chun is knowledgeable, patient, gentle and very pleasant.  During my procedure there was never any surprises.  I felt very comfortable with the explanations and procedures.  I give Dr Chun and his staff the highest recommendation.  If I ever need anymore work done…..this is where I will go. The end result is fabulous!!!  I am very happy!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Chuck H. (Source: Google)


The dentist is cool, the whole process was fast. I thought it was going to be painfull but it was not. The receptionist is hot and contacted me to confirm appointments. I’d definitely refer my friends and family here.

Tiger B. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


First let me say this. This place is all about customer service. They don’t sell you stuff that you don’t need and put the decision in the customer’s hands. What I like is how clean this place is and the technology they use. I have never seen or heard of 3D scanning to clean teeth or do surgery. I had deep cleaning and it was true deep cleaning. I also had dental implant and I am pleased with the results. From the front front desk to the hygienist, this place is worth the 45 minute drive on I-5. This place is all about quality of service. Believe me, I wouldn’t be taking time off to get dental service, if I didn’t like it. Another note, they don’t give you exotic pain killers or unnecessary numbing solution like other places. Great job Smilewave. Keep it simple to the customers, yet do your high tech stuff. Also a very honest Dentist is Dr. Chun. He does not do services you don’t need.

John E. from Mission Viejo, CA (Source: Yelp)


It took me a while to leave my DDS (700 miles round trip)  and join DDS Chun. Yes, the relationship between patient and DDS is important to me and I am sure that applies to some of us. After the first consultation my wife and I were convinced that we were at the right place. DDS Chun’s synopsis and solutions were clear and precise.  I have had 17 crowns and 8 implants done with DDS Chun.   A lengthy process, I followed the instructions as were given to me carefully, as difficult were at times, but had to be done.  During the course of 2 years, driving 90 miles round trip a week to Joon’s office were filled with joy every mile of it.  DDS Chun is a bright man that is always in parallel with today’s technology if not having thoughts ideas beyond.  I am happier and healthier and my wife and I recommend DDS Chun highly.    Thank you Joon. JohnE

Eddie Rulenz (Source: Google)


I had an implant completed almost two years ago, it was amazing to experience a painless tooth pull and placement of an implant. I have referred other friends and relatives to Smilewave who have experienced the same pain relieve.

Mariana Vizzolini (Source: Google)


Dr. Chun is been my dentist since 2013…I had implants and crowns done very professional by Dr.Chun …The office is clean and the atmosphere is very comforting. The receptionist, Becca is very nice and diligent. If you are looking for quality implants, crowns and services this is the place! Thank you, Dr. Chun, well done!

Lee B. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


My wife and I had implants done at  this clinic and our experience was awesome. I am a wuss, a wimp and my neighbor is tired of my loud,open mouthed crying when it comes to pain and suffering. My ideal day is to sit on the couch in front of the TV and enjoy a hassle free existence. I am indebted to Dr. Chun for helping me realize my goal in life which is to have one less bullshit to deal with. It has been more than  a couple of years now since my  first implant and a few months since my last. So far I am enjoying these dental implants  like I enjoy an ice cold Coke on a warm sunny day. You cannot go wrong on a dentist who graduated from Drew  School, whose life experience is as vast as the ocean and a  workmanship worth emulating. When I grow up I wanna be like him- courageous,virtuous and hardworking, not a wimp.

Marilyn M. from Pagosa Springs, CO (Source: Yelp)


If its a long term plan, a simple fix or an emergency surgery, Dr. Chen and staff are top notch – above and beyond talent and care. I’m the worst patient, fearful and anxiety like no other. Between prescribing necessary medication to patience and kind non judgmental staff this is where to go. Pricing is competitive, financing options available and very sensitive staff make this the last dentist I’ll ever need to meet. Serious work and went home pain free. I am a very grateful patient and so relieved to find a dentist I am confident can and will get my oral health back. xoxo we’re off to a fantastic start after two serious procedures. I’ve been elsewhere, only wish I’d found his practice years sooner.

Carly Perna (Source: Google)


I had severe bone loss from a broken buckle on my upper. I had previously been to another implant specialist who charged twice as much and did not deliver. Dr. Chun explains everything step by step. What he thinks he Can accomplish and even a plan B. Staff is awesome accommodating and extremely pleasant to work with. I wish everyone with missing teeth could have the same experience I did. He just opened a new office in Rancho Mirage (one in Oceanside also). If you want the best of the best call dr. Chun for painless affordable implants. He’s literally changed my life

Joel F. from Oceanside, CA (Source: Yelp)


Best ever! My dentist referred me to other implant specialists considered the “best” for handling my molar implant after I needed it extracted. They were either $1000+ more than Dr Chun, or charged $95 just for a consultation, followed by the “pressure” to proceed right away with bone grafts and then the implant process. I found Dr. Chun by accident in a small strip mall in Oceanside. Immediately, I was taken aback by how clean and hi-tech the office was. The staff exuded professionalism to the highest degree, coupled with a proficient knowledge of the state-of-the-art equipment in 3D. Their smile and manner showed they cared about their work, in reflection of Dr. Chun himself.
Firstly, Dr, Chun saw that a bone graft was unnecessary, saving me $500 right off the top.
Secondly, he made the process virtually painless. While pain medicine was provided, it truly was not needed. Thirdly, follow-up and even payment arrangements manifested flexibility and a sense of goodwill. You just walk into this oasis of calm and confidence, surroundings are clean and make you feel safe from contamination. You are welcomed, treated with a level of expertise far better than the high-priced, hoity-toity, offices in Orange County, and before you know it, what was conjured up in your head as a fearful experience ends up being without incident or stress. I am a Senior VP in a nearly-billion-dollar company, with tens of thousands of good people working under me, and I have one thing to pass along to all of them:  if you ever need implant dentistry, drive/fly/walk to SmileWave and Dr. Chun. It will be well worth the effort! 5 Stars and No Regrets! Joel

Robin F. from Bonita, CA (Source: Yelp)


I searched and searched for affordable implant dentistry. i live in San Diego but settled on m aking the trip to Oceanside and Dr. Chun. The office is tucked into a little strip mall. I was very impressed with the service I have received so far. (I have had the implant and I am being fitted for the crown Tuesday) Everything was explained to me, and almost painless. The doctor did write a prescription I requested for pain, I used them two nights and was fine afterward. I liked the fact he called me the next day to check in. I have nothing but good things to say- and I am a big scarey cat, so that means alot!

Jean C. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Impeccable up-to-date technology, friendly staff, and  caring doctor whose specialty is in implants itself- this place has it all! I’m in my early 30s, but thanks to a dentist I had back in TX who screwed up every single root canal that he’s ever done on my teeth, I needed several implants. Found Smilewave and gave it a try just based on price by the fact that I needed several implants done and were on tight budget. I strongly believe in u get what u pay for idea, but Smilewave is different. You get whole lot more, making yourself ask what were other dentists thinking ripping people off on dental care! I got superb care with x-rays proving how precisely each implants were placed and it’s near perfect if not already perfect. I highly recommend this place for implants.

Matt J. from Murrieta, CA (Source: Yelp)


I went to Dr. Chun for 2 implants because he gave me the lowest quote.  Today he placed the implants in my mouth. They feel and look like my natural teeth.  He is a highly skilled surgeon that produces great results.  The visits were almost completely pain free.  Dr. Chuns work is gentle and precise. It is difficult to find this level of competance in any endeavor at such a bargain rate.  He has my highest recommendation

Andy H. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I went in for a free consultation on the molar which had a failing root canal. They took panoramic  x-rays and then Dr. Chun spent time explaining the problems and the treatment. This was the first time ever in a dentist’s office I felt the dentist cared for my well-being instead of upselling unnecessary procedures, not to mention all the cutting edge diagnostic software such as 3D simulations of the entire mouth. I ended up having the tooth extracted and a bone graft done for the future implant. Compared to the $300 I had to pay out of my pocket just to have a consultation and panoramic x-rays done before the previous oral surgeon even touched my wisdom teeth at Mission Valley Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Chun’s dentistry truly demonstrated high level of medical ethics. I definitely will go back for the subsequent implant procedures. Icing on the cake: I am saving about $1k for just one implant. 5 starts for a dentist!!!

Cindy (Source: Google)


The people here are great! They make sure you know every single process. They really care about you here, they will make sure you have access to a dentist on the weekend if you had a procedure done on Friday afternoon just to make sure there are no complications. I would recommend to anyone getting a dental implant.

Evelyn Castro (Source: Google)


Thank you very much for your professionalism and dental care. It was an awesome experience having a tooth removed without any pain and the dental implant is a plus. Everything was done in a very peaceful and comfortable place, and not to mention the cleanliness of the room. Thank you so much for your expertise!!

Jerry F. from Escondido, CA (Source: Yelp)


It was more than 10 years ago that I started having increasing dental issues. So I began the search to find a reasonably priced and highly competent dental experience provided by a dentist that instilled trust and confidence, and made it a relatively painless and comfortable procedure! Yeh, right!…I know, it sounds a bit counter-intuitive! However, it was my lucky day when, after investigating dental practices and offices in and around not only San Diego, but Tijuana, as well, that I came upon this highly competent and experienced implantologist, Dr Chun and his friendly, professional and amazing team in Oceanside, CA. Throughout 10 years of 5 implantations, laser treatment and teeth cleanings with Smilewave, they have treated me like family when I arrive for treatment. When I was recently in need of dental attention and preparing for a motor home trip  from my home in Bend OR to Phoenix AZ, I scheduled Dr Chun into my trip. Dr Chun found an impaired crown abutment and while I paid for the crown ordered from a local lab, he would not charge me for his services; nor did he charge me for a second laser treatment on a molar needing that attention. My dental experience has been nothing short of unsuspectingly incredible in all that time with them and I would be hard pressed to ever consider going anywhere other than Smilewave! And, those of us “in the know” from our experience with Dr. Chun, can tell when one’s work is a matter of the heart! So it is laughable to us that anyone thinks Dr Chun practices implantology (a fine art and particular hybrid of dentisty and oral surgery) to perform unnecessary dental work on unwitting patients for “upgrading his car”, as one reviewer indicated; perhaps, some of us either don’t know how to research the facts or wouldn’t appreciate or know a diamond from a dirt clod, if it fell in their lap! They may become the wiser when they understand the meaning of the ol’ dental mantra: “pay now for competence or pay more later for incompetence!”

Pi L. from Oceanside, CA (Source: Yelp)


He is the best dentist I have ever met.  He really cares for his patients and always explains in detail what he is going to do.  I had 2 implants done here and both times it was minute pains.  Dr. Chun is really good at what he does.  I highly recommend him to anyone who has dental issues.   His staff is extremely friendly.  Prices are reasonable.   Highly recommend to anyone!!!

Sarah S. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


My experience going through this process was amazing. Dr. Chun was careful and patient and made sure that there was no pain involved. The women who work here are wonderful, friendly and very supportive. This was the best experience I have had with the dentist. I HIGHLY recommend Smilewave. Thank you, I LOVE my new implant!

Renee Jacobs (Source: Google)


One of the best dental experiences I’ve had. Dr. Chun is extremely kind, gentle and professional. Consultation and complete exam are FREE. Office is immaculate and modern. Office staff are fabulous and the total cost of procedure was the best of all quotes I received. I recommend this office highly.

Ed Allen (Source: Google)


I just completed implant for the care plan at Smilewave Implant Dentistry and I am tickled pink with it! After researching many Dental places, I selected Smilewave Dentistry to provide the care plan that seemed to offer the best value for a decent price! Dr. Joon Chun and his staff in Oceanside, California offered me what I was looking for. The plan was completed today and I was 100 percent satisfied with the results! I really liked his parting suggestion, “It’s almost noon, you are ready take the implant for its first ride”! I took his suggestion and the resulting lunch was great with my new implant!; Thanks Dr Chun for restoring my enjoyment for the eating experience! /s/ Ed Allen

H. L. from Oceanside, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had an endodontist mess up a root canal. He said it must be pulled and I would need a bridge or maybe an implant. Dr. Chun had done a wonderful implant several years ago so I went for a referral. He looked at the x ray and said not to give up on that tooth just yet. He referred me to a better specialized endodontist who so far repaired that tooth,but said it didn’t need need the original root canal to begin with. Saved by Dr. Chun!

E. L. from Oceanside, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of 3 implant surgeons over the past 20 years… and have 12 implants so I know the process well! Dr Chun is without question the best ! His technical knowledge is superb, his chair side manner is unmatched! He fully explains the procedures and is extremely comforting to patients. The staff- Emm and Theo are the best dental staff I have ever encountered !  They are very compassionate with patients, always make you feel important and are warm and friendly, making you feel you are the only patient. They fully understand all aspects of the practice and do whatever they can to help you- be it with information about procedures, insurance questions or after care. Smile Wave is the bomb!!!! The very best professionals I have ever experienced!! Happy to recommend them with the highest possible ratings!!

Bryan C. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Today I had my final appointment until my 6 month checkup happens in January.  I don’t want to say I didn’t have my hopes up, let’s just say I knew it was a tall order.  I knew anything was going to be better than the big gaps I had in my teeth before.  That much wasn’t in question.  But was I really going to LOVE it?  I honestly couldn’t get my hopes up for that all the way. I just couldn’t bring myself there.  To be totally surprised and really, really like my smile now is beyond my wildest dreams.  I uploaded a photo showing a before and after.  The before photo is tough to “put out there” because let’s be real I was never taking selfies or smiling in them that much is for certain.  But I want to give credit where due and show what kind of a job this team is capable of. To Dr. Chun, Emily, and Theola, you really have my deepest gratitude.  I can go forward in my career and life with confidence.

Teresee H. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am giving my son a new tooth for Christmas! He goes in for the initial post implant on Tuesday (6 days from now). His previous general dentist cautioned him to be sure he had a qualified Maxillary/facial surgeon to do the procedure.  We have been researching (six alternate consultations) to get him the right advanced, low pain, affordable tooth implant since he was 16.  He is now 34 and still wearing the removable flipper/spacer prosthetic the Orthodontist gave him way back then.  This is a before comment, prior to the actual… implant procedure. I must preface that James hates going to the dentist, hates pain, is scared out of his wits that he won’t tolerate the procedure well or that something may go wrong. We visited Dr. Chun’s website, viewed the procedure video, this yelp site and completed Dr. Chun’s scientifically advanced free consultation at the office.  As of now, James (my son) says he has decided to accept my gift.  He knows I feel bad I couldn’t give him a good tooth the normal way!  He was born without this tooth bud due to my now-recovered anorexia eating disorder, while pregnant with him. At least now, I can give him a beautiful smile to go with all of the teeth straightening his father and I did for him through Orthodontia. Note: James has endured a couple of root canals and knee surgery from a work injury. I will update you or I’ll let James tell you how he experienced this procedure after Tuesday.  James’ Mom

Lynda L. (Source: Google)


Really impressed with office. Clean, friendly, on time and professional staff. The Doctor explained the implant procedure and the way it would work best for my individual situation. He included the amount of time and risks. All was done visually with computer graphics so I could clearly visualize and understand the procedure. I felt the estimate was very fair. There was no charge for the consultation and xrays. Although I cannot at this time vouch for the work, I feel confident in going ahead with this office when the time is right for me

Anita Knox (Source: Google)


The BEST Implant Dentistry around! Great staff, beautiful office and the most advanced equipment I’ve seen. The Dr. is amazingly thorough and so nice. He seems to take pride in his work, and that’s what you want in a dentist. My implant is perfect, and my husband had EXTENSIVE work done and couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend Dr. Chun!

Johnny T. from Lutz, FL (Source: Yelp)


As with many of the other reviews, I found Dr. Joon & staff impressed on all levels of service. I had a cracked tooth (all the way to the bone) and the professionalism just amazed me considering his price is better than the rest. Check out the website, check out his credentials, check out the office, and then make an educated, informed decision to be treated by the best. A shout out to the girl who cleans my teeth there too–lucky I did my homework!

Norman G. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


The only thing that I can say, and I have been to many Dental offices in my life. Dr. Chun is in a class by himself, I had two implants done and they look fantastic! The Dr. and his assistance’s are very professional, and his prices are great. In my opinion there is no better Dentist then Dr. Chun,,  People wake up and listen to me, he was half the price of any estimate that i received from other Dentists. He has the newest equipment, and it’s so clean there. Thank-you Dr. Chun for your services. Norman Gornbein

Jeffrey F. from Escondido, CA (Source: Yelp)


June 4,2014 I had an implant done by Dr.Chun. He & his staff are very professional;explained the whole procedure on my initial consultation,It was painless and I had no pain the next day. Pricing was very good compared to most other implant dentists.Pricing went as high as $8000 for a single implant.$2100 for Dr. Chun.Sept. 4th I go for the impression for the crown.Very pleased so far.

Jason Presley (Source: Google)


Smilewave is awesome. My favorite dentist I’ve ever had. They are professional, polite, and respectful. I’ve had two implants done here (with a tooth extraction both times) and both procedures were painless. The cleanings I get are thorough but gentle. Wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Joon Chun and his staff.

Myung S. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is one of the best dental offices I’ve ever visited! These guys are equipped with the most awesome 3D x-ray machine that looks like one of the Starwars soldiers. Any x-rays they do here are digital.Everything here looks clean and organized. Dr. Chun is friendly and he is very knowledgable. My first visit was about 3 months ago when they just opened for the business and because a crown. I had got it done couple of years ago from a dentist in Spring Valley, which fell out for the second time. Dr. Chun looked at my crown and he was able to identify that the material they used for my crown isn’t the quality material that they should’ve used and charged me for. Dr. Chun explained to me what is the most cost saving way to address the issue, Which is very nice. I was also interested in implant because during my military service I had to get a root canal. They offered me a total implant package for $1785. Which is good price if you think about the quality work, and all the x-rays. I’m sitting here now with a great looking teeth and I’m happier than ever. Thank you Dr. Chun!


We focus on dental implants. Whether it's replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth or full upper and lower arches, Smilewave implant Dentistry offers patients a world class modern implant dentistry and care at a reasonable price. The precise modern implant technology allows fewer treatment visits often mean less cost than the traditional approach. Also, we provide all our implant treatments start to finish in the location that minimizes the cost. Dr. Chun has been practicing implantology for 17 years and completed his implant training at Loma Linda Center for Implant Surgery, University of Bern-Switzerland, and Goethe University-Germany. He was able to learn and gain a comprehensive knowledge of the entire implant process. Understanding and planning, all aspects of surgical and restorative of most current implant treatments will help you make a better decision. This is the reason why you should consider visiting us for a consultation because we will give you multiple options on your new smile.