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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Patrick R. from Marina del Rey, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was very pleased with the gum graft I received from Dr. Elisha and his staff!  Having moved to LA recently, I wasn’t familiar with any periodontist in the area and felt that writing this review might help other people new to the area.  Dr. Elisha was recommended to me by my dentist and it turned out to be a great recommendation! I was very uncomfortable with getting a gum graft, though I could tell that it was necessary due to the ongoing gum recession on my teeth.  I had read some horror stories about gum graft’s online too, so I was definitely wary.First of all, Dr. Elisha has a really nice office.  It just looks professional and clean when you walk in the door.  All the staff was great at setting up my appointments too.  I’ve gone in for three appointments so far, and I never had to wait.  They are very on time and very organized.  During our first appointment, Dr. Elisha answered my questions about the gum graft procedure and explained in detail the goals of the procedure.  He was very nice and took the time to answer all of my questions.  I left feeling much better and feeling confident that he had the experience to get it done. My next appointment was the gum graft procedure.  I had no wait, and was brought in right on time.  Dr. Elisha once again explained what was going to happen, and then numbed me with some novocaine shots and I didn’t really feel a thing after that.  The procedure was surprisingly  fast and painless.  He and his assistant worked quickly taking probably just about 20 minutes to do it.  After all my worry, I was surprised by how quick and simple Dr. Elisha made it.  He also had a great bedside manner throughout the procedure. After the procedure, I had a lot less pain than I expected and the gum graft turned out really good.  So glad I got it done, and so glad I got connected with Dr. Elisha!  I couldn’t have really hoped for a better experience. So I highly recommend Dr. Elisha if you need a gum graft.  He’s a nice guy and a good professional with a lot of experience.  Thanks, Dr. Elisha!

Sandy Wroble (Source: Google)


Here is my story. Went in to one of those advertised free consultation. Horrible…10 minutes look see with the doctor. Decided I am going to pay for a real consultation with an expert. Dr. Elisha’s consultation was over one hour for my single implant and an area gum graft. He is thorough and detailed in his consultation with a treatment plan and estimate. He started my implants and waiting for my gum grafts to be done. So far great job. Do not believe the advertisement and get a board certified doctor to take care of you.

Rex B. from Pasadena, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had two implants done by Dr Elisha and couldn’t be happier.  I first found him  after an internet search for providers who might be less expensive than the traditional “rack rate” periodontist.  After several “complementary evaluations” from a variety of doctors, i chose Dr Elisha because I found him to be the most credible and believable.  I wasn’t wrong in my initial evaluation.  I had extractions, bone grafts and implants performed (teeth #4 and #5) and couldn’t be happier.  I agree with all the other 5 star raters and am amazed that everyone had the same “Painless” experience that I had.  He is true to his word, the price is the price and there are no ups or extras.  His staff (Reina and Priscilla) are professional and caring, completing the positive experience.  I don’t think you’ll go wrong choosing him for exacting dental work

Mary N. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I broke one of my front crowns while eating. Since the crowns were over ten years old, I wanted both replaced so they would match in color and texture. After researching and consulting with several dentists I selected Dr. Jacob Elisha. He was calm and reassuring, explained the procedure in detail and answered all my questions. I was most impressed with his attention to detail.  He wanted my teeth to not only look amazing but fit and alilgn perfectly. The result is that I have beautiful front teeth ( one an implant the other a crown). Dr. Elisha and Dr. Vu along wh the staff are caring, personable and professional. I know you will be impressed with his work as much as I am,

Jay Dee (Source: Google)


I came from about 2 hours away in Bakersfield just to see Dr. Elisha. He is that great! He did a single dental implant for me and I couldn’t be happier with the results! He took so much care of me and he was very cautious and thorough from my consult and throughout my treatment. Dr. Elisha’s primary concern was always my treatment outcome and I appreciate him and his staff so very much for that. Scheduling was super convenient and upon arrival I never waited more than a few minutes to be seen. His office is very clean and appears state of the art. After looking in my hometown, as well as so many offices in and around the Los Angeles area, I feel that his was the best!

Erik N. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


When my dentist noticed increasing recession of my gums, she recommended that I visit Dr. Elisha. I am glad that I took the recommendation, in that Dr. Elisha made the process of gum graft painless on a number of levels. With a single filling as my experience with dental work, I was quite nervous about the procedure. Dr. Elisha put my mind at ease, and within about 20 minutes, the procedure was finished. I did not experience pain during or after, and I have had the procedure done several times now. Each time the office worked with my insurance to minimize my involvement in the payments. I felt well cared for.

Regina R. from Manhattan Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had known for some time that I needed to get a dental implant. I kept putting it off for many reasons, mostly because of my fear of dentists and as equally, I wanted to make sure that it was done right. I spent a lot of time researching and I made appointments with several different dentists. Each time I left the office with that feeling that made me hesitate and continue my search. A friend recommended Dr. Elisha, so I went in for the consultation. His office was very calm and welcoming. His staff very professional and nice. Dr. Elisha was very knowledgeable, explained what needed to be done, was  caring and didn’t try to “sell” me on anything. To my surprise, I found myself scheduling the next appointment. The entire process for a dental implant is very long, months, and I was happy I had taken the first step and confident that I was at the right place. Two weeks ago I had the “surgery.” The worst part was the drive to the dentist office and walking in through the doors. My heart was racing and I was trying to remember my “yoga breathing.” The procedure was painless and not as long as I had imagined or anticipated. I had already told myself that I probably would be in horrible pain for days and that food was probably out of the question. The drive home, I was fine, that night, fine. I was able to eat and literally had no pain at all! I wanted to milk it a little and get some pampering and sympathy out of this surgery, but in all honesty, I couldn’t bring myself to take advantage of the situation. A week later I went in and had the stitches removed. Dr. Elisha had me open my mouth (I thought he was going to look at the gum and then numb it or something) but he reached in, clipped here and there, and the stitches were out! Again, no fuss, no pain, no drama. This is the way visiting a dentist should be. My heart doesn’t race as I approach the office doors anymore. I’m greeted very professionally, the wait in the lobby is always minimal, and once I’m in the dentist chair, it’s painless and drama free. If you need to get a dental implant, I think you owe it to yourself to at least go in for a consultation

joanne cahill (Source: Google)


I had to extract a front tooth because of failed root canal and research for implant doctors in los angeles and asked for referrals from my general dentist and friends. A few of them recommended Dr. Elisha because of his training and experience. Went in for my consultation and was very impressed and knew his is the doctor that going to take care of my tooth. He has great bedside manner and his staff is very caring and efficient. The process from start to finish was great. I highly recommend him and very thankful to him for taking care of me.

Peter Millar (Source: Google)


Like many patients who suffered from tmj issue, I sought consultations from many doctors. My neurologist at usc referred me to Dr. Elisha for an evaluation 2 months ago. He is board certified and in had by far the best consultation with him. He ordered the right tests and diagnosed me accurately. Treatment plan was simple and effective. He worked with my neurologist in a team to address my other issues. He also got my ENT doctor on the team for my ear issues. I couldnt be happier and I appreciate all of his help and caring.

Bravo V. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Elisha is simply the best at what he does- extractions, implants, oral surgery.  His staff is very well-organized and attentive, and they never make you feel stressed about appointments.  Dr. Elisha performs his services flawlessly, and I never had any pain, bleeding, healing issues or anything less than a perfect, pain-free procedure.  I actually found Dr. Elisha by researching on Yelp and based on his very high number of high ratings and surprisingly moderate prices, especially considering the reviews and his Westwood/Brentwood location, I decided to take a chance on him, and I am very glad that I did.  In addition to his expertise and superb work, he has an easygoing, friendly manner that helps make the entire process easy and stress free

Ava 2. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I couldnt be happier that I found Dr. Elisha. I first went to him last year when I needed implants, and came back again this year when I needed another implant for a different tooth (and yes, I have been cursed with bad teeth my whole life). I consulted with several different oral surgeons and felt most comfortable with him. He is a specialist in implants, and over the years I have learned the hard way that not all dentists are created equally. He really is skilled at what he does.   Getting an implant can be a scary thing but he made the entire process so easy and I honestly had little to no pain.  From the anesthesia needle to the actual work, minimal to no pain and no face swelling where you look like a chipmunk  (there is a little discomfort after an extraction once the anesthesia wears off, but nothing a couple of pain pills didnt solve. I had an extraction many years ago from another dentist that was so painful and left me with 4 days of swelling. But with Dr. Elisha, nothing!  No pain, no swell, and no tears) Another thing I loved about his practice is that he didnt try to up-sell me and I felt like he was really looking out for what was best for me; he actually told me I needed fewer implants than another dentist I had consulted with. His prices are reasonable, you never have to wait for your appointment, and his staff are amazing (especially the lovely lady at the front desk). I am so grateful that I found Dr. Elisha. He truly is a master at what he does!!

Aleah Andersen (Source: Google)


Great people, great dentist and great service. What more can you ask for? Staff were very friendly, polite & very caring about their patients they interact with and Dr. Elisha is the best dentist I’ve ever had. Very professional, caring and compassionate; she is very focused on giving the best solution on my dental problems & explained everything in full detail before starting the procedure. She also answered all of my pestering questions I had without a doubt. Look no further, Dr. Elisha will exceed your dental standards.

Christian R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


My  excellent dentist sold his practice and I was faced with the nightmare of finding a new one. Having gone thru periodontist, prosthodontist, oral surgeon in the past, with good and bad memories, I was in no mood to fail again. Dr. Elisha has been the answer to my long search: a top notch dental implant surgeon, very precise, calm, attentive and very fair when it comes to pricing. Dr. Elisha took care of 6 decayed teeth via a very well executed gum graft surgery: no swelling, no pain, no blood. His staff is highly competent, efficient and very friendly.  Needless to say, I highly recommend Dr. Elisha and will be a faithful patient going forward.

Linh Dan V. from Redondo Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


The Staff including Dr. Elisha  is very courteous and professional. No shady business here! I have been a patient of Dr. Vu for two years and the level of service is unparalleled. She also does a great job on administering the dreaded Novocain shot -which I hardly ever experience. They will explain any needed work on your teeth and will not try to sell you any unnecessary services. Office is clean and tidy with a beautiful view. Also, they utilize the most advanced technology including digital x-rays. I have many more appointments to come – but I don’t feel petrified coming to the dentist anymore as I have in the past.

Devorah H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to Dr. Elisha’s office for a periodontal surgery. I was very impressed by the scheduling staff who worked very hard to find times that worked for me and my job, and that the wait every time I went in was minimal. The surgery itself went fine, minus an insurance hiccup that the office handled professionally and politely despite the fact that I was a stressed out mess! I liked that, on my post surgical instructions, there was a number to reach Dr. Elisha personally; as I had my surgery on a Friday, it was comforting to know I had a lifeline in case anything went wrong. I am also a nervous dental patient and appreciated that the office was kind, warm, and understanding of dental fears. I love my regular dentist, but if I need more advanced work, I wouldn’t hesitate to return.

Dana L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Elisha and I must say one word sums its all up, he is AMAZING! I heard all these horror stories from different people but I was really shocked how easy and painless it was. His assistant Priscilla is really wonderful! She as well as Dr. Elisha will explain every step to you and even call you the next day to see how you are feeling. Dr. Elisha is kind enough to give his cell number to you in case you are not feeling well-who does that these days??? I highly recommend Dr. Elisha and his staff!

Mia V. from Santa Barbara, CA (Source: Yelp)


After months of reviews and meetings with oral surgeons, I decided to see Dr. Elisha. Mine was an extremely difficult case as an oral surgeon(supposedly the best in the business)  in Santa Barbara had made a big mistake on a dental implant. I needed an extraction on a cracked tooth, as well as a new implant. Due to the previous faulty treatment, this could have had severe consequences to a large bridge as well as the new implant. Only a highly skilled surgeon would be able to perform this surgery. When I first came to Dr. Elisha’s office for consultation, I was struck by his calm and friendly attitude and he immediately inspired great confidence in me. He explained exactly what needed to be done. I decided right there and then that I would have the treatment done by this surgeon. Yesterday was the day of the procedure. Dr. Elisha was able to extract the tooth in 1 piece, and placed the new implant. He worked around the faulty implant so it would not affect my other teeth. Everything was completely painless. I had no idea that my tooth was out, nor that he had finished placing the implant. Even though this was one of the most difficult procedures I ever had to have done, I did not feel a thing! After all the pain and worry I had been through for years in the past with other surgeons, this was truly a miracle. Dr. Elisha is simply the best A couple of hours later, when I returned back to Santa Barbara, I received a follow-up call from Rayna, his office manager, asking me how I was doing. I had never received a follow-up call from a doctor’s office before, let alone a surgeon. The entire staff at Dr. Elisha’s office is kind, caring, totally reflective of his personality. I will not have anyone else do any surgery on my mouth except Dr. Elisha. It is well worth driving from Santa Barbara in order to be treated by the best. Do not hesitate at all having your treatments done by Dr. Elisha. Thank you for reading the above.

Andre E. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


After fracturing a tooth, my primary care dentist recommended a specialist to address the need for either a cap or to extract.  I ask for three specialists in the west Los Angeles area; which I received. Upon careful research and review, I decided to put my trust in Dr Jacob Elisha. I called to make an appointment as early as possible; since the pain was increasing by the hour. Although the doctor’s schedule was completely booked the following day, the office manager managed to fit me in for the necessary consultation. I arrived in the late afternoon after most of his scheduled appointments. Dr Elisha and his office manager were there to receive me. After the examination, Dr Elisha explained my condition, the options – both feel and cosmetics, and the cost – with and without insurance. They even arranged to split my payments between office visits. Pain, being the formidable and constant motivating force, I choose extract/implant as soon as possible. The procedure went well. Dr Elisha successfully extract the fracture tooth, and installed the buttress implant pin. Although the procedure was completely painless, Dr Elisha and his assistant constantly asked about any pain or strange sensation. He is warn and posses a great bedside manner. Their caring approach continued after the procedure ended. Hours later, Dr Elisha’s office manager, Reina, called to enquire how I was feeling, and whether I filled the pain medication prescription. In addition, if anything usual happened, she reminded me to consult the post-procedure packet instructions; which included Dr Elisha’s contact number. I returned to Dr Elisha’s office for several check-up visits. Then and at all time, Dr Elisha and his staff were profession, courteous, and friendly; an excellent doctor and staff. Dr. Elisha expertise and professionalism is exceptional, and is complemented further by his staff. The entire experience was a relief. I highly recommend Dr Elisha to friends and family.

leon Harmon (Source: Google)


Finding Dr. Elisha was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I lost 2 of my molars due to bad root canal few years back and had difficult chewing and functioning normally. I was looking for someone with experience and someone who was an actual specialist, not one of these dentists that goes to weekend classes and does implants. Caring and detailed oriented doctor with a great bedside manner. Highly confident. Staff was great with the financial matters and their fees are reasonable. I am very happy with the results my teeth look great and feel wonderful.

Kim H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a broken front tooth. I was worried about how to find a good dentist. I looked up online. Dr. Alisha had many high recommendations. So I came to his dental office. His staff was very nice, they made me feel right at home. Right away Dr. Alisha took care my tooth. I felt that he puts patients first. Then his staff took care of my insurance. The procedure that he had worked on my tooth was so smooth and precise. Dr. Elisha had excellent experience and was highly skilled. My tooth came out very beautiful. And because of that, I came back for a second tooth implant. And it also turned out very beautiful. I highly recommend Dr. Elisha and his well trained staff for all your dental needs.

Malcolm S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


My Story begins at my General Dentist office. He went to dental school with Dr. Elisha and he remembers him as being smart, studious, and a hard working student at their school, so I didn’t mind the distance I had to travel to see the best. Dr. Elisha and his staff were kind, helpful, and they made me comfortable the moment I walked in their office.  My treatment was very challenging as I had a car accident few years back that knocked out 4 of front teeth. I was told my a few surgeons that my case was hopeless and I couldn’t get implants. Until I met Dr. Elisha. He came up with a treatment plan that with bone grafting I was able to get implants and with that my smile and my life back. Thank you Dr. Elisha. I owe you my smile.

Lexi S. from Manhattan Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


First class service in every aspect. I interviewed 3 other periodontists before choosing Dr. Elisha for my Dental Implant and Gum Grafting procedures. His consultation and evaluation was the most detailed of all the Periodontists I visited. Just about everything about him and his office was great. Beautiful high tech office and a great caring staff and he projects confidence and experience. I highly recommend him and you owe it to yourself to at least get a consultation.

Reinaldo Sagliea (Source: Google)


I originally went to one of those places that advertise implants. Got my consultation for 2 implants of my front teeth. The general dentist wanted to do the implants and I was not so sure I wanted him to do it. Did some research and came to conclusion that it was important to have a board certified specialist do my implants. Found Dr. Elisha through my own research and went in for consultation. Night and day difference when you are dealing with a specialist that has experience. Came to find out that I needed a CT scan and bone grafts prior to placing these implants and to ensure that they are successful. Lesson learned. Gotta do your research and find the right doctor to do your procedure. Implants are that important to have some general dentist place them.

Richard Nash (Source: Google)


I was referred to Dr. Elisha by a friend in Military who trained with him and knew him well. I needed my front 3 teeth replaced with implants and bone grafts and was very picky in picking a doctor. Consultation was great and he explained the procedure in detail and what i could expect. Staff is wonderful and the quote was right on. No add ons and no surprises. I really like that. Got the implants and bone grafts and the procedure went very will. Confident doctor and great results. I really like that too. Overall I found him honest , smart, and skillful.

Allen B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


About two years ago it became very apparent I was going to need some extensive periodontal work.  As my regular dentist did not perform this service, I began to interview several specialists.   I have to admit I was taken aback at the attitude and demeanor of the first few I interviewed.  They were on the Westside and tended to be loud and crude and very pushy. Like a bad cartoon, I swear as each one looked in my mouth, I saw $Dollar Signs$ light up in their eyes.  Then, it was step into the “financial office” said the spider to the fly. Most wanted to extract 5 or more teeth and to provide this service, and that service or the other – and present me with a bill comparable to a small BMW. I am so pleased to say that all changed when I met Dr. Elisha.  The first thing that struck me was that he was an exceedingly good listener – he heard what I wanted and what I was willing and able to do and unlike any of the previous specialists, never tried to speak over me, talk-down to me or persuade me to do anything I was uncomfortable with. His position was “we’ll make it work” – and he did.  It’s been a year since most of the major work was done and it’s perfect. Bottom-line, he came up with a plan to save 3 of my teeth, with a combination of gum surgery and bone grafts (which are neither as expensive or painful as they may sound).  In all, he felt only 2 of the 5 teeth needed to be replaced.  He was very patient, he took his time and worked with me to my great satisfaction. He even rejected the color of one of the crowns, which I thought was ok, tho it was not “perfect and he returned it for a remake”.  In short, Dr. Elisha is a perfectionist in all respects. In sum, I cannot recommend Dr. Elisha highly enough; he combines the best of modern technology with genuine old-fashioned care, courtesy and the respect of a trusted family doctor.  For all the work that was done, this was one of the least painful dental experiences I have ever encountered, from both a physical pain and a financial pain perspective! And much to my delight, since then, he has added an additional dentist to his staff who can perform full dental services and deep cleanings and hereafter, I will never go anywhere else.  In addition, his general support staff is first rate as well and they are quite punctual. Overall, his dental service is a very pleasant experience – well, as much as going to the dentist can be!

Nellie C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had an appointment this morning and I’m never quick to write a review but I have to say that besides the doctor, the staff makes up half the experience and I look to see how competent the staff is. So far, getting the appointment I wanted was very easy. The staff has been very competent thus far. And Dr. Elisha took his time explaining and answering any and all questions I had. He even took the time to speak to my other dentist (and mother-in-law) to explain to her everything he went over with me. Although we have not proceeded with any procedures yet, these are all good signs for me.

Amy D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Elisha and his staff are simply THE BEST! I was in need of an implant in one of my front teeth and decided to put my trust in Dr. Elisha because of the plethora of amazing reviews I read. I’m so happy I did! First off, his practice is very well run and team oriented. From the front desk staff, to the assistants, to Dr. Elisha himself, everyone always seems to be on the same page. The moment I stepped foot in the office, I could just feel the warmth, friendliness, care, and respect that everyone has for each other. Dr. Elisha is a class act! He is professional, confident, caring, knowledgeable, honest and thorough to name a few. He took ample time to explain my treatment plan and answer all of my questions. The procedure was short and painless and I seriously have never been so comfortable in a dental chair before. Dr. Elisha even went so far as to refund some of my money for the procedure due to him not using much of what he thought he would need. After my procedure, the office called to check on me and assured me that if I had any questions at all to call Dr. Elisha’s personal cell. Although I never needed to call, I felt so comfortable knowing I could contact him in the event I really needed to. I really can’t say enough great things about them. I already referred a friend who went to see him this past week and she loved them, too! If you’re in need of dental care, you’re in great hands.

Mar M. from Pasadena, CA (Source: Yelp)


So far….so good!!!! I broke an old crown. There wasn’t pain, but I needed to replace it. I read, researched and called around because without pain I didn’t feel rushed. Many places were much cheaper. But, there knowledge and professionalism was lacking when I spoke to them over the phone. I strongly believe that investing in ourselves is very important.  So, I am not looking for a savings on my health, dental or otherwise. So, I decided to go in for a consultation. I really liked the staff. Very nice! I also liked Dr. Elisha Jacob. He is clear and answers questions well. I found I was given options, which is a plus. Eventually, I met Dr. Vu too. She is amazing. She actually did my work. It was pain-free. I have had enough work to compare this. AND, when the final crown was place she did not rush it. She made a few attempts to ensure the right fit and size. Now, it is practically my favorite tooth ha ha Since the experience was less frightening than any other prior. And, the work is excellent…I have returned. I broke a front tooth in my childhood. It has been replaced twice in my lifetime. Both times by dentists I trusted in other cities where I no longer reside. This time I was also given several options. I decided for the most complex one because I currently trust these dentists. I am getting an implant. That means total tooth removal, waiting a few months with a flippers then getting a permanent tooth. I know how important our smiles and faces are as girls. Or for everyone really. I plan to post before and after pictures of a great result so other people can make informed choices too. Yes! It is expensive. I feel it will be worth it. Oh, and I get claustrophobic. I ENJOY their window views of the sky. Better than the cold, enclosed walls or cave-style in some offices. For now, I highly recommend this dental team!!!!

Haylie Branch (Source: Google)


Nowadays, it’s really hard to find a good place to take good care of your dental health needs and you won’t find a nicer, more knowledgeable super friendly staff and doctor anywhere like them! Folks here have many years of experience and it shows. Their office was beautiful and spotless & their staff were very friendly and fun to talked with, also if you have anything questions they were very prepared on answering it. And Dr. Elisha really knows his stuff. She was very professional, compassionate and hardworking periodontist that I ever met. It’s an excellent experience every time I have used their services. They’re really top-notch in customer service.

Philip Vu (Source: Google)


Anyone who has needed to get a root canal will know it can be an expensive and frightful experience. However, the staff at this dental office make it as seamless and smooth as the very teeth they work on. After losing a tooth due to a failed root canal, I was in need of an implant and Dr. Elisha delivered. His bedside manner, along with his dental work made me feel at ease every time. He possesses strong hands with decisive, precise movements which minimized pain. Although my procedure spanned a series of visits, I loved how he spent his time to explain the details of my treatment and ensured I would’t be paying for any unnecessary services. His excellence is reflective in his dental staff as well, for they’re all friendly and efficient. Conclusion: I highly recommend Dr. Elisha and his highly trained staff for all your dental needs! Extra Notes: -Accepts all insurance and credit cards -check in on yelp and buy a $50 for $100 dollar deal! -Office is clean and inviting with a cheerful atmosphere -Employees are very sweet and attentive -Ample Parking -Restrooms are clean

Brian E. from Redondo Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


This review is long overdue as Dr. Elisha corrected a failed implant that my previous dentist put in about a year and half ago.  My previous dentist was fine, his staff were professional, good at teeth cleanings and general dentistry.  So when it was found that I needed to have an implant put in where I had a crown on my front tooth, I didn’t think twice about it and simply allowed him to do the implant.  Long story short the implant he used was too small, as confirmed by multiple implant specialists I visited a few months after it was put in when it started to move.  The process of getting an implant is somewhat stressful in and of itself so when the implant started to move and I found out it was the wrong size and needed to be taken out and a new one put in I was obviously concerned.  After meeting with a few implant specialists I decided to use Dr. Elisha as he seemed to be the most knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled at performing implants.  End result was all I could have hoped for.  My only regret with Dr. Elisha is I didn’t do more research first and use him to do the implant initially.  I now only use Dr. Elisha and his staff including  I need, including cleanings, even though I live an hour away.  Moral of the story is hopefully you never need an implant, but if you do you really should see a specialist.  If you want to see the best specialist, in my opinion you won’t find a better one that Dr. Elisha.

Sanaz M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


How many of us can say they went to see the dentist and had a great experience and left without any pain??? Dr. Jacob Elisha is so confident in his work, it is easy to feel at ease. My implant procedure was flawless: when he needs to use the needle for anesthesia, you don’t even know it happened because he does it so quick and so pain free. He might be a magician on his spare time.. He is easy to understand when he explains the procedure, he is patient with questions but most of all, he is pleasant. His staff too is stellar: Ms Reina at the front is always so sweet and available. Ms Gabby in the room with Dr is also friendly and caring. Did I mention I travel from NYC for my dental work with Dr. Elisha?? Yes, worth the miles. You will be in great hands with him and his team!

Nicole Rademacher (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Elisha es supe knowledgeable and empathetic, which is hard to find in a surgeon. I had me tremendous dental anxiety, and he was very understanding and explained as much as I needed. Furthermore he is an expert. I felt no pain, healed super quick because of his percision, and the implant was placed impeccably well. When my dentist recommended him I did tons of research on him and actually pulled in a second opinion — which he never knew about — about going to him. I recommend him 100%.

M B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Having wasted unmeasurable time with other dentists who lavish big promises and rarely deliver, it was a significant delight to find Dr. Elisha.  Aside from his extremely kind and professional staff who greet you when you walk in, Dr. Elisha himself posses a very rare gift in today’s dental profession – amazing chair side manner. And this isn’t fraudulent, forged manner.  This is manner that is inherent — not something that can be taught in dental school — or life for that matter.  You feel you are instantly in the best possible, caring hands, and you are.   To Dr. Elisha and his staff – I cannot extend enough my appreciation for the brilliant work you accomplished on my post and tooth replacement.  Almost makes me want to take up hockey.  Many, many thanks.

Melissa M. from West Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


The whole office staff is wonderful! The dental implant procedure was made as easy as possible by Dr Elisha, who is kind, confident, calm, and knowledgeable.  I couldn’t have asked for a better dental implant dr! All of the girls- the hygienist and the office staff are all very friendly, engaging, and personable……they are very reliable and organized as well…..price was very competitive.  You won’t be disappointed when choosing this office for your dental needs! They also have a regular dentist on staff who does cleanings and fillings etc.