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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Regina R. from Hudson, NH (Source: Yelp)


Hands down, BEST DENTIST & STAFF EVERRR! Patient for almost 30yrs, even my sons loved him as kids & now as young adults! My ex-husbands job switched insurance one year that Dr. Rice didn’t accept.  I had an issue, went to another dentist & had a TERRIBLE experience – the dentist squirted water in my face – that was enough for me! I didn’t allow him to go any further! I wiped my face, removed the bib, suddenly remembered I had another appointment & left LOL! I went the rest of the year w/o seeing a dentist. When it was time for open enrollment at my job, I selected an acceptable insurance & immediately scheduled an appointment. Dr. Rice saw me a day & a half later! BEST DENTIST EVERRRRRR!!!!

Bill Biskup (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr. Rice for over 30 years. He is the best. Very calming and professional but still very friendly and welcoming. He’s careful and gentle and explains everything he’s doing. Jacque has been a great addition to the staff. I have gone to her several times and always get a good check-up and cleaning with good conversation. The staff has been with him long term and are friendly and do their job well. The office is always neat and clean and updated.

Larry T. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


Excellent and efficient! I arrived 5 minutes before my appointment and checked in but was taken back and to the chair in about 30 seconds! Dr. Rice and his staff were all very nice and accommodating. Their care and sensitivity made me feel at ease. My check-up included a deep cleaning of the tartar build up and the fluoride treatment. Both were done quickly and carefully. I’ve been to dentists before where when you leave your mouth doesn’t feel very clean (like you just brushed your teeth yourself) or that you can’t feel the small spaces between your teeth. Not with Dr. Rice! You can definitely feel the difference of a deep clean of your teeth. I would recommend Dr. Rice to anyone.

Darlene W. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I dare you not to smile or laugh at some point while visiting Dr. Rice. He is not only witty and down to earth but an excellent dentist. When I relocated to Philly I thought it would be impossible to find a dentist that was as painless as my prior doc until I met Dr. Rice. If you are afraid of needles, he is the dentist for you. You won’t feel a thing. What I appreciate most about Dr. Rice is he is not out to make a quick buck off of his patients. My prior dentist insisted I needed a $500 night guard for grinding my teeth. Dr. Rice informed me I could buy a $25 one in the drugstore which would be just as effective. When I developed an odd case of TMJ, instead of charging me for an office visit, he immediately spoke with me on the phone and walked me through a diagnosis at no cost. Dr. Rice’s office also informed me about, a discount program he participates in. For $100 a year, you get dental services at significantly discounted prices. It is awesome if you don’t have insurance. In regards to the office, it is updated, clean, all his x-rays are digital, and the staff is super friendly. You will not be disappointed.

Ben Smith McRobie (Source: Google)


After not going to the dentist for 7 years I chipped my front tooth. Being my first time back at the dentist I was terrified about what Dr. Rice was going to say about my dental health. He was able to fix the chip in my tooth in about 5 minutes, and that alone restored my confidence in dentist visits. I have my first teeth cleaning scheduled in a couple weeks now. Dr. Rice came off as calm and very knowledgeable which made me feel more at ease. He was referred to me by a friend, and I will be sure to recommend him to anyone I know!

Kate S. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I am absolutely terrified of doctors and have been since I was a kid. I’ve always been this way and tend to avoid seeing them unless it’s urgent. Dr. Rice though changed my view on dentists! I decided to try out Dr. Rice for my annual check up. I can’t say enough good things about my experience! He was friendly, honest and explained everything he was going to do. He explained the condition of my mouth, went over my x-rays with me and explained every part of what the image showed, future dental work that I may need and recommendations to help me take care of my teeth. I didn’t feel like he was pushy at all and he didn’t make me feel as though my questions were dumb. It’s really true that the reason we fear something is almost always b/c we don’t understand it and having him explain to me patiently his actions as a dentist, I felt so much calmer. Am I still a little scared of the dentist? Sure. But my experience with Dr. Rice was so positive I already feel a little better about my next check-up.

Joy S. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I am fairly new to the practice, I have been a patient since 2015 due to their office is close to my job. I love the whole staff.  The front receptionist is always friendly and professional.  My dental hygienist is the best, she is patient and always ask if I am comfortable .  Dr. Rice is very informative and patient. I am faithful with my every six month checkup now and look forward to seeing them. I also like the email reminders for the office visits.

Tim Bendik (Source: Google)


Everyone here does awesome work. Dr. Rice is an efficient master at what he does. I don’t know anyone who truly enjoys going to the dentist, but if you have to, I would recommend going here. Had some drilling needing done and was several years removed from my last dental visit. My cleanings and drillings were completed swiftly, I was in on time every time, and couldn’t believe how fast they are able to work while providing as comfortable experience as getting your mouth drilled could be.

Kyle Carraher (Source: Google)


I moved to Philly over ten years ago. I struggled to find a dentist as my one from my hometown was my only one from age 6-21. It took ten years but I finally find one I actually like. Staff is friendly. Dr. Rice is friendly and makes you at ease. Good dentists are hard to come by and he’s mos def the best I’ve had in Philly. I just hope he doesn’t retire for the next 50 years.

Nonye M. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I’d recommend Dr. Rice to anyone who hates going to the dentist (which, I assume, is everyone) and wants no-frills service. Whenever I come in for my for biannual cleaning I’m greeted by the friendly receptionist, promptly taken back for a quick but thorough cleaning by the hygienist Jackie, and given a comprehensive exam by Dr. Rice. Unless you have specific issues that need to be addressed, a typical check-up will last you no more than 25 minutes. As someone who has done a fair amount of dentist hopping due to previous dentists always trying to sell me products, the efficient service of Dr. Rice has been a welcome change. One note about the Yelp check-in offer: you will ALWAYS receive a goodie bag with toothpaste, a toothbrush, and floss after every cleaning, regardless of whether or not you check-in. The receptionist was actually very confused when I showed her the offer on my phone as she had apparently never seen it before. Just know that if you’ll always get a goodie bag no matter what you do.

Seth H. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


What a find – a reliable Dentist who does good work and has great staff working in their office in Center City Philly. I was referred by my Son who has been a patient for a few years and raved about the practice. He didn’t steer me wrong. Everyone is really professional and nice. I have crappy teeth with “issues” so I’m constantly having Dental emergencies, his staff go out of their way to help me out. Highly reccomend!!

Steve Roh (Source: Google)


OK I went to see Dr. Rice because my wife kept telling me how great he is. I’m happy to confirm that. The general office/front-desk operation is handled very well. Dr. Rice handled things as a true professional: he advised me that I did not need a certain procedure done, even though I had already resigned myself to paying for it. Not only did he save me a significant amount of money, but more importantly he also helped to avoid possible unnecessary complications. I really appreciate that!

Samantha L. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I called Dr. Rice’s office on a Monday morning and was able to get an appointment that following Friday afternoon. The receptionist was super-friendly and the whole appointment-making process was a breeze. I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful customer service – most doctors I’ve visited in Philly have sullen, rude front-desk employees and Dr. Rice’s receptionist was a pleasant change. On the day of my appointment I encountered a different front-office person, but he was equally as nice. And Dr. Rice was awesome! I hadn’t been to the dentist in almost two years but he was super-understanding about my plaque buildup and whisked it all away in a matter of minutes with some sort of special water plaque-fighting tool. Dr. Rice uses a digital x-ray machine, which means that the x-rays are available to within minutes of taking the pictures. He walked me through the images of my teeth one-by-one and made more effort to explain the x-rays to me than any dentist I’ve ever had. I wish I could give Dr. Rice 6 stars! He deserves a special category. I am moving from Philadelphia soon and I only wish he was open on the weekends so I could come back for my teeth cleaning! I’ve already recommended Dr. Rice to my sister and colleagues.

Meghan V. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


This crew is the real deal. I came here for the first time 3 months ago to get my teeth cleaned. It’s a small office but I really like it that way- familiar faces every time. Everyone was so kind and Dr. Rice was very personable. I’m not one to get dentist-induced anxiety but if I were, he definitely would have made me feel more comfortable and relaxed. I have a pesky tooth that keeps chipping and I get it fixed and it chips and that has happened 3x in the past. Well it happened again. I called the office and they got me in THAT SAME DAY . It’s right in the front so it was driving me crazy. Dr. Rice and the tech were like a well-oiled machine and fixed my tooth up brand new, the best it has looked since the first time it chipped. I really love this office & my husband is going there soon because I rave about them! Thanks for being awesome!

Brenna A. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Rice’s office is the best dentist experience you could want. I am always in and out in less than an hour, the wait is never long and the staff are always so friendly. I refer everyone I know to this practice and I even switched my dental coverage at work so I could stay with Dr. Rice! Seriously, if you hate the dentist-go to Dr. Rice, he’ll change your mind.

Alyssa G. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


He is the NICEST dentist I have ever had. I’m a person that doesn’t like going to the dentist or getting anything done to my teeth, but going to Dr. Rice has been a pleasure. His hygienist Jacqui is also very friendly and she takes xrays fast so if you’re prone to gagging, she’s good at taking them fast! Used to dread going to the dentist–now I look forward to my cleanings!

Seferina B. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


As someone who hates going to the dentist, I avoided going for all of undergrad AND law school (please don’t judge me). I started having tooth pains and initially went to my university’s dental school to get it checked out. After learning that I needed a root canal, I looked into local dentist offices to find a fully licensed professional. Over three quick sessions (canal, temporary crown, and permanent crown), Dr. Rice completed the root canal and I was good to go. As someone who hates the dentist, I appreciated, that Dr. Rice was quick and efficient but didn’t sacrifice a great bedside manner in favor of that efficiency. He kept me entertained, knowing that his chair was the last place I wanted to be. As a student who didn’t have dental insurance and was paying full price, I appreciated that I wasn’t charged an arm and a leg – in fact his total price for the root canal and crowns was about what I would have paid at the dental school. Overall, a lovely experience (or as lovely as a root canal can get). I’ve had no follow-up pain, although he made it clear that if there was any, it would be easy for me to make an appointment. As an added bonus, Dr. Rice’s staff is friendly and equally efficient. They were able to give me a quote on the phone when I made my initial appointment and were able to guess how long it would take. They email you the day before your appointment to confirm and, if necessary, follow up via phone. If you’re a student like me who will only be in Philly a short time, Dr. Rice is a great option. If you’re looking for a new lifetime dentist, he’s an excellent choice.

Matthew Walsh (Source: Google)


I have literally been going to see Dr. Rice my entire life. Three plus decades of great service. Sometimes, whether because I moved out of the area, or my insurance shifted, I gave a couple other dentists a shot. That really cemented how much better Dr. Rice is for me. Pleasant to work with and his staff is great too. Give him a try, no regrets.

Jody Thigpen (Source: Google)


Amazing office! The staff is great and super friendly. Dr. Rice has a great sense of humor and makes you feel very welcomed. I am always in and out super fast and don’t have to wait around. Dental hygiene advice is always helpful and non-judgmental. This is the first time I am regularly going to the dentist because it is such a pleasant experience.

Jen T. from Morristown, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Today’s first visit was truly 5-star. I have serious dental anxiety (in part due to some bizarre luck and some bad root canal work done in the past) AND I am a couple of years overdue on a dental visit. From the receptionist, to the x-ray assistant, to the hygienist, to Dr. Rice, everyone was so kind, patient, and understanding. I was walked through every step of the process and they made sure I was comfortable with everything. The treatment steps outlined were reasonable and well explained. I look forward to getting everything taken care of, and see no reason to fear the dentist moving forward! Huge! The only minor thing I would change is the hours – would love to see a weekend option even once a month, or a day with evening hours. I’ll update once I get my crown and filling done if needed.

Megan W. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I never thought I’d give a review of a dentist, let alone a 5 star review. I hadn’t been to the dentist in over three years. (Yikes!) The more time passed, the more excuses I had for not going. I rolled the dice and chose a dentist strictly from Yelp reviews and it didn’t fail me. Jackie, the dental hygienist and x-ray tech, put me at ease the moment I walked in. I immediately told her, ‘No judgment please.’ And she went on to explain her own dental journey and was so empathetic and understanding. And, most importantly, funny… she gave me a legitimate tutorial on how to floss, brush, etc. and was just about as real as it gets about everything. Dr. Rice is a joy as well. He also has a sense of humor and does not judge. Luckily I had no issues, no cavities or anything. But I set up my next cleaning and checkup in six months and will definitely stick to it for once in my life. Another positive is that they don’t try to upsell you. This may have been the first cleaning I’ve had where I wasn’t advised to get a fluoride treatment, which is good because I’ve always thought they were bs. Great environment, efficient, friendly service. I’m happy. Now here’s hoping I follow Jackie’s advice…

R H. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I found Dr. Rice on Yelp about many, many years ago after one dentist from a prestigious University City practice told me that I should have all three of my remaining wisdom teeth removed because they MIGHT eventually give me problems. He gave me a referral for his surgeon friend and an order for surgery under general anesthesia that would have cost THOUSANDS of dollars. That’s when I found Dr. Rice on Yelp and I haven’t looked back. Years later, the one wisdom tooth without an occluding tooth on the bottom did eventually start to give me excruciating pain. I already knew it had to go. I went in to Dr. Rice, he looked at it, nodded, shot some painkiller in my lip and popped it out in 2 seconds. I paid $40 bucks and he sent me merrily on my way. Dr. Rice’s practice is based on prevention and honesty. If you take good care of your teeth, brush, floss, keep your twice annual check-ups, your teeth will likely be good and he won’t recommend a whole bunch of unnecessary stuff. As someone who prefers prevention to intervention, I like his “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach. That’s hard to find in healthcare providers of any kind so when I do find that, I’m fiercely loyal. He’s a good man with a great sense of humor. Aisha, the office manager is wonderful and will remember you. Jacque, the hygienist, is a bestie. She knows I love the scraping action so she spends a little extra time doing that. We crack up. I’m so happy to see the practice get the excellent reviews it deserves.

Rebecca Ziefle (Source: Google)


I came in on 3/26 because a filling had cracked. I have some dental anxiety from some botched fillings at a former dentist but Dr. Rice made me feel extremely at ease! The whole visit last ~20 minutes and didn’t break the bank! I’ve been going to Dr. Rice for about 1.5 years now and it’s definitely been the right decision!

Neha K. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


Seriously, very awesome. I had gone to another dentist in the building, on the same floor actually, but was completely turned off to how fake everything felt in his office (in terms of service and decor and general ambience) and I will still apprehensive to go to Dr. Steven Rice’s, but decided to at least try it once before judging. Boy, I can’t tell you how awesome he is. He is so sweet. and he makes so many jokes. I wasn’t quite in the mood that day, but his effort was much, much appreciated. He also made me feel so much better about how awful my teeth are and I am so excited and proud to say that he is my dentist. I’m going to see him tomorrow, for the 3rd or 4th time in 6 weeks. And I’m not the least bit scared! actually excited. just kidding. just relieved it’s him.

Anna E. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I have been lucky to find great dentists in a few cities that I’ve lived in. When I moved to Philly, I searched for a dentist and ended up being really unhappy. I recently switched to Dr. Rice per a coworker’s suggestion and I am glad I did. It was easy to get an appointment the week I called, the office is clean, and the staff are very friendly. I did have to wait a short while before being brought back for my cleaning, but it wasn’t a huge deal. I got a thorough cleaning, Dr. Rice explained a few things in understandable terms, and I was scheduled for my next visit in no time. I’d say the only down side are the hours the office is open for those who work typical week day hours, but I’m looking forward to making it work and will definitely be returning!

Jeff R. from Elkins Park, PA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Rice for many years and he has kept my teeth in great shape. On my last visit I had two cracked and jagged teeth that needed immediate attention. I was a bit concerned that it would take more than one visit to correct my problem. To my surprise within a half hour both my teeth were as good as knew and I was now ready to listen to his witty and humorous candor. It’s hard even for me to remember which teeth were remedied.

Arlene B. from West Chester, PA (Source: Yelp)


My husband and I have been going to Dr. Rice for over 30 years. He has provided excellent dental care and has always been knowledgeable, professional and personable.  We choose to travel from Chester County to Center City because of the level of care that we receive. In fact, on our last visit, there was a couple who had made a weekend visit from north Jersey to see Dr. Rice.  Apparently, they were his first patients when he started his practice. One can only achieve that level of loyalty from his patients by being an excellent dentist and a great guy. We highly recommend Dr. Rice.

Carolyn C. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I am immediately switching dentists to Dr. Rice. Over the past couple of years, I started having ongoing dental issues. When I moved to Philly about a year ago, I started seeing a dentist near my apartment, who was fine, but didn’t seem like he really listened to my concerns about wanting to be proactive about my dental health. I felt like I was just constantly reacting to problem after problem. (Not to mention he asked me the same questions at every appointment as if he didn’t remember me, despite seeing him half a dozen times in a very short period.) I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Rice to see about switching to him, and to express my concerns and see if I could or should do anything differently. He listened to the entire saga of my teeth woes (it’s a long one!), and offered honest advice. I felt heard, and that if something should change, he’ll help me tackle it. Going forward I feel much better about dealing with my teeth, and would heartily recommend Dr. Rice to anyone!

Tierney Miller (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to Dr. Rice for almost 9 years – I brought the rest of my family along and we all love it. The office staff is so kind and friendly, Jackie is the best, Dr. Rice is attentive and knowledgeable. It’s actually an experience we’ve begun to look forward to as a family. I started my daughter with a children’s dentist when she was smaller, and when we switched her to Dr. Rice she was so much happier and more comfortable going to the dentist. A great office, a wonderful family dentist!

Emily Reineberg (Source: Google)


Dr. Rice and his staff were efficient, friendly, and accommodating. It was easy to schedule an appointment, even as a new patient, and the appointment itself was quick and painless. Dr. Rice was happy to answer questions, took the time to explain how and why I was experiencing certain problems with my teeth/jaw, and encouraged me to call with any additional questions.

Denise D. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t say enough about Dr. Rice and all his assistant and the receptionist as well..who always sends reminder emails as to the appt.   Dr. Rice puts you so at ease, he has a great sense of humor, he is gentle as is his assistant, she even has a talent to understand my garbilled words when we chit chat while she cleans my her smile and sense of humor matches Dr. Rice. Both my fiance and myself have been going to him for about 3 yrs now..and glad i found him.  He is never overbooked (even though he’s a top rated-dentist) you hardly ever wait an hour to see him..things flow pretty well most times he might just have one person waiting if at all..and one he’s working on when i arrive.  Nice bright center city office..and easy to get to by transportation as its a couple blocks off broad.  I am not one for dentists ..i came from a family where u only went to one..when you gpt a tooth ache or one fell out..we all had a fear but again, he’s a great doctor and also gives you options on anything more major he has to do if there are any..and does not automatticaly look for the the most expensive way to make a buck as some do..

Yen L. from Springfield, PA (Source: Yelp)


I only take the time to write a review for a doctor when I feel it’s warranted. On my first visit/interaction with Dr. Rice, I was taken aback at how honest he was. How so? For the past 8 years I would get a cleaning every 4-5 months, so that’s about 3 times a year. Dr. Rice informed me that since I maintain my teeth well at home, I would have to get a cleaning only twice a year. For the past 8 years, I would have to pay out of pocket for the 3rd cleaning of the year since insurances only cover 2 cleanings per year. Dr. Rice did not mention anything about insurance coverage, only that from now on I will be fine with 2 cleanings per year. For him to recommend me something for my own good says a whole lot about his character. And his character makes me want to keep coming back.

Harshith A. from CA, CA (Source: Yelp)


This review is long overdue. I usually never post about health professionals on a social networking/reviews site like Yelp! because I think these reviews are often bogus and fail to actually tell potential patients if the provider is skilled or if they just provide comfortable concierge services. In the case of Dr. Rice, however, I feel compelled to let the Yelp! readers know that he is truly the best. I recently moved away from Philadelphia, and cannot express how sad I am to no longer be able to count on Dr. Rice’s services for my dental care. His office staff, from the reception to the dental hygienists, are consummate professionals and are extraordinarily kind, competent, and accommodating. I will never forget the morning I woke up to find that my cavity had turned into a dental abscess. I was in incredible pain and needed assistance urgently, and Dr. Rice saw me without hesitation for an urgent visit. He immediately diagnosed the problem, and recognizing that I may need more advanced therapy referred me to an endodontist in walking distance who saw me instantly. For 3 years, I felt like Dr. Rice provided that kind of service to me, and never suggested any procedures or treatments that were unnecessary. As his other patients can likely attest, he is direct, to the point, but kind and caring. He is a fantastic dentist and I would encourage those looking for a great dentist in center city to consider Dr. Rice’s office.

Anthony Gregorey (Source: Google)


I just left Dr. Rice office and as soon as I came in the receptionist greeted me promptly in such a professional and inviting manor. The entire staff welcomes you into the practice, with great white smiles I might add. It was such a fast and efficient teeth cleaning. They are by far, the best dental office I’ve been to this far!

Nikki C. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


I HATE the dentist. With a passion. I’ve had the worst experiences with dentists to and I was dreading seeing Dr. Rice. On the contrary, this man is a mouth whisperer! It sounds a lil disgusting but hear me out. He has a fairly small practice downtown and the customer service was grade A. Dr. Rice made me feel at ease, his dry humor made me laugh for the first time in a dentists office and more than anything he knows his stuff! I definitely had to go to yelp to let everybody know that he’s your tooth man if you’re looking.