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Tyson’s Dental Esthetic
Sanae Bouallali-Berrada, DDS
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Diana S. from Sterling, VA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Berrada is fantastic. I have had TMJ for decades and my jaw would lock up. Other dentist didn’t know what to do and it was frustrating and painful. Dr. Berrada fit me with 2 mouth guards. One is on the top for night time wear and the bottom one is for during the day. The night time one works great and I don’t wake up with my jaw locked or pain in the joints. The day time one was a little bit weird at first when I tried to eat and talk but now it doesn’t stop me at all. It is a miracle not to have daily pain anymore. I don’t have the swollen face, headache, and tenderness on my face anymore. Love it. I even decided to try eating popcorn with my mouth guard in and I was able to eat a bowl full without pain or locking my jaw!! If you have TMJ set up an appointment to see Dr. Berrada. We don’t need to suffer for years in pain anymore!!!

Aram Zaldivar Rodriguez (Source: Google)


First time I came to Dr. Berrada’s place, I was afraid because many reviews for past practice in the same place were not so good. Now I’m patient of Dr. Berrada for more than two years, and I think she is exceptional! The clinic is very clean, and the state of art of her instruments are on the top for the industry. The staff is very friendly and professional.

Supanin D. from Elite '2021 Herndon, VA (Source: Yelp)


Looking online for dental office for emergency consultant. And found this place with the great rating and good review. Requested online appointment for implant consultation because I were losing my teeth. I did talked with one other place in fairfax old town before I came to see Dr. Sanae Berrada, she is amazing. She was sitting down checking on my case, listening what was my situation, and tried to help with the best solution. Staffs were also very helpful and nice. End up I decided to have Dr. Sanae Berrada taking care of me. She was explaining to me steps by steps what was going to be done, and will it be completed for the next appointment. On the other hand, the other place in fairfax, they just tried to sell me, the dentist over there never care what my situation was. He just wanted me to say yes, to do an implant. Can you believe that, he didnt even touch my teeth or opened my mouth to take a look, but charged me for $325 x-ray. But here like advertise online, no hidden fee, free consultation. Total cost was split out in details. I am looking forward to see the result, however so far great job. I am so impressed. Thank you for Dr and the team.

Patricia B. from Arlington, VA (Source: Yelp)


This visit was scheduled to correct shoddy work done by another dentist; his results made it difficult to eat food and clean my teeth. Dr. Berrada took me in (within 24 hours of my phone call), treated me with great compassion, worked on my teeth painlessly, and produced results that I call perfect. My bite is properly aligned, my torn gum is healing, and the color of her fillings matches my adjacent teeth…very different from the other guy. She is meticulous: when she saw a small problem with another tooth (earlier work by the shoddy dude), she just fixed that spot also — no extra charge. Surely she cannot do that for everyone and still stay in business, but she did not like the idea of having me undergoing anesthesia and only half finished. In my book, that is integrity. The office is immaculate, and manager Grace is well-named: she was graceful in all her dealings with me or others in the waiting room, and “the trains run on time.” The only minus is not the fault of the dentist or her staff: if you are handicapped as I am, you will find entry to the office suite difficult…this building is definitely NOT ADA-compliant, as parking spaces are tucked into steep corners (not by the doors one must reach), front steps are quite steep and of differing heights, and there is only one rickety handrail. Not helpful and probably not legal. However, I am willing to struggle with the building to reach a dentist who is meticulous and compassionate, doing work with integrity.

Chris Allen (Source: Google)


You will be glad to know everyone at Tysons Dental Esthetics is friendly, courteous, kind & does their job well. In addition to normal dental services I personally attest that root canals & implants are done calmly, painlessly, & timely. These professionals are down to earth workers who seem to have fun caring for their patients. So glad I am their client. A very positive, upbeat establishment. Chris Allen

Andy Johnson (Source: Facebook)


You know how all dentist practice say do not worry about anything. They all say this. Well I just left my old dentist just because I always get worked up on going. Even to go in and get a cleaning. Well I had a big issue with my last visit and had enough..so while I was sitting in the waiting room Grace says to me you should not worry it will be fine. Well truth be told I did feel totally different just in the waiting area. Which was very short wait. They took me back and it was the easiest visit I have ever had and I am hoping it will continue this way all the time. My family and I have found our new dentist. No pain and easy going.

Derek Foxley (Source: Google)


I have been to this office several times now and I have been pleased each and every time. First of all Dr. Berrada is kind and welcoming and takes the time to make sure I understand, and shows me what is happening with my teeth and then explains my options. She is very skilled when she works on your teeth- you can feel she knows what to do. She is a pleasure to have as a dentist. Plus she speaks French! Likewise the office staff has always been helpful, and very friendly. They are completely proficient and supportive in their roles. They are willing to talk to you and treat you like a valued person during the whole process.

Aung Oakkar (Source: Google)


My first dentist appointment in 8 years! I had been a horrid at compliance until today. Thank you to the friendly and professional staff, my experience was amazing and comfortable for a bunch of uncomfortable and cringe-worthy procedures. I would recommend this place to my friends and family.

Chevonne Thomas (Source: Google)


I absolutely love Tysons Dental Esthetics!! Dr. Baroda has been taking care of my teeth and my son’s teeth for years. I trust nobody with our oral health but her and her team! Every experience has been great!! And it’s a one stop for all our oral health needs! Exams, orthodontics, cleaning, cosmetic dentistry! Everything! Highly recommended!!

John Clark (Source: Google)


Truly just an awesome dental practice !! You really feel like family and every effort is made to ensure you are comfortable throughout your procedure. What really stands out is that they not only do great work but they really take the time to teach preventive maintenance with just about every visit, a staff that really cares for their patients. Competitively priced with great service, what else could you ask for. Ask for Grace, one of their 5 star employees. John C

Jorge Agustin (Source: Google)


Dr. Berrada and her amazing staff have made for me what used to be a scary and painful experience to now actually look forward to visit them and improve my dental health. Since my first visit I felt welcomed and cared for and that feeling has persisted in every one of my visits. After 2 years of being a patient, now I find myself in the need to find a new dental care office because of a move across the country. I hope they live up to my now new standards of service that Dr. Berrada and her team have made me get used to. Thank you!

Behnoosh Binesh (Source: Google)


Words cannot describe how much I appreciate and love my dental hygienist (Niloofar Mishani )at Tysons Dental Esthetics. She was very professional, knowledgeable and kind. I normally get very tense during my dental cleanings but She had the softest hands and was able to give me one of the best cleanings of my life!!!! 🙂 Dr. Berrada who is the owner of the practice also made me feel very comfortable during my dental exam. She was able to answer all my questions and concerns. She is very kind and professional. Overall, I was very happy and pleased with the office and I highly recommend this practice to everyone.

Sree Ananth (Source: Google)


Dr.Berrada is the best I have ever seen in this orthodontic services. When I moved from NJ to VA , I have seen like several doctors who can take care of my exisiting braces. I felt really comfortable when I met her . We dint have too much of conversation but still I wanted to give a try. From my very first appointment , there were no issues with my braces and it was well taken care of . Never ever went for re work. She is the best. She is pretty too. Her office is always neat and clean. When I had a major accident with my teeth, I scheduled a very next day appointment I was again well taken care of my issue. Doctor always welcomes us with her smile. Love her. tysons is always busy 🙂 Coming to the front desk. Never seen a front desk person like GRACE. Ms. Grace is very nice girl to speak with and easy for scheduling the appointment. Love GRACE. She welcomes everyone with smile and making some jokes around. She is the best. If you wanted to go to check up or be a ortho treatment, please dont have a second thought. Dr.Berrada is the best in Tysons area.

Yassine Benis (Source: Google)


This is just to confirm my satisfaction from this practice with multiple visits starting from a welcoming stuff very professional with all the questions answered in a timely fashion. The dentist is outstanding and explains everything, explains all the phases of the treatment and the length of the treatment and also the outcome expected . I take all my family to this practice And I can’t tell you how satisfied we are with Dr. berrada and her staff. They provide us with a unique experience with every visit. It had made it very easy for our kids to go to the dentist without it being an ordeal for them to go even with my youngest ones. They’re allHappy every time to go and meet Dr. berrada.
I will never change my doctor because of the ongoing constant Satisfaction The practice provide to me and to my family

Michelle Landreth (Source: Google)


Great experience! The team and Dr. Berrada are all very caring and really listen to you. I have had cleanings and bondings on my teeth along with invisalign. Dr. Berrada has changed the way I smile now when I am around others. I am proud to tell others that I am a patient of Tysons Dental Esthetics

Jana S. from McLean, VA (Source: Yelp)


While going to the dentistry can be scary, Dr. Berrada and her staff make an exception to that rule. Her entire team makes you feel apart of another family, and they’re so easy to work with. I would like to thank Dr. Berrada for the meticulous way she attended every detail very thoroughly. There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful she is, and how kind her admin team is. She really is the authentic tooth fairy, and I’m so grateful for having her as my dentist.

Joe N. from Vienna, VA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a “Very Satisfied Patient” at Tyson’s Dental Esthetics since Dr Berrada began her Dental Practice and I could not be “happier-for-my-decision” to have my dental care in her hands. All the Office Staff Personnel are very professional and extremely friendly and the Office Environment is extremely clean with a modern and professional atmosphere. Most important, all the Dental Equipment is “State-of-the-Art”. I recommend “Tyson’s Dental Esthetics” for any individual that wants the “Best Care” possible for their “TEETH”….

Robert P. from Arlington, VA (Source: Yelp)


Tysons Dental Esthetics took over when my dentist retired. I always hate having to start with a new dentist, but this time, I struck gold! This is a state of the art practice. Excellent staff. Drs. Sanae Berrada and Sandra Glickman are as good as it gets. If I could give this practice a 6th star, I would do it. Crown popped out yesterday. I had an appointment for the next day to cement it back. Area around the crown was decaying. Ex-rays showed infection. I needed a root canal and a new crown. Dr. Gickman was able to do it immediately. AND AND AND the new crown was installed on the same visit. Amazing new technology!! Dr. Glickman let me watch her create the crown on the computer screen. It is done IN HOUSE. In one day I had a root canal, and a new crown cemented in. Now, I really never expected this to all occur in one day, and it might not happen to you, but even if you schedule an appointment for a root canal, there is no more impressions and no more waiting for two weeks for your crown. I used TDE for three years now. I highly recommend you try them out if you are in need of a new dentist.

Richard Hooper (Source: Google)


I came to Tyson’s Dental Esthetics and Dr. Barrada several years ago with a mouthful of dental issues resulting from years of frustration in finding a practice where I was confident and comfortable. I’m happy and thankful that I’ve found such a place now. After an extended treatment plan including myriad fillings, multiple, crowns, and more recently an implant, I have find myself healthy and confident with my smile. All procedures were performed by Dr. Barrada with skill and precision using the latest in technology available. I heartily recommend Tyson’s Dental Esthetics. Dr. Barrada, her colleagues, and staff, are professional, efficient, and friendly. I am sure your experience there will be as pleasant as it can be.

Michael Tapscott (Source: Google)


Tysons Dental Esthetics will take care of just about every service needed in house. From the welcome process on, you will see the emphasis on safety, care, and the use of all of the current technologies… a wonderful group of professionals from start to finish. I have been a patient here for more than 6 years and have complete trust in every aspect of the operation.

Geraldine Quiroz (Source: Facebook)


I used to fear going to the dentist. Fear no more, Tyson’s Dental Esthetics make one feel very welcomed and cared for. The dental work is quality and can’t thank the entire staff for going the extra mile all the time. If you’re looking for consistency, quality, friendliness, trustworthy dental practice, this is the one. Thank you again for all you do!

Paula Andrews (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Berrada is awesome. She is always looking to improve her education and sharpen her dental skills taking the latest in conferences and classes to be able to offer the most up to date technology for her patients. She is compassionate, caring, friendly and professional. If you choose her as your dentist you won’t be sorry. 5 stars

Dana Gaither (Source: Google)


Finally, I found a dental practice that is honest, efficient, and comprehensive. They explained everything to me and showed me pictures to back up what they were saying. They were gentle and thoughtful. I’ve had so many bad experiences with dentists until I don’t like going at all. I’m actually okay with going to my next appointment. To top it all off everyone in the office was friendly and concerned about my needs.

Mick Berry (Source: Google)


Everyone “knows someone” who has a pain-free dentist or is looking for one. This office, however, is the real deal. Take it from someone who has feared the dentist chair for over 50 years. These guys are special. From the front office to the chairs in back, they are friendly and genuinely interested in maintaining your best oral health. I was also very impressed with their latest, up-to-date equipment. Very nice

Daniela Oliva (Source: Google)


My daughter went in for her sealants. We were greeted by a friendly receptionist (Grace) she was super kind and super friendly she makes you feel at home as soon as you walk in. My daughter was super nervous at first but the hygienist (niloo) and the assistant (Alex) helped her get rid of those nerves. Both the assistant and hygienist played with her and talked her through it at the end she was smiling and not nervous at all!

Sara Dong (Source: Google)


Coming from a person who fears the dentist.. To list a few things: the staff is very nice, knowledgeable and helpful, a clean environment and no pain during procedures! I would recommend Dr. Berrada to anyone looking for a dentist. I found this office in May and I’ve already had multiple procedures and couldn’t have asked for a better place. Dr. Berrada is trustworthy and the best!!

Gabe Hoffman (Source: Google)


Outstanding staff and service. The latest technology with the personal touch. We are treated like family. We are older adults. The routine services are excellent. I had a crown done, high quality and not unpleasant. I just completed Invisiline and my wife braces. We are both very happy with the results. Been going here for almost 4 years, even when we moved, we still keep coming back.

Rachel Borhauer (Source: Google)


The dentist is not my favorite place to go. But I broke my molar and needed it repaired. I had been recommended to this practice by a friend and just had not gotten to making an appointment. They responded quickly and repaired my tooth with a crown. I really liked the Dentists and staff. Very Friendly. This will be my dentist for a long time to come.

Badria B. Wolcott (Source: Google)


I have been a patient of Dr Berrada for more than 7 years. She’s very thorough and extremely professional. She always takes the time to explain what needs to be done, what procedures she suggests and so on. You know from the get go what to expect and that you are in good hands. I’m sad that she left the Hampton Roads area but will gladly make the 4 hour trip to DC to continue seeing her on a regular basis as I know how hard it is finding a great dentist, one that you are comfortable with and that you can trust.

Mandy Gensimore (Source: Google)


I recently had a dental implant under the professional care of Dr. Berrada. She exceeded my expectations. She came highly recommended to me by fellow co-workers and I am so happy that I chose to make the drive from Fredericksburg to see her. She is kind, gentle, takes time to explain everything to her patients, and has an impeccable bedside manner.

Peter Herman (Source: Google)


Dr Sanae Berrada and her amazing staff could not have been attentive and caring. They took care of me and went above and beyond my expectation. After my surgery people commented on what an incredible change it has made and how good the work looks. I highly recommend her for any of your dental needs. She will take excellent care of you and make you look like a million dollars. But at a reasonable price.

Ivan Quinn (Source: Google)


I went in for a teeth cleaning last week. Neilou did yet another superior job. I love how detail oriented she is (and that can be said for the entire staff from Grace at the front desk to Neilou and over to Dr. Berrada and Dr. Chopra) as Neilou is never satisfied until your teeth are perfect. During this visit, I had the opportunity to been seen by Dr. Chopra. She is new to the clinic but not to dentistry. Dr. Chopra use to practice in Manhattan and is originally from Maryland. Dr. Chopra put some filler around a couple of teeth near my gums where the gum had receded and exposed too much tooth, leaving it susceptible to decay. Dr. Chopra worked very quickly and diligently to complete the procedure. Like Dr. Berrada and Neilou, Dr. Chopra is very detail oriented and took time to explain exactly what she was doing as she was doing it. I am very happy with TDE. Keep up thew great work!

Roger Porres (Source: Google)


I’m a relatively new patient to TDE, but I’m really impressed with how professional and efficient their staff is, the high level of their technology, the cleanliness of their office, and the care Dr. Berrada has shown me. As long as my insurance doesn’t change, I plan to stay with TDE. Then again, I -think- they accept most insurance.