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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Pediatric dental care


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

Sedation dentistry

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Ellie K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I came to Dr. Cheng after my old crown fell off (during the COVID quarantine). My brother-in-law highly recommended Dr. Cheng, and my old dentist wasn’t seeing patients except for urgent emergencies, so I decided to give it a shot. All I can say is, it was worth the drive from Pasadena to West LA! I can tell Dr. Cheng has a lot of experience, but equally important, he’s very detail-oriented, meticulous, and doesn’t make recommendations based on how it affects his bottom line. I can tell he takes a lot of pride in his work. I’ve had to visit a few times now to complete the process of getting a new crown, and each time I’ve been impressed with the care I’ve received. I have a new (much higher) standard for dentists now. Thanks Dr. Cheng, and I’ll definitely be back!

Seth I. (Source: Google)


I love this office!!! I am not big on going to the dentist, but this office made me feel at home. The staff is wonderful and Dr Cheng  made it clear that they care about me. They are both kind and knowledgeable and I felt at ease while there. The office is super nice, very clean, comfortable, and they offer state of the art dentistry same day dentistry which is nice with my busy work schedule. They are very conveniently located with tons of free parking. I have already recommended this office to several friends.

Miriam Carbajal-Roque (Source: Facebook)


The staff at Vision Dental is amazing, super friendly and professional . I was there today (as a new patient) and I was very impressed with their work. Definitely will recommend this place to anyone, makes you feel comfortable and important . Dr. Cheng thank you for answering all my questions and concerns!!!

Holly Y. from Arcadia, CA (Source: Yelp)


This practice is by far the best and most professional office I’ve ever been to. Vision Dental is also super convenient as it is walking distance from my apartment. However, there are actually two locations (Santa Monica and West LA) and both have free parking which is definitely a plus in LA! The front desk (specifically Linda, Melissa and Mike) are all super kind and helpful! They’re always super patient when I call to make appointments and when I check out post-appointment. Dr. Cheng makes me feel super comfortable and I trust him with my dental health. I typically hate getting numbing shots but I never feel a thing when I get them here! I’ve gotten my teeth cleaned by Amanda & Liz and they are both incredibly thorough. My favorite part of my appointment is being able to watch The Office re-runs and Food Network on their flat-screen TVs!! P.S. don’t forget the best passion fruit flavored chapsticks!!

Christi A. Ciani (Source: Google)


Exceptionally professional staff. Dr. Cheng has a wonderful and caring bedside manner. I was in a lot of pain and felt that I was given all of the possible causes for my pain so as to be able to make the best decision for treatment. He is like a detective dentist! Very thorough and respectful.

Amy W. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was on a tight timeline and needed to get some old fillings changed out. I started calling around and Vision Dental was able to schedule me the next day.  They actually have two locations. I’ve been to both Santa Monica and Century City locations. Both are really new and similar in niceness. You know a dental office has state of the art dental technology if they’ve taken the time and care to bolt a smart tv to the ceiling. I also really appreciated the dentist taking the time to take pictures to show me after exactly what work was being done. Both locations have free parking. Dr. Cheng was really great. He’s one of those dentists where you could just tell knows what he’s doing. He was really informative of what he thought was best for what I wanted and suggested I even wait on a few less urgent (but expensive) matters. I’m a ginger when it comes to pain and always need a lot of numbing shots during dental work but not this time! I was actually shocked that I didn’t have to raise my hand during the appointment. The technicians and hygienist are also very very nice! They were really kind to me and also explained a lot of what they were doing, why, and how this will benefit me. I highly recommend this place.

Yuna I. from Mid-City West, CA (Source: Yelp)


So I went to see Dr. William Cheng, supershort notice, and he was awesome!!  But let’s start from the very beginning… I called Vision Dental when I was almost completely out of hope…and the lady who answered the phone was super nice. (Kindness and patience go SUCH a long way, especially at a dentists’ office!) I let her know that I needed to be seen ASAP, as it was pretty urgent. She got me an appointment the very next day! So I go to their (very clean/nicely designed) office and I meet Dr. William Cheng, and told/showed him what was wrong and asked his opinion and treatment options. NEVER ONCE did I feel like he had to be elsewhere, or like he was trying to sell me on things/treatment I didn’t need. He heard me out completely and made sure I understood everything, reconfirming for me, multiple times, on answers I needed.  He even referred me to a specialist oral surgeon AND got me in the door THE SAME DAY. I drove the couple miles to the specialist he referred me to, AND got work I needed done, again:  SAME DAY.  Just. Incredible.  Dr. William Cheng seemed to fully comprehend how distraught I was, how draining it is to find a “good” dentist, and how important it was to get it done RIGHT.  The first time! Thank you Vision Dental, and of course, Dr. Cheng!!

Jerry Tien (Source: Google)


This place is awesome! I came here to get my two of my teeth extracted and I was really scared about the pain. Dr. Cheng could tell I was really nervous so he explained every step of the process to me and was able to remove my teeth in just a few minutes. The entire process was completely painless. This place isn’t your standard dental office. I’m used to old chairs, industrial looking rooms and dentists who are older than your dad. Vision Dental’s facility feels like it should be in a movie about the future. Everything is modern, high tech and most of all CLEAN. The staff at Vision Dental are all young and dare I say “hip”. Having a dentist who is younger and way more knowledgable in the modern processes makes the process extremely comfortable. Nobody likes going to the dentist, but Vision Dental makes the process very pleasant. I would definitely recommend them!

Kenneth Yang (Source: Google)


Dr. Cheng is welcoming, knowledgable, and my new favorite dentist. I’m not the biggest fan of going to the dentist but Vision Dental is always extremely clean and comfortable chairs, modern, tv’s in every room with cable and nextflix (in every room! You have control of the remote), and consistently cleans/fixes/fills/all other dentist duties to perfection.

Tim M. from Venice, CA (Source: Yelp)


This was my first visit to Vision and I was made to feel very comfortable the moment I arrived. The office is very modern and doesn’t have the antiseptic smell that some offices have. The staff and Dr were very friendly. While I was waiting, I had the chance to either listen to music, watch Netflix, or TV. A nice way to lower any anxiety when going to the dentist. I was there for an initial appointment, cleaning, and xrays. Generally the hygienist gives cleanings but the Dr cleaned my teeth and explained the the hygienist will next time. He wanted to get an assessment of my mouth. As a result: staff friendliness 5, office 5, service 5, parking/location 4. I’m glad I chose Dr Cheng and Vision Dental.

C. Michelle L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


So my mother”s experience with dentist through out her lifetime have not been satisfactory. She basically developed a small fear for the dental office and avoided going.Until recently when we were  recommended to see Dr, Cheng. We went into his office, and he staff was friendly and inviting. The atmosphere is relaxing, office smells amazing, and  it is just beautiful and clean (VERY MODERN). We went in for a consult which required taking x-rays, and doing an exam. All and all everything went great; even though she has some issues that require us to make further appointments (which is what tends to happen when you avoid the dentist). I basically didn’t have to stay in the room and  hold her hand because everyone made her feel very comfortable. Dr. Cheng  was very nice and explained everything that needed to be done in a detailed manner to which we both could understand. Everything went so well, She actually went in to do a couple of fillings soon after. She expressed how painless it went and wish she would have known of him sooner. .Dr .Cheng  and his assistant just made her feel so comfortable. She actually looks forward to her appointments.Finally! We found a Dentist to take care of her dental needs and soon mine. Very Satisfied with this office Dr. Cheng is great. Super excited we found an excellent dentist.

Jeff K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Ive been to at least 6 dentists, this is easily the best one. Everyone was nice friendly and helpful but it really comes down to one thing. I have a crown which could probably use replacing, but Rodger, the dentist I saw, gave me his honest opinion that for the time being it was probably fine. Basically, given the opportunity to sell more dentistry to me these guys said, “we could, but you don’t really need it.” I’m still pretty floored about that response. This seems to be their schtick as they told me a couple of times that most places will charge for the fluoride treatment I also got. However, I think you can keep your kantian honest shopkeeper to yourself because these people are nice people. In addition they have TV’s on the ceiling which are probably a big draw. You can watch the news and be angry at something that isn’t the dental work. I already have my appointment made for 6 months later. Highly recommend .

Rami E. from West Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have known Dr. Cheng for many years and regard him as one of the very three  top dentists in Los Angeles if not California. He has amazing dental skills and knowledge as well as integrity, fairness and conservatism in treatment planning which I respect immensely. As a previous professor at UCLA school of dentistry, I recommend Dr. Cheng to everyone who seeks perfection in dentistry. I’m very proud of you.

Maryann P. from Detroit, MI (Source: Yelp)


Omg I think I have found my new dentist!! Dr. William Chang is so awesome! I have not been to the dentist in four years, and I told him I didn’t want to be lectured or anything! And he didn’t! But he did advise I don’t wait that long. The atmosphere was so nice and welcoming! The staff there is nice as well. Dr. Cheng answered all my questions, I didn’t feel like he was rushing or anything. I’ve always had a fear with going to the dentist, but I think this may be my permanent dental place. I will fly/drive here even if I move somewhere, I honestly think it is so hard to find a great dental place that treats you well, not try to charge you an arm and leg. I got a free consultation and X-rays for $175.
The X-rays kind of hurt though, only when you have to bite on the thingy, which isn’t anyone sfault I am going back for a filling and cleaning next week! I will update you guys on that! Update! So I came in to get a cleaning and filling. And omg this was one of the best cleaning I’ve gotten, maybe it’s because I has to pay out of pocket vs being younger and having Medicaid. And the filling is white and not silver which I love! And it didn’t even hurt! I really do recommend this place, I really love how comfortable the vibe is!

Tania L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just had my first teeth cleaning and general exam at Vision Dental and I couldn’t be more impressed. The front staff, Melissa and Linda, were very friendly and welcoming. The hygienist, Sergio, was patient, knowledgeable and took great care in explaining everything about my teeth. I’m super sensitive and he made me feel very comfortable. The dentist, Roger Garcia, knows his stuff. He educated me on what to do to stop my gum receding and how to better care for my teeth between visits. His level of knowledge was incredible. I would definitely recommend this place.

Elizabeth V. from Temple City, CA (Source: Yelp)


I went in for my wisdom tooth removal and it was AMAZING. I came in and I was very nervous because I had heard all the horror stories about wisdom tooth removal. However, the doctor was so gentle and experienced that I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever. The most painful part, as they had warned me, was the shots but for me it wasn’t painful AT ALL.
The quality of service is AMAZING. I’m very, very happy here and 100/10 recommend this dental office!!

Vivian W. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Cheng and the team are awesome. The space is small but clean and cute. Their team works really quickly and thoroughly. I always get started on time and the tv is on the ceiling so you can watch shows while you get your pearly whites up to tip top shape!!

Khurram C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Had a great experience with Dr Willian Cheng and his team very professional had amazing equipment and even a TV on the ceiling to watch while you have work done very friendly clean space will definitely go back

Sandra L. from Marina del Rey, CA (Source: Yelp)


Update: I recently ended my 1 year Invisalign treatment with Dr. Cheng and I couldn’t be happier with my teeth! ———— This is the most amazing dental office I’ve been to. Dr. Garcia does an excellent job with teeth cleanings. I also had him redo a bad job that a previous dentist had done filling in a chip on my tooth (bonding) and he nailed it. The orthodontist, Dr. Cheng, is great too. She pointed out things about my teeth that other orthodontists had never mentioned before. I’m going to do a short Invisalign treatment with her soon. Also the staff is awesome. I parked in the wrong parking lot (one that they don’t validate) and one of them walked with me to get my car and waited at the pay station and paid my parking fee 🙂

Michael Che Romero (Source: Google)


This place is special from the front office (Mike & Melissa) to all the way in the back back (Dr. Cheng) the people here are authentic, kind and care about your dental health. Happy teeth make happy people.This place just feels good to be in. Tis very clean, sleek and modern. The equipment is the latest and greatest dental tech. Front office is super chill and I am digging the new mural of the Cali Bear inside of it the Westwood Village Fox Theatre and The Bruin Theatre super cool and very soothing color schematic. I have found the very best dentist in Los Angeles, Westwood, West LA, hey hey that’s all I have to say!

Kayla V. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I moved to LA in the winter of 2019 and realized I needed to find a new dentist in the area. With that being said, finding a really GREAT practice/staff is almost like trying to find a great mechanic. Luckily, I was unable to make an appointment with another dentist I found, because then I wouldn’t have been able to come to Vision! Right off the bat, Vision’s front desk staff was extremely transparent with what I was covered under/what I’m paying for. I appreciate that they are able to give me any answer to any question I have regarding insurance and the break down of the costs. They are always so helpful and give me many many many options on how to go about any dental work. Secondly, I am very fortunate to have Dr. Cheng as my new dentist now, SO GLAD! The past ~2 years I’ve had this “bad dental” stint in my life that has required what seems to me a lifetime of procedures in my mouth from a previous dentist, but with Dr. William Cheng he was able to really explain to me what was happening/honest recommendations and referred me to a great specialist (who also has been nothing short of excellent). The past year of check ups and cleaning have been so much more enjoyable and I guess comforting (if you will) knowing you have a dentist who is so informative, has a great attention to detail and genuinely is looking out for your dental health. All of the technicians and hygienist are so kind and really take their time to make sure everything is basically perfect. Overall a great dental practice and I highly recommend to anyone who needs a dentist in this area.

Chris Y. from Westwood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just finished a ~10 month invisalign procedure with Dr. Nicole Cheng and could not be more pleased with the result. Everything from start (consultation) to finish (final smile pictures / retainer fittings) was awesome. Dr. Cheng is meticulous, kind and will tell it to you how it is. During my penultimate check-in, I asked her not to take my invisalign off (even though I really, really wanted to by that point…) until she was satisfied with my bite. She advised that I kept going for about 6 more weeks and I ended up with a beyond-satisfactory smile! The staff is so, so cordial and helpful. Shao at the front desk & all of the assistants were super kind and flexible with my busy work schedule. During the middle of my treatment, I actually decided to start going to Vision Dental as my primary dentist as well (shout out Dr. Garcia, he is an awesome dentist). If you are a first time patient and live equidistant between the santa monica & westwood/century city offices, I recommend you go to the latter. The latter is a much newer facility & I think parking is much easier there as well! Last but not least, I really appreciated that Dr. Cheng never tried to upsell me on anything. When I first started doing research on Invisalign, I hated how some offices really tried to sell me on all this extra junk; Vision Dental was all business! Thanks for the new & improved smile, Dr. Cheng!

Frank S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Best dentist I have ever had by a very wide margin. Its not that other dentist I have experienced were bad, just Vision Dental is exceptionally good. Extremely clean office, easy to access parking, equipped with the utmost state of the art equipment available. Takes extremely good care of his patients. Dr. Cheng is incredible with his work, taking his time to make sure everything is perfect, very careful when working to minimize any pain. He is 100% a perfectionist at heart and takes pride in his work. He will in detail break down both what issues you are having and how he will fix it. Additionally the staff are polite and professional. They will give you reminders for appointments and help you schedule new dates. I can not think of a single flaw of this dental practice.

Scott Cheng (Source: Google)


Had an amazing experience here (I know thats hard to say about going to the dentist). The place is very clean and the staff is all very warm and welcoming. Dr. Cheng and Dr. Garcia do an excellent job, their detailed work definitely make you feel at ease. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a top of the line dentistry with convenient hours, great dentists and staff.

Michelle Huang (Source: Google)


Before coming to Vision Dental, I had always been terrified of the dentist because of my sensitive gums. I made it clear to Dr. Cheng that I had previously experienced a lot of pain during my teeth cleanings and he made sure my cleaning was 100% pain free (which it was)! I also had a small cavity filled, which took no time at all and was again completely painless. Dr. Cheng is very knowledgable and informative. He was very attentive and answered all my questions about my teeth, the procedure and oral hygiene in general. Vision Dental is extremely clean and equipped with the most modern technologies! This was the best dental experience I have ever had. I highly recommend coming to Vision Dental for you dental needs!

Genevieve Y. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Vision Dental is AMAZING! They’re adding another location and already have two. They were very understanding and accommodating of my late arrival today. Thank you so much!  I love the teeth  cleaning, they do a gentle and thorough job. Super friendly staff. I’ve upped my visits so I can stay ahead of their recommendations to improve my practically perfect teeth. Healthy teeth and gums = a longer life, as Oprah  (I’m serious) But really, very professional, helpful, detailed. So happy I searched yelp and found them a year ago. This is my third visit. We also referred a friend who is having extensive work done and she loves the doctors who’re helping her. Look no further. Vision Dental is the BEST, hands down.

Venise C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I first came to Vision Dental based off of a friend’s recommendation. I was so desperate to find a dentist quickly that I didn’t even look at Vision Dental’s Yelp reviews before making an initial appointment, and I’m glad I didn’t. I would have seen all of the 5-star ratings and glowing reviews and thought, “Oh, they must bribe their patients to write good reviews” or “They probably just delete the bad reviews.” Well, let me just say: no one bribed or incentivized me to write this review; I am not a Yelp bot; I am a real person with real teeth lol And all I can say is “ditto” to all of the other reviews. I see Dr. Cheng, who is nice, patient, skillful, and detail oriented. All reception/administration staff, hygienists, and assistants are equally great. Simply put, you should come here.

Luigi A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Vision Dental is one of the friendliest place to get your teeth worked on. The dentist there really know how to speak to you and try to help you the best way they can. When I went for a teeth cleaning and check-up, they brought me in after I made an appointment and took around 30-40 minutes and BOOM done. They told me what I needed and how my teeth were doing and I was on my way. I would really recommend everyone to go to Vision Dental I guarantee that you won’t be sorry. 😀

Mike F. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I recently switched to Vision Dental. Dr. Cheng and his staff provide great care and for additional dental work I need, thoroughly explained different options for me. My whole family goes here and we are all really happy with their level of service and attention to detail.

Kevin Elgrichi (Source: Google)


Unlike many dental practices I’ve visited in the past, Vision Dental is a patient-centered practice. In other words, the patients needs and comfort is always the first priority at this office. I have always been a little nervous when visiting the dentist, and when I found out I needed to have my wisdom teeth removed, I was less than pleased. I found Vision Dental based off of their perfect reviews and scheduled a consult. I filled out a few forms and was seen by Dr. Cheng almost immediately after. He examined my mouth and took an X-ray. He involved me in every step of the treatment planning and made sure to use terms that I would understand. I told him about my anxiety and he assured me that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. He was right! The extractions were performed a fews days later by Dr. Baltayan. Although I spent less than one hour with Dr. Baltayan, I now consider him one of my friends. His personable demeanor made me feel very comfortable and safe. He made sure throughout the entire procedure, which lasted no more than 20 minutes, that I was feeling okay and not experiencing any discomfort. It has been less than 48 hours since I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted, two of which were impacted, and I have no swelling nor am I in any pain at all. I haven’t even touched the pain killers I was prescribed. I am so pleased with my experience at Vision Dental. I will confidently recommend this practice to any family or friend in need.

Jaimi G. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I think i found my new dentist and it’s all thanks to Yelp. I’ve had dental insurance but hadn’t actually gone to one in LA yet.  I wanted to check them out because of the multiple services they offer. I needed a new bottom retainer and i also needed a teeth cleaning. It had been almost 3 years since they were last cleaned. I didn’t realize how much discomfort i would feel since it had been so long. They have top knotch machines and my teeth felt squeaky clean after. Right after, i went to get my impression for my new bottom retainer. Dr. Cheng was very welcoming and everyone worked together to get all services done. I was late for my appointment because i had initially gone to the wrong location. Dr. Cheng and the hygienists took their time and i had a great experience. I will be back and i recommend to anyone looking for a dentist.

Janna C. from Dana Point, CA (Source: Yelp)


I grew up being the kid who loved the dentist. I mean who wouldn’t love being complimented on their smile, teeth etc. That changed when I saw a dentist in Dallas who made me fear the dentist. Fast forward to now when we have again relocated and I was long overdue for my dentist visit. I turned to yelp to find my new provider. After searching through tons of providers I felt like Vision Dental was professional, not going to try to sell me things I didn’t need, use the latest technology and be a good experience – I couldn’t have been more correct. I called on Monday morning shortly after they opened and they were able to fit me in that very afternoon with Dr. William Cheng. They were able to take my Delta Dental PPO info over the phone and run it in advance so that I knew my dental cleaning, exam and xrays would be covered 100%. That was a big deal since they were out of network for me. I showed up maybe 15 minutes early to make sure I found it okay. They have a parking lot behind their building with 2 designated parking spots for Vision Dental but you can also park in any of the spaces and Vision Dental will validate your parking card either way. I was warmly welcomed and filled out about 4 pages of new patient paperwork. My hygenist was Christine, who came to greet me and walk me back to the room. We began with my xrays and asking if I had any concerns. They have a TV on the ceiling which was fun too. After my cleaning, Dr. Cheng came in to check and discuss my concerns. The experience was positive and they both put me at ease. I’ve scheduled my husband with them for next week since I was so pleased. We have found our dentist and that is a relief. Actually looking forward to my next 6 month checkup.

Tay T. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


2 thumps up for the brilliant team at Vision Dental. Had a great experience from start to finish. I had actually gotten a full check up from a well known dentist in Arcadia(yes I drove the 1 hr trek to Vision Dental) who didn’t catch a few of the major tooth decay issues I had. But those issues didn’t slip Dr. Cheng’s inspection. He uses state-of-the-art equipment (as well as his brain)that allowed him to quickly spot, diagnose and treat/remove my teeth problems. Thanks again for the awesome job Team Vision Dental!!! I will be recommending all of my friends/family to you.

Y. M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. William Cheng is great, I found Vision Dental on yelp and so glad I did. I don’t live in the area anymore, but I will go out of the way just to go to this office. Dr. Cheng will not tell you to do unnecessary procedures (unlike other dentists who just want more money). He is honest and will tell you upfront what you need urgently, what can wait and how much it will cost exactly so there are no surprises. I fist came in with what another dentist told me was an urgent tooth infection, but did not have a recent xray. He checked for me let me know that it wasn’t as bad as I previously thought and was not charging me anything extra. A few months later, I chipped my front tooth and was freaking out, called the office and they had next day appointment. Dr. Cheng calmed me down and said it was barely noticeable and asked if I was sure I wanted to fix it (as the procedure was more expensive than a regular filling and only partially covered by my insurance). I was sure I wanted it to be fixed and not only did it take just 20minutes, it looked better than before the chip ;). Plus he guarantees that the filling will stay in place or he will fix it again. I am beyond impressed with Dr. Cheng and only wish I found him sooner. Oh and the coolest thing, there are tv’s on the ceiling, ull never be bored or scared at the dentist again ;)) Highly recommend him and will refer friends and fam to this office 😉 Thank You!

Christine N. from Monterey Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


Most of us hate and dread the dentist, but at Vision Dental, it is all but dreadful. It was the most pleasant medical visit I’ever experienced. I actually enjoyed it and was a bit sad when they finished. First off, you are greeted by the sweetest office staff. They offer you bottled water when you walk in. BOTTLED WATER. The X-ray was swift. Brenda and Holly worked together to do the X-rays efficiently and quickly. Holly performed all my teeth cleaning. I have to say, she is the most wonderful person. She has a sincerity about her that eases your anxiety about being at the dentist. She did the most thorough cleaning I’ve ever had; guys, she even flossed me at the end. FLOSSED MY TEETH FOR ME. My teeth feel amazing and the cleanest it’s ever felt in all my 35 years being alive. The only thing that devastated me was when she told me she’s from up north and only here once a month at Vision Dental. Girl, I will wait for you to come back for my next cleaning! I’m going to harass the front office about scheduling me only when you’re there. AHAHAH Dr. Cheng reviewed my x-rays, debriefed with Holly, checked my teeth, made future recommendations, and completely took care of me and assured me I was in good hands. He didn’t neglect anything and made sure I left feeling clean and informed. I will definitely be returning here for all my dental needs and so should you.


Dr. William J. Cheng is a co-founder of Vision Dental. He served as a clinical faculty at UCLA School of dentistry from 2013-2018. His practice philosophy focuses on providing a patient-centered dental experience that blends new technology with time-proven techniques. An award-winning teacher at Kaplan Test Preparation, he completed his dental program, receiving both his DDS and MS degrees, in 2012. Since 2008, he has worked with dentists from both USC and UCLA, blending the styles of both schools into his own. He has presented his research at IADR and AADR conferences around the world and published his research in the Journal of the California Dental Association in 2012. Dr. Cheng’s dental interests lie in restorative & cosmetic dentistry, as well as implant dentistry. Outside of dentistry, William, and his wife, Dr. Nicole Cheng, love to stay active outdoors, travel, and spend time with family and friends. Dr. Cheng’s hobbies include basketball, playing cards, building computers, video games, audio electronics, and working on cars.