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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

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Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Sarah W. from Charleston, SC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Dickert is fabulous! I went to another dentist office–I am new to the area, so I picked one a co-worker recommended–who told me I had two surface cavities on either side of my mouth. He was going to charge me over $500 for filling them. I decided to get a second opinion by my husband’s dentist–and I’m glad I did! Dr. Dickert was friendly right from the start and did a complete oral exam. He took new X-rays (that he didn’t charge me for because he was so disappointed in the quality of the X-rays from the other office I went to in Mt. P), and saw NO cavities at all! How did cavities appear one day and disappear the next? If it was up to the dentist I saw in Mt. P, he would have been charging me $500+ to fill two cavities that weren’t even there! Needless to say, after the attentive, friendly, and quality service I received, I have officially transferred my records and business to West Ashley Family Dentistry. I would highly recommend Dr. Dickert for a dentist who cares about not only the health of his patient, but educating his patient about what he’s doing. Very pleased!

Patrick Hayes (Source: Google)


I was new to the area and looking for a dentist, and Dr. Dickert impressed me with his knowledge and skill. I hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years, and Dr. Dickert made me feel comfortable about prioritizing what I needed done, and thoroughly explained everything each step of the way. I would recommend West Ashley Family dentistry to anybody that is looking for a great experience at the dentist.

Caroline Luckett (Source: Facebook)


With someone who has extreme dental anxiety, I’ve never experienced a dentist visit like this before. Dr. Dickert was nonjudgmental and explained everything so clearly with a solution to each problem. I will continue to come to this office for all of my dental needs. Thank you!!

Dominique Morgan (Source: Google)


My appointment yesterday was quick and easy! I went in for two fillings at 9:40 and I believe I was out within 20 mins or so. I was a little nervous with COVID going on but, they have you wait in the parking lot to be called in for your appointment. I arrived early but I still didn’t wait long to go in. Once you’re in they take your temp and provide you with hand sanitizer. It was painless in every way. As someone that has had a phobia of the dentist for almost 15 years, I can tell you this office makes me feel relaxed during my visits. Everyone is awesome!

Brandon Lockett (Source: Google)


Doctors Dickert and Lynn are hands down the best dentists in the tri-county area. They use top-of-the-line technology, and their professionalism and bedside manner are above and beyond what I would expect from dentists based on my experience with others in the area. I will not walk into another dentists’ office as long as I live in the Charleston area.

Lindsey Weser (Source: Google)


Friendly people in a clean inviting atmosphere. Dr. Dickert was fast, thorough, and my procedure was totally comfortable. I ended up needing more extensive treatment than my xrays showed and he was able to take care of me without adding more expense and an extra visit. So glad I came in when I did instead of let it wait!

David C (Source: Google)


This is the best dentist I have ever been to! Its a man and his wife that work with each other. They are thorough in what they do, I’ve been to many dentists in my lifetime but these dentists are something else they do a quick exam as soon as possible and build the best plan that fits you and the finished work looks amazing!. This isnt just a tooth pulling dentist. They care about their customers and want them to have a vibrant smile.

Claire Lorynn (Source: Google)


This has got to be the friendliest staff in town! Every time I have an appointment, I am greeted with a smile. They are taking every measure to ensure safety protocols are in place during this pandemic….from the time you walk in the front door, to being serviced in the dentist chair, and when you exit. Rainey and Dr. Dickert always make me feel comfortable during my sessions, even when the appointment requires more maintenance. The staff is accommodating and that makes all the difference in customer care.

Donna Williams (Source: Google)


I was very nervous about seeing a dentist as I knew I had pretty severe issues going on. Dr. Dickert and the staff were extremely nice and non judgemental. Moments after I arrived I felt secure and knew that I chose the right place to handle my needs. I am looking forward to my next dental appointment, imagine that!

Brian Phillips (Source: Google)


Dr. Dickert and his staff are exactly what dentistry should be: welcoming, engaging, and professional. His succinct diagnosis and honest approach to my treatment plan was easy to grasp and empowered me to follow through. I really do not need to say more – I would highly recommend them to everyone in the Charleston area. Brian Phillips Software Professional Hollywood, SC

Dana Mount (Source: Google)


Visiting the dentist office is rarely a treat, but this office is an exception. Dr. Dickert and his staff are amazing. They make the whole experience a pleasant one. Dr. Dickert and his hygienists are always gentle and make me feel comfortable during my exams and procedures. The office is centrally located which is a plus for me.The exam areas and waiting room is always super clean, warm and inviting. Comfy chairs in the lobby as you wait , which is never more than a few minutes. The office runs like clock work. The front office staff is very friendly and always accommodating. I love the text reminders and I always go home with a bag of “ dental swag”. I couldn’t ask for a better dentist and tell everyone about the office. I can actually say I love my dentist.

Claire Benson (Source: Google)


From checking in to getting service the process was great. Amid all the new measures put in place by the pandemic, the office was very clean and the dentist and technicians were doing their best to keep their patients safe! Despite the addition of masks and other barriers, Dr. Dickert was still very personable and willing to address any concerns.

Libby Watts (Source: Google)


Clean and bright waiting area with comfortable seating. Welcoming and helpful receptionists. The hygienists are extremely gentle and make getting your teeth cleaned a little more enjoyable 😉 Dr. Dickert is very thorough and made sure that I understood everything that was happening. Can’t reccomend this dental office enough, especially if you have a fear of the dentist.

Iryna Hunko (Source: Google)


5 stars all day!!! I’ve been putting off seeing a dentist for a while now knowingly that I have some issues that needed to be addressed (primarily because of previous not so positive dental experience). I figured I’ll give this place a try since reviews are so good – I was not disappointed. It was super easy to schedule an appointment (requested it online – receptionist called me back the same day). Initial appointment was wonderful, I was given a tour of the office (which by the way is beautiful and clean), Dr. Dickert is super understanding and carrying. After X-rays and the exam I was given a clear plan for what needs to be done along with the approximate pricing, broken down into visits. Needless to say I left feeling satisfied and hopeful that I finally found an amazing dentist that I would 100% recommend to all my family and friends. I’m on my second appointment now and couldn’t be happier with the results.

M WH (Source: Google)


Words can’t express how thankful I am to Dr. Dickert and his team. In july 2018, I tripped over my dog, face planted on the tile floor, and broke/chipped four teeth. Not knowing who to go to in the Charleston area, I decided to go to my regular dentist a few days later, who immediately told me I needed four crowns and proceeded to drill my teeth down without first letting the trauma or swelling from the fall subside. Needless to say, it was a nightmare. I ended up with vertigo from being in the dental chair for over four hours during this procedure, had over 30 shots to numb my gums, and in the ER a few days later because the vertigo got progressively worse. My permanent crowns came in about a week later and I was excited to have this experience behind me, but things took a turn for the worse. They put the crowns in without me even looking at them, the backs of the crowns were extremely thick, my mouth was still swollen from the fall, and the crowns didn’t blend in with my gums so you could see a black line. What was even worse is my bottom teeth kept hitting the back of the crowns, causing extreme discomfort and even more swelling. I went back to the dentist who instead of trying to adjust the crowns, ended up drilling down my teeth! This didn’t help, the pain kept getting worse, so I knew I needed to find a new dentist. A nightmare is an understatement. I remembered my neighbor was a dental hygienist and asked her if she could recommend a cosmetic dentist. She IMMEDIATELY said Dr. Dickert at West Ashley Family Dentistry. I called the office and they were able to get me in the next day. Dr. Dickert was able to fix the crown and provide immediate relief, but also concluded from the very thorough exam that all four crowns would need to be replaced, and I most likely didn’t even need the four crowns to begin with, he could’ve fixed the teeth with composite. He wanted to make sure my roots had not been traumatized and referred me to an endodontist, where I was told I needed two root canals because the nerves were infected, caused by the trauma from the fall. After the root canals were completed, Dr. Dickert felt comfortable enough to start the real work of removing the bad crowns and fitting me with a temporary bridge. Each appointment after that was to ensure that my bite was correct, that I was happy with the temporary crowns, and to make the necessary adjustments before he made permanent crowns. This process took approximately four months. The technology he and his team use is very modern and precise. Each time I visited, which seemed bi-weekly for the longest time, the staff would call before my appointment to let me know of my financial obligation so there wasn’t any confusion the day of the appointment. When we both decided we were happy with the temporary outcome, he worked with his lab to create the permanent crowns. I can’t believe how great the crowns look! They are very natural looking, and even have transparent areas like normal teeth have. While the lab took a little longer to create the crowns (about three weeks), it was well worth the wait. I am so happy with the results! I am extremely thankful to Dr. Dickert and his staff. Even after the permanent crowns were put in, I have been back a few times to have adjustments made, and he’s completed them without any hesitation. His highest priority is ensuring the patient is comfortable and happy with the results. I feel very comfortable referring anyone to this office. From basic cleanings to more extensive work, I can’t imagine going anywhere else. THANK YOU, Dr. D, and your incredible staff!!!!

Rima Smurro (Source: Google)


I am so thankful i found this dentistry. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. I was so happy with how well Dr. Dickert explained their process on my initial visit and what to expect during my visit. Their facility was very clean as well. So glad i found my perfect dentist office where their technology is top of the line, very knowledgeable Doctor, friendly staff and a great facility. Highly recommend them for sure.

Jill Sorensen (Source: Google)


Every visit for me has been excellent. Dr. Dickert and the team at West Ashley Family Dentistry are friendly, informative, superb practitioners, on time, super clean, respectful, pleasant and technologically on top of their practice in every aspect, including communication in advance of and during visits. I just had two cavity fillings replaced with no pain, little discomfort other than my own anticipation, and in less time than we had expected. The combination of best technical ability and empathy, continuous check-ins with patient and explaining what is happening to ease any concern, makes for the most professional experience. I am so confident that I am getting the very best dental care here.

Jane S. from Waco, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr Dickert is an impressive dentist, not only for his expertise and chairside manner, but because of how he runs his office. He’s professional, extremely competent, and takes care to educate his patients as to what procedures are needed. He’s very interactive, which keeps the patient informed and comfortable. His schedule is punctual and his front desk staffers are friendly and very knowledge. His manner with his assistants, where staff is treated well, makes for an overall positive and friendly environment. Only a savvy employer knows the value of treating his employees well. It trickles down through the whole environment. I highly recommend Dr Dickert and West Ashley Family Dentistry and trust them to thoroughly take care of my dental needs. — Jane Spelce

R B (Source: Google)


I’ve only ever gone to my family home dentist for most of my life and a couple others when needed. I’ve always been fearful of going to the Dentist! However I needed to find a local dentist as out of state home trips weren’t always possible. I was beyond impressed with West Ashley Family Dentistry. Every business has reviews, but their good reviews are so true. From check in to check out the entire process was so well done and smooth. Communication by each staff member is exceptional. From an office tour, to expected treatment plan and costs, an immensely thorough physical oral exam, and kindly answering all questions and concerns, I wouldn’t want to go to any other dental office! Dr. Dickert was amazing and my dental hygienist Carrie was so gentle and friendly. I highly recommend this practice.

Holly Osborne (Source: Google)


I always experience excellent service at West Ashley Family Dental. They maintain a professional atmosphere while making me also feel comfortable. The staff is very skilled & helpful. They explain things before, during and after so that you know exactly what to expect and there are no surprises. I feel like I’ve know some of the staff there for years just from my visits there. Love that they are very modern and utilize technology; for example, they showed me directly where my cavity was by taking a picture and displaying it immediately on the flat screen TV on the wall. Pretty cool. And they also gave me tips on how to prevent irritation of my cavity until I come back to have it taken care of. One last thing, setting up appointments are very easy and convenient through their e-mail service. It’s a nice option to be able to exchange e-mails versus a phone call when I’m at work.

Naptime (Source: Google)


I couldn’t be more satisfied with my visit. I had a horrible experience with my previous dentist, who filed my insurance incorrectly and my filling fell out the next day. No joke, I woke up with a piece of tooth on my tongue and was charged double my quote for it. After that experience I didn’t want to see another dentist ever again. Finally, after a coworker recommend I come here, I did. I was treated very well during my first visit today, and most importantly they are up front about billing! No surprises here. These guys don’t seem to expect YOU to pay for THEIR mistakes. After my visit today, I have no reason to think they they would ever make them in the first place. Dentists are people who touch your bones, weird right? Find one you trust! I think I just did.

Ann Lefebvre (Source: Google)


I am a very skittish patient when it comes to the dentist and the team at West Ashley Family Dentistry has gone out of their way to put me at ease. They are kind and really listen to my fears and helped me every step of the way. Dr. Dickert is wonderful. He is compassionate and really took his time and talked me through every step of my procedures. I greatly appreciate the extra care that I receive there.

Zach Good (Source: Google)


I haven’t seen a dentist since I moved into the area a couple years ago, but last week I chipped one of my front teeth and had to be seen somewhere. I got an appointment fairly quickly, the staff was kind and knowledgeable, the dental assistants were friendly, and the doctor explained everything well and did great work. It was the best experience I had at a dentist’s office in my life!

lizza batista (Source: Google)


Amazing dental facility from start to finish! A few months ago I went in with major tooth pain and sensitivity, Dr Dickert gave me just more than a dental checkup. I am now smiling like I never have before thanks to my 8 beautiful porcelain crowns. The staff is friendly, their facility is clean and welcoming, but most of all the experience I got was the best and I cannot thank the staff enough for changing my life. I highly recommend this dental facility for all of your dental needs!

Allyson Darling (Source: Google)


My husband and I have been coming to West Ashley Family Dentistry for years. We love the friendly staff (Jaqueline is awesome), the great work, professional environment and we never wait! All of the hygienist are friendly/engaging and efficient, there many to name and I don’t want to leave anyone out! Dr. Dickert is attentive, obviously knowledgeable, and we are more than comfortable coming to him for our basic dental hygiene needs and even some cosmetic touchups here and there.

Jacques Larson (Source: Google)


I have been going to see Dr. Dickert for over 3 years now and have had nothing but the greatest experiences with him and his staff. He has gotten in my uncle,visiting from out of town, on last minutes notice when he had a sore tooth. There is never any wait during my visits and James makes a point of cleaning my teeth personally on a routine basis, just to keep tabs on my dental health. He also is never in a hurry to fix issues that aren’t impending. From the receptionist to his aids, everyone at West Ashley Family Dentistry has been very professional and top notch.

Jan Miller (Source: Google)


I am forever grateful and always impressed with the care and attention and expertise at WAFD. I have total confidence and trust in Dr. Dickert and Dr. Lynn and the staff. I received prompt attention to an issue, was given options and received the best treatment during what could have been a stressful event. THEY ARE THE BEST! 🙂

Mary K (Source: Google)


I would give more than 5 stars if I could – and this is coming from someone who has always been terrified of the dentist and had terrible experiences elsewhere. Dr. Dickert takes the time to explain everything and make sure you’re comfortable with the plan before doing anything. He lays out all options with you and helps you make the best choice for you. They have done a wonderful job post COVID-19 to make sure patients and staff are as safe as humanly possible while still meeting the needs of the patients. Excellent practice. Went here off of a recommendation from a friend, and have been recommending others to see West Ashley family dentistry since

Heather Heron (Source: Google)


Dr. Dickert and his team are always compassionate, professional, and never judgemental. He treats conservatively, which has saved me several thousand compared to other treatment plans I have received from other dentists in the area. Appointments are always as scheduled, never a wait or overbooked. Highly recommend!!!

Cycled Silhouette (Source: Google)


Best Dental experience ever. Had not been to the dentist in a while and traditionally hate going. All my previous dentists’ criticize how I took care of my teeth no matter how hard I tried. On the contrary, Dr. Dickert treats you like a real person and gives feedback that makes sense. He told me I had a cavity and I expected to hear “your brushing sucks, therefore you are going to hell”. Instead he told me exactly how I was missing that spot during routine brushing and gave me a new method to reach it. I felt good by the end of the appointment and before leaving he told me “we are going to make your teeth look good”.

Shannon Marler (Source: Google)


Impressive precautions in place and fantastic staff! I went in for a cleaning and although I was a bit nervous since this was their first week opening back up after Covid, I felt completely confident in my care and the precautions taken. I recommend Dr. Dickert to all of my friends and family! Check out their videos on YouTube if you’re still unsure.

Jane Spelce (Source: Google)


Dr Dickert is an impressive dentist, not only for his expertise and chairside manner, but because of how he runs his office.He’s professional, extremely competent, and takes care to educate his patients as to what procedures are needed. He’s very interactive, which keeps the patient informed and comfortable. His schedule is punctual and his front desk staffers are friendly and very knowledgeable. The dental hygienists are the best I’ve experienced — thorough and professional. Dr Dickert’s manner with his assistants while treating patients is exemplary. He treats his staff with professionalism and patience, making for an overall positive and friendly environment. Only a savvy employer knows the value of treating his employees well. It trickles down through the whole environment! I highly recommend Dr Dickert and West Ashley Family Dentistry. I trust them to thoroughly take care of my dental needs.
— Jane Spelce